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  • Narendra Modi is Ambani’s Watchman says Rahul Gandhi

    Ahead of assembly elections in Rajasthan, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has addressed a rally in Dhaulpur on Tuesday. He targeted Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, along with the Narendra Modi government for waiving off Rs. 3 lakh crore in 15- 20 Most Outstanding Billionaires Forgive Debt.

    Rahul said that the youth of Rajasthan had landed on the roads constantly demanding employment. Instead of assurances or hopes and expectations, the Chief Minister used the word 'lafange' for the youth, in return. This ego of the BJP Government will break by the youth. Being a woman, Chief Minister of Rajasthan did not understand the suffering of women, their security was compromised. From domestic violence to incidents of rape, there is a sense of fear in the hearts of female of the state, he added/

    Gandhi, while questioning the BJP, said that in the last four and a half years, what Narendra Modi ji and Vasundhara ji did for poor shopkeepers, for the poor people and for the labourers? Counting his achievements, he said that Congress party in Delhi had UPA government, we gave MNREGA, forgave debt of 70 thousand crore rupees, brought tribal bill, gave right to information, gave children food in school, gave right to food; Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot gave free medicines.

    In the praise of his government, the Congress President said that within 10 days, we waived debt of Rs 70,000 crore for farmers, in the last four and a half years, while Narendra Modi waived the debt of 15-20 billionaires in India for three and a half million rupees. The name in it includes, Vijay Mallya, Neerav Modi, Mehul Choksi.

    Accusing the billionaires on PM's forgiveness of debt, Rahul said that I told the Prime Minister that you are the Prime Minister of India, not only the Prime Minister of these billionaires. I went to the Prime Minister's Office and told him, Sorry for the farmer's debt of India, you have forgiven lakhs of rupees for Indian billionaires. Modi ji said that I do not want to become a Prime Minister, I have to be a watchman. But he does not tell which is to be a watchman. It was later discovered that the watchman is getting the Ambani ji.





    2018-10-09 03:25:36 PM
  • Akhilesh Offer to Congress Neglected Candidates: Join SP

    Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav offer SP candidature to Congress members that were neglected by their party in distributing tickets for MP assembly elections. He reacted to the step taken by his party member Arjun Arya, who returned SP ticket from Budhni assembly. It is interesting to note that the MP Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan is MLA from the same area.

    Akhilesh assured SP tickets to Congress party members who were not given preference while tickets allocation in Khajuraho. He said, “Congress likewise has discontented BSP. If this is backhanded from Congress, then we would welcome those candidates who wish to contest at SP ticket. I would not say that the Congress party should pick our candidates but I would feel bad if have to say that their neglected party members should join SP”. He further said that whenever the Congress party is in distress, SP is the only way out. When asked why the coalition in MP did not work out, he answered that it was Congress responsibility to bring all parties together.

    The entire issue came up with the incident of returning assembly election 2018 ticket by an SP candidate Arjun Arya. According to Arya, ‘I have returned the SP ticket because I think it is the Congress that can sweep BJP in elections. Therefore I have returned SP ticket with due respect and decided to go with Congress.’


    2018-10-09 12:31:31 PM
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