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  • Karnataka Deputy CM G Parameshwara says no decision yet on backing Kumaraswamy
    After swearing in as the deputy chief minister of Karnataka, G Parameshwara on Thursday addressed his first press conference and said that the party has not taken any decision yet on supporting H D Kumaraswamy as the CM of the state for the full five-year term. He further added, the issue is yet to be discussed and finalized.
    2018-05-25 03:46:57 PM
  • Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka G Parameshwara accuses the BJP of manipulating EVMs
    G Parameshwara, the deputy CM of Karnataka, has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of manipulating Electronic Voting Machines in the recently concluded state assembly elections. The Congressman said that he personally feels that the party leaders lost at places where there was a stronghold of the party due to some discrepancies in EVMs. He added that the party will file a complaint to the Election Commission over this
    2018-05-25 03:45:06 PM
  • By-elections for parliamentary and assembly seats to take place on May 28
    By-polls for both the assembly and parliamentary constituencies are going to be held on May 28 and results will be declared on May 31. The elections will be held for four assembly constituencies and ten parliamentary constituencies. The parliamentary constituencies include two seats in Maharashtra, one in Nagaland and the other in Uttar Pradesh and the Assembly constituencies include Noorpur in Uttar Pradesh, Chengannur in Kerala, Tharali in Uttrakhand, Jokihat in Bihar, Gomia and Silli in Jharkhand, Palus Kadegaon in Maharashtra, Ampati (ST) in Meghalaya, Shahkot in Punjab, and Maheshtala in West Bengal.
    2018-05-25 03:43:59 PM
  • BJP hunts house in Jaipur for party chief Amit Shah

    A team from Delhi BJP is looking for an accommodation for the party chief Amit Shah in Jaipur as the party is in the process of setting up a “war room” before the Rajasthan Assembly Elections. The party members are searching for a house in C Scheme and JLN Marg area of Jaipur. Though the schedule for Shah's visit is not finalized, it is expected that the BJP Chief will visit the state in the month of June.

    2018-05-24 02:06:30 PM
  • Amit Shah accuses Archbishop of trying to divide people on the basis of religion

    Archbishop Anil Couto wrote a letter to New Delhi's Catholic churches a few days back and urged that a political atmosphere is posing a threat to democratic principles of the country. This step of the Archbishop has angered the members of ruling party as the issue has surfaced when the party is busy preparing for the general elections of 2019. BJP chief Amit Shah has accused Archbishop of trying to divide people on the basis of religion. He further said that a religious person like archbishop should not make such comments.

    2018-05-24 02:05:04 PM

  • JD(S)-Congress coalition was necessary, says HD Kumaraswamy

    HD Kumaraswamy in an interview expressed his opinion on the JD(S)-Congress coalition and said that it was necessary for correcting the political situation in the country. He further said, he does not want any party to fulfill a personal ambition. Kumaraswamy also disclosed that the Bharatiya Janata Party was still trying to lure MLAs from the coalition.

