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  • BJP trying new caste equations ahead of Karnataka elections in 2018
    The BJP’s politics for power has been witnessing several colors ahead of Karnataka elections in 2018. The Bharatiya Janta Party’s key strategist, Amit Shah, met the senior priests of Adichunchanagiri Mutt. This meeting seen as a part of the BJP’s political outreach programme in Karnataka. BJP’s expansion plans in the southern states of India is well meted out by the National President Amit Shah and PM Modi. While strategist Shah is reaching out to the Vokkaligas (second largest caste group in Karnataka after Lingayats), Prime Minister Modi has been reaching out to Lingayats. The vote bank support of entire Vokkaligas-Lingayats would boost the chances of BJP in the election of 2018, according to Pani. Ahead of Karnataka elections in 2018, the BJP is trying new caste equations. Strategist Shah’s visit to Adichunchanagiri Mutt is seen by analysts as an effort to help BJP create a Vokkaligas-Lingayats vote banks, erode the support of Janata Dal (Secular) [JD(S)] and also to calm the Vokkaligas who were enraged after IT-Dept raid on Karnataka’s energy minister.
    2017-08-16 09:37:42 AM
  • BJP MPs set to undertake 'sankalp yatras' for new India
    In order to mark the 75th anniversary of Independence in 2022, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recommended the Bharatiya Janta Party's MPs to undertake “sankalp yatra” in their respective constituencies and districts. The aim of these yatras is to enlighten and aware people of the central governments' programmes and targets. From 15th August till 30th August, the Bharatiya Janta Party's MPs will reach out to the people of their constituencies in order to tell people about various programmes of the central government. According to a BJP leader, “The BJP will still try to focus on building organizational base in states where the party lacks network, the effort to build organizational base and strength would not depend on NDA alliance partners, BJP has every right to ensure that the party becomes strong.”
    2017-08-16 09:32:51 AM
  • BJP to hold mega roadshow in Kerala against political violence
    Following the attack on the office bearers and party workers of the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the majority party BJP is in fumes. BJP has been attacking the Left Front after these fatal incidents. In order to keep its grip tight and build the power pressure on the Left government in Kerala, the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) is all set to organize a “mega roadshow” in in Kerala after Onam. The roadshow is said to be organize earlier next month and will begin from Kannur and will proceed to Thiruvananthapuram. The BJP president Amit Shah and the Chief Ministers of the BJP-led states alongwith the Union Minister Rajnath Singh will attend the “padyatra”. BJP Kerala President Kummanam Rajashekaran will begin a 460km “padyatra” from Kannur as informed by a BJP leader.
    2017-08-14 06:19:06 PM
  • BJP's meteoric rise is ringing alarm bells among its NDA allies
    The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) plans to run its saffron chariot in states where it does not have a majority. The BJP’s expansion plans in the southern states have acted like a dust particle in the eyes of its NDA allies. National Democratic Alliance(NDA) have sensed the fear of a possible shift in their vote banks due to the growing strength of the BJP. The growth rate of the BJP and its plan of expansion in several states of India before the 2019 elections have raised alarm among its NDA allies. The iconic image of Prime Minister Modi helps the BJP to garner votes. Sensing the fear, a senior leader of Telugu Desam Party(TDP) said, “Apart from growing influence of BJP within NDA, the fear is that the voter base of the regional parties could shift in favor of BJP.” The main objective of the BJP is to build organizational base in such states. According to a BJP leader the party would continue to facilitate talks between two conflicting factions of AIADMK as well as it would continue to reach out to people on its own strength. In the states like Maharashtra and Goa, its NDA allies seem to rethink their decision of coalition. Though the Shiv Sena has fallen quite after the startling alliance of Nitish Kumar with the BJP. 
    2017-08-14 06:14:54 PM
  • Electronic Voting Machines To Have Paper Trail In Gujarat Assembly Polls
    In the light of the recent events, Election Commission said that for the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections it would use EVMs with VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail). In an affidavit to the Supreme Court of India, the Election Commission of India (EC) has said that for conducting the upcoming Gujarat assembly polls completely with EVMs with paper trail, it would require 73,500 VVPAT machines by September. The VVPAT machine enables voter to verify their votes by dispensing paper proofs. The Election Commission of India requires 70,000 units for conducting the upcoming Gujarat Assembly Polls. Currently the EC has 53,500 VVPAT units. The delivery of 48,000 VVPAT units are expected to be supplied by BEL and ECIL to the Election Commission of India by August 31st, 2017 and another 25,500 VVPAT units are expected to be delivered by September, 2017.  
