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  • Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister K. E. Krishnamurthy appeals to people not to vote for the BJP
    The Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh K. E. Krishnamurthy has appealed to the voters of Karnataka to not vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party in the upcoming State Assembly Elections which are going be held on May 12. Krishnamurthy made this statement while addressing the media. He further said Telugu voters in Karnataka should not forget the betrayal of Prime Minister Modi who rejected granting Andhra Pradesh a Special Category Status(SCS).
    2018-04-11 02:00:17 PM
  • BJP takes a jibe at Congress chief Rahul Gandhi
    Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken a jibe at Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi and says he did the things which rich kids do when he clicked a selfie on Bengaluru Metro. The Karnataka BJP shared a picture on a social media platform of Rahul Gandhi while taking a selfie at a ticket counter of Bengaluru metro station with a caption “ Taking selfies at Metro ticket counter - things rich kids do in their rare encounter with a commoners life”. Rahul Gandhi was recently on a one-day visit to Bengaluru.
    2018-04-11 01:54:52 PM
  • Congress not keen to give tickets to aged candidates
    According to reports, the Indian National Congress has shortlisted a set of candidates and is likely to release the final list of candidates on April 13. The Central Election Committee of the party has announced that the party is not keen on allotting tickets to aged candidates and those who have lost elections more than three times. The screening of candidates is still in process.
    2018-04-11 01:51:39 PM
  • A fake list of candidates in circulation, says Siddaramaiah

    The Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah stated on Wednesday that the Congress has not announced its final list of candidates for the Assembly Elections that are going to take place on May 12. He further said that a fake list of candidates is being circulated among the people to mislead and create confusion. Congress is expected to release the final list of candidates on April 13.

    2018-04-11 12:44:40 PM
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