    2018-05-24 02:00:02 PM
  • Elections for 11 seats of Karnataka Upper house to be held on June 11
    The term of 11 MLCs of Karnataka's Legislative Council is set to expire on June 17, and to replace the outgoing members, elections will be held on June 11, as the MLAs will vote for the new members to be elected to the Upper house of Karnataka. The outgoing members are B J Puttaswamy (BJP),M R Seetharam (Congress), Motamma (Congress), D S Veeraiah (BJP), Syed Mudeer Aga (JDS), Somanna M Bevinamarad (BJP),Raghunath Rao Malkapure (BJP), Bhanu Prakash (BJP), C MIbrahim (Congress), K Govindaraj (Congress) and B S Suresh(IND.
    2018-05-23 01:58:54 PM
  • BJP Supremo aims a dig at Congress for the "Unholy alliance"
    In a first interview, after party's debacle in Karnataka elections even after emerging as the single largest party, the BJP President Amit Shah aimed a sly dig at the Congress party for forming an “unholy alliance” in Karnataka against the people's mandate. The BJP Chief was at his best in criticizing the Congress party for “locking up their MLAs”, and claiming that, if the MLAs were free then they would have certainly voted against the “unholy alliance” between Congress and the JD(S). BJP Chief mocked the grand old party for suddenly having faith in the constitutional bodies such as EC and SC, while Amit Shah replied to questions on Manipur and Goa, by stating that Congress never came to stake claim to form the government, thus, the Governor invited the BJP-led alliance.
    2018-05-22 03:28:27 PM
  • Kumaraswamy meets Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to discuss government formation in Karnataka
    The Karnataka Chef Minister Designate H D Kumaraswamy met Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi, as the soon-to-be Chief Minister of Karnataka discussed the government formation, ministerial portfolio sharing, and power sharing arrangement between the coalition government of Congress and JD(S). The meet took place in Delhi, as Kumaraswamy, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi held an hour long discussion.
    2018-05-22 03:26:44 PM
  • Yeddyurappa cries foul play in Karnataka elections
    Yesterday, 8 boxes of VVPAT machines were found in a village in Vijayapura District, and as reports emerged BJP party and former Chief Minister of Karnataka B S Yeddyurappa were quick to highlight the “grave irregularities” that took place in the conduct of recently concluded Karnataka Legislative elections. However, the State Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar clarified that the boxes found in the village do not belong to the district of Election Commission. After conducting a thorough investigation on the spot, CEO Kumar said that the boxes found did not have any VVPATs, paper, and unique electronic tracking number. B S Yeddyurappa wrote a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner Om Prakash Rawat, asking the CEC to look into the matter, as such incidents expose the “grave irregularities” in the election process.
    2018-05-22 03:24:45 PM
  • Karnataka Elections over BJP shift focus to Telangana
    The Bharatiya Janata Party emerged as the single largest party with 104 seats in the recently concluded Karnataka Assembly elections but couldn't get the magical numbers to prove their majority in the house. B S Yeddyurappa was sworn-in as the 23rd Chief Minister of Karnataka before resigning within two days of government formation due to lack of numbers to prove majority in the house and in turn ceding the power Congress-JD(S) alliance led by H D Kumaraswamy. With elections over in Karnataka, the BJP in a bid to strengthen its position in the Southern India, especially Telangana, which is set to go to polls in 2019 along with the Lok Sabha elections, has already started woking on ground to ensure that party is able to form the government in the newly formed state. The Southern India is the only region left on the Indian map that is yet to see the 'saffron wave' conquer just like it has colored the rest of India in saffron.
    2018-05-21 01:52:08 PM
  • Congress asks PM to order probe into alleged horse-trading by BJP in Karnataka
    A day after Yeddyurappa resigned from the CM post in Karnataka before appearing for the floor test, the Congress party has launched an all-out attack on the BJP for allegedly trying to indulge in horse-trading with Congress and JD(S) MLAs before the floor test. The grand old party has demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi to order an inquiry into the alleged horse-trading by his own party members, including some of the senior leaders of the party as they tried to induce the opposition MLAs to defect from the party and vote in favor of the BJP. The Congress party also released several audio-tapes of conversation that took place between their leaders and BJP leaders, although, the authenticity of these tapes are yet to be proved.
    2018-05-21 12:03:59 PM
  • Kumaraswamy to be sworn in as CM on Wednesday
    Soon after B S Yeddyurappa resigned from the post of Chief Minister before proving the numbers on the floor of the house on Saturday, the JD(S) Legislative leader H D Kumaraswamy was inivited by Governor Vajubhai Vala to form the next government in Karnataka. The JD(S) supremo will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka on Wednesday, 23rd May, in the Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru. According to the leader, the swearing-in date was deferred from May 21, as the day marks the 27th death anniversary of former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi.