    2017-08-10 03:13:13 PM

  • MCD Election Results 2017: BJP sweeps all three municipal corporations
    BJP wins 184 seats, Cong 30, AAP 47 and Others wins 10 Seats in all the three municipal corporations. The voting for the MCD elections was concluded peacefully on Sunday. Results of NDMC: BJP - 66, AAP - 20, Cong - 15, Others - 2, EDMC Final Results: BJP - 48, AAP - 10, Cong - 3, BSP - 2 Source and SDMC Results BJP - 70, AAP - 16, Cong - 12, Others - 6
    2017-04-26 05:21:57 PM
  • BJP ahead in MCD elections as vote counting begins in Delhi
    The counting of votes for the recently held MCD elections started at 8 AM today in 35 counting centres. The early trends suggest that the BJP is surging ahead in the three municipalities and is likely to rule the three wings of the MCD. The AAP is in the number two spot while the congress is on the third spot. The final picture is likely to emerge by afternoon.
    2017-04-26 09:49:54 AM
  • DU survey also predict a landslide victory for the BJP In MCD polls
    Yet another survey has predicted a landslide victory for the BJP in MCD elections. The survey conducted by Delhi University research centre has estimated that the BJP would emerge winner in 214 seats in the three wings of the MCD. The Aam Aadmi Party according to the survey would be distant second and congress the third spotter. According to the survey AAP would get around 29 seats. The survey was conducted by 305 member team which included 272 students. The survey was conducted by Delhi University’s Developing Countries Research Center (DCRC) with a sample size of 39,147 voters.
    2017-04-25 04:59:15 PM
  • BJP in celebration mode but congress also confident of better results in the MCD elections
    The BJP workers are already in celebration mode as the exit polls and their own survey has predicted a landslide victory for them. The party according to the exit polls is likely to win around 220 seats in the three wings of the MCD. The congress however, has cautioned the party to wait for the final results as it feels that it would be able to negate the exit poll surveys and improve its tally drastically. The results are going to be announced tomorrow.
    2017-04-25 12:00:34 PM
  • Bakhtawarpur ward records highest voter turnout in MCD elections
    Bakhtawarpur ward in North Delhi Municipal Corporation has earned the distinction of being the ward for polling the highest number of votes in the Delhi MCD elections. A total of 69% votes were polled in this ward which was much higher than the rest of Delhi which polled around 58% votes. The ward is located near Delhi- Haryana- UP border and has a history of high voter turnout. The villagers are proud of its high voter turnout and say that they have inherited this practice from their elders who always encourage them to go out and vote.
    2017-04-25 11:55:02 AM

  • MCD Elections: Kejriwal ready to go back to 'movement'
    The Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that if the exit poll results come true, he would go back to the 'movement' mode as the Aam Aadmi Party was product of a movement and that he did not come to power to enjoy it but for the public welfare. In a meeting with the poll observers he categorically stated that if the exit poll results come true, it would means that large scale manipulation has taken place and the EVMs have been tampered with. He said that he would fight against the unabated tampering of EVMs and mobilize his people to fight the menace.
    2017-04-25 11:52:30 AM
  • BJP is all set to rule the MCD once again
    BJP is upbeat after two exit polls predicting a landslide victory for it in MCD elections. The party has worked hard to become the top contender in the MCD elections. It was not only fighting the AAP and Congress party in the MCD elections but also anti-incumbency of ten years and numerous charges of corruption in the MCD. It was successful in mobilizing its voters. A total of 58.58 percent votes were polled for the 270 wards. The election was cancelled in two wards following death of the candidates. The actual results would be out tomorrow on April 26, 2017
    2017-04-25 11:34:27 AM
  • More than 54% voters exercise their franchise in MCD elections
    People came out in large numbers in Delhi to vote for the three municipalities of Delhi despite scorching heat. Though the voting started sluggishly but picked up later in the day. By the end of the day voter turnout crossed 54%. Many factors can be attributed to the high voter turnout. The Voter Dhakad hai’ campaign by the election commission was a hit with the people and second the BJP was able to mobilize its voters who enthusiastically supported their party of choice.
