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Polling Booth in Pynursla Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Pynursla

Pynursla Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pynursla Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Pynursla Assembly Constituency falls under the Pynursla Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Meghalaya.

Polling Station NameAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
Mawkajem R. C. L. P. School, MawkajemMawkajem, Pomlum
Massar Govt. L. P. School, MassarMassar (Inc. Dymmiew And Umktieh)
Mawkhap R. C. L. P. School, MawkhapMawkhap
Nongjri-Wahskong L. P. School, Nongjri-WahskongNongjri (Inc. Wahskong And Sohkhyrwit)
Mawlieh L. P. School, MawliehMawlieh, Rngain
Lyngkyrdem, Laitlyting Govt. L. P. School, Lyngkyrdem-LaitlytingLaitlyting, Lyting Larbri
Lyngkyrdem Iewduh Khatarblang Secondary SchoolLyngkyrdem Iewduh
Lyting Lyngdoh L. P. School, Lyting LyngdohLyting Lyngdoh
Myllat Govt. L. P. School, MyllatMyllat, Tyngkei, Nongkhlieng, Lyngngai
Mawpran Presbyterian L.P. School, MawpranMawpran, Nongmadan Mawpran
Nongsder Community Hall, NongsderNongsder, Nongrim, Nongkrot
Nongkwai Presbyterian L. P. School, NongkwaiNongkwai
Siatbakon U. P. School, SiatbakonSiatbakon, Phlang-U-Diak
Pynter Presbyterian L. P. School, PynterPynter
Urksew-Wahpathaw Govt. L. P. School, Urksew-WahpathawUrksew-Wahpathaw, Latsohphie
Rangthylliang Community Hall, RangthylliangRangthylliang
Nenggate, Pynursla Govt. L. P. School, PynurslaNenggate, Jading
Umkor, Pynursla Community Hall, Umkor PynurslaUmkor
Pynursla Proper Govt. L. P. School, PynurslaPynursla Proper
Madan Shadsngi Govt. L.P. School, NongmadanMadan Shadsngi
Wahlyngkhat Govt. L. P. School, WahlyngkhatWahlyngkhat, Laitmynrieng, Shuthim, Langkawet
Mynrieng L. P. School, MynriengMynrieng
Nongblai Govt. L. P. School, NongblaiNongblai
Wahkhen Govt. L. P. School, WahkhenWahkhen, Kyntiew Masi
Phlangtyngur Presbyterian L. P. School, PhlangtyngurPhlangtyngur, Lyndem, Mawkyrnot, Mawbarem
Pyrnai L. P. School, PyrnaiPyrnai, Saitwait, Shakai, Nongpriang
Mawbeh L. P. School, MawbehMawbeh, Nongkroh, Mawbyrnei
Mawlam Govt. L. P. School, MawlamMawlam, Ryngkew, Mawiang
Mawlyndun L. P. School, MawlyndunMawlyndun, Kynton-Saiar, Mawpyrthuh, Mawsohrisa
Shiliang Jashar L. P. School, Shiliang-JasharShiliang Jashar, Ringer, Nongthymmai Kyndiar
Nohwet U. P. School, NohwetNohwet, Nongsohphan
Nohwet U. P. School, NohwetNohwet, Nongsohphan
Lympungshyrngan L. P. School, Lympungshyrngan Riwai, Lympung Shyrngan, Thiepskai, Shiah Mawlat, Wahsohlang, Rasong, Pdengwah
Mawshun Govt. L. P. School, MawshunMawshun, Riborma, Wahjarem
Pongtung K. J. P. Synod Mihngi Prebyterian S/School, PongtungPongtung, Nongshyrngan
Pomshutia Khatarblang Riwar District Presbyterian L.P. School, PomshutiaPomshutia
Wahkdait Wahkdait Presbyterian L. P. SchoolWahkdait, Pashum, Mawryngkang
Mawriang Presbyterian L. P. School, MawriangMawriang, Sohlong
Umkrem L. P. School, UmkremUmkrem, Pyrdiwah I, Pyrdiwah Ii
Umsyiem L. P. School, UmsyiemUmsyiem, Kongwang, Iarbamon
Nongthymmai Seiborlang U.P. School, NongthymmaiNongthymmai
Lapalang Lapalang Presbyterian L. P. SchoolLapalang, Borhill
Nongtyngur L. P. School, NongtyngurNongtyngur
Lumwahnai R. C. L. P. School, LumwahnaiLumwahnai, Ri-Massar, Nongkyndah, Lyngkhat Khuri, Nashain, Nongkhaiwui, Lympungsniang, Pyrjat, Phanshika, Lympungpdah, Ri Mylliem, Iarsohbamon, Weipluh, Lyntidar, Thiep Jalong, Iarsohliang,
Nongeitniang Govt. L. P. School, NongeitniangNongeitniang, Mawlynnong, Lyngkhong, Thai, Rimai, Mynrieng
Tangmang Presbyterian L. P. School, TangmangTangmang, Wahumlein, Phrap, Ladrisya
Nongskhen Pratlynti R. C. L. P. School, NongskhenNongskhen, Lakading
Mawdang Community Hall, MawdangMawdang, Korblang, Hat Thymmai, Pakhria

Last Updated on April 19, 2014