    2018-05-21 12:03:09 PM
  • Top Karnataka Congress- JDS leaders to meet Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in Delhi
    After what unfolded on Saturday during the floor test in Karnataka, the Karnataka Congress leaders Siddaramaiah, D K Shivakumar, and G Parameshwara along with JD(S) President and soon-to-be sworn in Chief Minister of Karnataka H D Kumaraswamy will meet Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in order to discuss the power sharing arrangements in Karnataka. The leaders are set to meet the Congress top brass to discuss the allocation of ministries, and the division of power amongst the Congress and JD(S) in Karnataka.
    2018-05-21 12:01:46 PM
  • TMC emerge victorious while BJP gave a tough fight in West Bengal Panchayat Elections
    The controversial West Bengal Panchayat elections came to a close on Thursday after the counting of vote. The run-in to the elections were marred with controversy as violence took over the precedence in West Bengal. The Trinamool Congress registered a victory in 90 per cent seats, while BJP made significant inroad in the state as it emerged distant second.
    2018-05-18 11:24:31 AM
  • Congress and RJD ask Governor of Bihar, Manipur, and Goa to take precedence from "Karnataka Model"
    In a dramatic turn of events since Karnataka Governor invited BJP to form the government, Congress who emerged as the single largest party in Manipur and Goa, and RJD in Bihar have asked the Governors of all the three states to take precedence from 'Karnataka Model' and invited the single largest party to form the government. Both Congress and RJD will approach the Governors of the respective states in the coming days to stake their claim to form the government.
    2018-05-18 11:22:59 AM
  • Congress-JD(S) legislators moved to Hyderabad in bus
    Amidst the growing fears of legislators being poached through “illegal” means by the BJP government, the MLAs of Congress-JD(S) have been moved Hyderabad in bus after being denied the permission by airport authorities to fly out of the state. Ever since, Karnataka Governor had invited BJP to form the government, the opposition parties are trying to keep their numbers in tact in a bid to form the government. The BJP is yet to pass the floor test in assembly. with party still short of halfway mark having 104 seats plus an independent legislator. The Governor has given 15 days time to BJP to prove their numbers in the house.
    2018-05-18 11:20:32 AM
  • Supreme Court to resume hearing on Congress' petition
    The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India is set to resume the hearing on Congress' petition filed on Thursday midnight amidst late political drama that unfolded on Wednesday evening, after Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala invited BJP to form the new government. Congress was quick to move to the Apex court after hearing the Governor's decision, as the party wanted a stay on the swearing in ceremony of B S Yeddyurappa as the 23rd Chief Minister of Karnataka. However, the court allowed the newly elected Chief Minister to go ahead with the oath ceremony. The court will be hearing both the sides before pronouncing its verdict.
    2018-05-18 11:12:43 AM
  • Congress to relocate its MLAs outside Karnataka
    In a bid to keep hold off their MLAs from poaching by BJP, the Congress party is planning to move all their 78 elected MLAs outside Karnataka. Huge drama unfolded since the counting day in the state, as the electorates delivered a fractured mandate for hung assembly, with BJP emerging as the largest party with 104 seats. On the other hand, Congress has come out to support JD(S) unconditionally, as the both the parties have sufficient numbers till now and are trying their level best keep hold of all their 117 MLAs from being approached by the saffron party. BJP who have formed the government today look to poach several MLAs from both the parties as they need to prove their majority on the floor of the house within 15 days.
    2018-05-17 03:09:40 PM
  • Congress moves to Apex Court against Governor's verdict in Karnataka
    Yesterday was an eventful day for both Congress-JD(S) and BJP as both the factions met Governor Vajubhai Vala at Raj Bhavan to stake their claim to form the government. However, the Governor invited BJP to officially stake claim and prove their majority on the floor of the house within 15 days of government formation. The decision of the Governor was met with strong criticism from Congress and JD(S), who stated that the decision was undemocratic as BJP did not have the sufficient numbers to prove their majority and in an unprecedented event, the grand old party moved the Supreme Court around midnight as they tried to put forward their case against the decision of the Governor. The proceedings took place in the wee hours past midnight, and after hearing both the sides the SC allowed B S Yeddyurappa to be sworn in as the new Chief Minister, while the Apex court has called for another proceeding onFriday to resolve the matter.
    2018-05-17 03:08:15 PM
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