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  • DU survey also predict a landslide victory for the BJP In MCD polls

    Yet another survey has predicted a landslide victory for the BJP in MCD elections. The survey conducted by Delhi University research centre has estimated that the BJP would emerge winner in 214 seats in the three wings of the MCD. The Aam Aadmi Party according to the survey would be distant second and congress the third spotter. According to the survey AAP would get around 29 seats. The survey was conducted by 305 member team which included 272 students. The survey was conducted by Delhi University’s Developing Countries Research Center (DCRC) with a sample size of 39,147 voters.

    2017-04-25 04:59:15 PM
  • BJP in celebration mode but congress also confident of better results in the MCD elections

    The BJP workers are already in celebration mode as the exit polls and their own survey has predicted a landslide victory for them. The party according to the exit polls is likely to win around 220 seats in the three wings of the MCD. The congress however, has cautioned the party to wait for the final results as it feels that it would be able to negate the exit poll surveys and improve its tally drastically. The results are going to be announced tomorrow.

    2017-04-25 12:00:34 PM
  • Bakhtawarpur ward records highest voter turnout in MCD elections

    Bakhtawarpur ward in North Delhi Municipal Corporation has earned the distinction of being the ward for polling the highest number of votes in the Delhi MCD elections. A total of 69% votes were polled in this ward which was much higher than the rest of Delhi which polled around 58% votes. The ward is located near Delhi- Haryana- UP border and has a history of high voter turnout. The villagers are proud of its high voter turnout and say that they have inherited this practice from their elders who always encourage them to go out and vote.

    2017-04-25 11:55:02 AM
  • MCD Elections: Kejriwal ready to go back to 'movement'

    The Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that if the exit poll results come true, he would go back to the 'movement' mode as the Aam Aadmi Party was product of a movement and that he did not come to power to enjoy it but for the public welfare. In a meeting with the poll observers he categorically stated that if the exit poll results come true, it would means that large scale manipulation has taken place and the EVMs have been tampered with. He said that he would fight against the unabated tampering of EVMs and mobilize his people to fight the menace.

    2017-04-25 11:52:30 AM
  • BJP is all set to rule the MCD once again

    BJP is upbeat after two exit polls predicting a landslide victory for it in MCD elections. The party has worked hard to become the top contender in the MCD elections. It was not only fighting the AAP and Congress party in the MCD elections but also anti-incumbency of ten years and numerous charges of corruption in the MCD. It was successful in mobilizing its voters. A total of 58.58 percent votes were polled for the 270 wards. The election was cancelled in two wards following death of the candidates. The actual results would be out tomorrow on April 26, 2017

    2017-04-25 11:34:27 AM

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