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  • Kalia: New Employment Promise to Youth is a Cruel Joke
    State Health and Family Welfare Minister Brahm Mohindra made a promise to provide private and government jobs for young people that have given up drugs after spending time in the rehabilitation center. The whole idea has been mocked by Punjab’s former Minister and senior BJP leader Manoranjan Kalia, who labeled it as a 'cruel joke with the state youth.' He said that the decision would throw the youth off the track and now they would take to drugs to get a job. He also shed light on the non-fulfilment of providing jobs to the youth under a different scheme. He stated “Even after 15 months of its rule, the Congress Government has failed to keep the election promise to the youth of Punjab of providing a job in a family under the banner of ‘Ghar Ghar Naukri.”
    2018-07-11 02:17:26 PM
  • Congress Rejects Simultaneous Polls
    Congress yesterday rejected the proposal of simultaneously holding the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls, going against the grain when the proposal is getting high acceptance. The party condemned it saying that it hits the core of democracy. Abhishek Manu Sanghvi, the Congress spokesperson, has stated “Any such proposal would be an anti-thesis to the democracy in India and would go against the grain of basic structure of Constitution. It is also against the letter and spirit of Democracy. The federal structure of our polity would stand decimated by such an authoritarian and autocratic step.”
    2018-07-11 02:16:12 PM
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