    2017-04-24 10:21:27 AM
  • MCD Elections: Exit poll predict a clean sweep by the BJP
    The voting for the MCD elections was concluded on Sunday and the fate of three major political parties in the fray is locked in the EVMs and the results would only be out on April 26, 2017. However the exit polls have brought cheers to the BJP. They have predicted a clean sweep by the BJP in all three wings of the MCD while the AAP and the Congress would be routed in one of the largest civic body in the country.
    2017-04-24 10:20:27 AM
  • Two surveys predict a clean sweep by the BJP in MCD
    Two more surveys have predicted that the BJP would sweep the forthcoming MCD elections. While one survey has given it 195 seats, the other has given it 179 seats in the house of 272. The AAP according to the surveys would be getting 45 to 45 seats while the congress party would get the third spot. The opinion poll was done by the VMR for Times Now. It however, did not give the breakup of seats for the three wings of MCD. The second survey carried out by C-voter for ABP News has predicted that BJP seats in the three MCD wings. According to the survey the survey BJP would get 76 in North, 60 in south and 43 in the East Corporation.
    2017-04-22 11:56:32 AM

  • EC completes preparations for MCD elections 2017
    The election commission has completed its preparations for the MCD elections to be held on Sunday. The votes would be cast in more than 13,000 polling booths spread across 272 wards. More than one crore and thirty lakh voters would exercise their franchise in the MCD elections. A total of 3,284 polling booths have been declared sensitive while 1,464 booths have been identified as hypersensitive. This time the voters will have the option of ‘None of the above’ (NOTA). The Election Commission has decided to use Generation-1 electronic voting machines which it deems “foolproof”. Apart from this the Election Commission also ran a campaign to create awareness among voters.
    2017-04-22 11:56:05 AM
  • Internal Survey gives 208 seats to the Congress in MCD elections
    An internal survey conducted by the congress party has given it 208 of 272 seats in the forthcoming MCD elections. The findings of the survey were made public by Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken who said that it was Congress all the way in the MCD. According to him, 52,000 voters across 13,000 polling booths were asked about their preferred party for MCD. They overwhelmingly supported the congress party. These results are at variance with other opinion polls which give congress third position in the MCD elections. Ajay Maken is also drawing flak in the party for ignoring the senior leaders. Many leaders like Arvinder Singh Lovely and Barkha Singh have already left the party. The voting for the thee wings of MCD would take place on Sunday and the results would be declared on April 26, 2017.
    2017-04-22 11:55:26 AM
  • Arvinder Singh 'Lovely' joins BJP before MCD elections
    The congress party got a severe blow on Tuesday as Former Delhi Congress chief and four-time congress MLA Arvinder Singh ‘Lovely’ joined the BJP. He blamed the congress High Command for ignoring his contribution to the party and said that the congress party no more exists in Delhi.
    2017-04-20 03:44:24 PM
  • BJP looking towards Haryana to win MCD elections
    The BJP is leaving no stone unturned to woo the Delhi voters for the upcoming Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections. To make sure that Aam Aadmi Party does not repeat its assembly elections it has asked the Haryana ministers to campaign for it in wards that are dominated by Haryanwis. The Haryana ministers who would be campaigning in Delhi include Om Prakash Dhankar & Ram Bilas Sharma.
    2017-04-20 03:42:59 PM
  • Malappuram By-Election 2017 Result: IUML wins Malappuram seat by huge margin
    Indian Union Muslim League leader P K Kunhalikutty wins the Malappuram by election in Kerala by 171,023 lakh votes. The by-elections were held on April 12. Communist Party of India (Marxist)  candidate, MB Faisal managed to secure only 3,44,307 votes. BJP candidate ADV. N. SREEPRAKASH  has got 65,675 votes.
    2017-04-18 10:00:43 AM

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