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  • ECI Issues Clarification Over Karnataka Lok Sabha Bye Elections

    The Election Commission of India, in a press release, has issued a clarification over its decision to conduct by-elections for three vacant seats in Lok Sabha and not conduct the same for 5 seats in Andhra Pradesh.

    In its press release, ECI Under Secretary Pawan Diwan has stated that Section 15A of the RP Act mandates the EC to fill the casual vacancies in the Houses of Parliament and State Legislatures through bye elections within six months from the date of occurrence of the vacancy. However, this may be applicable only if the remainder of the term of the newly elected member is one year or more.

    Since the vacancies to Ballari, Shivamogga parliamentary constituencies occurred on May 18 and Mandya in on May 21 hence are applicable for bye-elections. Whereas, vacancies to five seats in Andhra Pradesh occurred on June 20, 2018, which is, less than one year given the 16th term of Lok Sabha ends on June 3, 2019.


    2018-10-10 06:18:56 PM
  • Congress Working on a Dual Plan for Assembly Elections!

    Despite an average performance in the recent Assembly elections, it seems Congress is unwilling to yield to the regional parties for the upcoming elections. The Congress strategists seem to be working on a dual plan – challenge incumbency burdened BJP strongholds, while not giving in to the demands of the regional parties. This comes in the aftermath of the recent UP Assembly elections, where parties like SP and BSP were extremely cautious about their seats. Congress may have reasons to suspect that if they yield space, these parties may come back with even bigger demands during the Lok Sabha polls.

    At the same time, Congress is also aware of the fact that the combined vote share of nearly 7% for BSP and SP is crucial for them given their difference from BJP was a mere 8.5% in Madhya Pradesh for the year 2013. In Chhattisgarh, the difference between BJP and Congress goes even lower to 0.75% while BSP and SP secured 4.27% and .64% votes respectively in the same year. In Rajasthan, which has seen a trend of flipping between Congress and BJP, the former may feel that the presence of smaller players BSP, SP and JDS will not make any difference.


    2018-10-10 04:18:33 PM
  • Legislation Is Needed to Curb Fake News: ECI

    The election commission of India has called for a legislation to deal with the problem of fake news at a time when Assembly polls are bound to happen in five states.

     Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa has stated that the absence of such law would only lead to confusion amongst the people. The Election commissioner showed concern over the ambiguity of the definition of fake news and that the law to define it is also absent.

    The Election Commission’s call comes in the backdrop of at least 28 deaths that have happened this year. Citing examples from other countries, a Singaporean parliamentary committee has recommended the country’s government to bring in a legislation that would encourage social media platforms to demand greater transparency and accountability in the flow of content. The French law also gives Judiciary an emergencypower to take down fake news during sensitive periods.


    2018-10-10 04:16:09 PM
  • Assembly Elections 2018 Seats : BSP Supremo Mayawati Would Follow ‘Ekla Chalo Re’ Strategy, Refuses to Beg for Seats
    BSP Supremo Mayawati has now come up in forefront to face elections. Behanji, as she is called, decided to follow ‘ekla chalo re’ strategy and tip off other political parties with the statement that her party will rather fight elections on its own than beg for seats in any alliance. While addressing party workers after offering her tribute to BSP founder Kanshiram on Tuesday, Mayawati has blamed both the BJP and the Congress for the misery of the minorities and minorities of the upper caste society.
    Mayawati has said, the Dalit, minority and poor of upper caste society did not compromise on the honor of the poor, that their party had put the sole condition of getting 'honorable seats' for the election alliance. Its obvious implication is that for the BSP seats in the alliance, it will not demand 'begging' and will continue to fight elections only on its own. 
    It is to be noted that BSP-Congress talks did not settled on the number of seats as many as BSP demanded.  Mayawati, also described ruling government BJP as arrogant, malicious, casteist, communal and narrow-minded.


    2018-10-10 02:47:40 AM
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