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List of Polling Stations in Wangoi Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Irom Meijrao (A)22/1 - Irom Meijrao High School
2Irom Meijrao (B)22/2 - Irom Meijrao New Primary School
3Wakching Khullen22/3 - Wakching Khullen Junior High School
4Samurou Awang Leikai22/4 - Samurou Aided Lower Primary School
5Samurou Awang Makha22/5 - Samurou Primary School
6Samurou (A)22/6 - Takhellambam Konjil Primary School
7Samurou (B)22/7 - Samurou High School (N/W)
8Samurou (C)22/8 - Samurou High School (S/W)
9Samurou (D)22/9 - Samurou Makha Leikai Primary School (E/W)
10Samurou (E)22/10 - Samurou Makha Leikai Primary School (W/W)
11Naorem Chaprou22/11 - Naorem Chaprou Junior High School
12Oinam Sawombung Makha Leikai22/12 - Oinam Wangoi Lower Primary Madrasa
13Oinam Sawombung Awang22/13 - Oinam Primary Madrasa
14Wangoi (A)22/14 - Wangoi Kabui Primary School
15Wangoi (B)22/15 - Wangoi Makha Leikai Primary School
16Wangoi Wahengbam Leikai22/16 - Thambalnu Girls High School
17Wangoi Mamang Leikai22/17 - Wangoi Higher Secondary School (E/W)
18Wangoi Thoudam Leikai22/18 - Wangoi Higher Secondary School (W/W)
19Wangoi Thoudam Makha Leikai22/19 - Wangoi Junior High School
20Laiphrakpam22/20 - Laiphrakpam Lower Primary School
21Khaidem Leikai22/21 - Khaidem Lower Primary School
22Thiyam Leishangkhong22/22 - Thiyam Leishangkhong Junior High School (N/W)
23Thiyam Leishangkhong Khwai Leirak Makha (A)22/23 - Thiyam Leishangkhong Junior High School (S/W)
24Thiyam Leishangkhong Khwai Leirak Makha (B)22/24 - Social Welfare Club of Yumnam Huidrom Thiyam Leishangkhong
25Paobitek Mamang Leikai22/25 - Paobitek High School
26Paobitek Mayai Leikai22/26 - Paobitek Ulma Welfare Association
27Upokpi22/27 - Upokpi Primary School
28Paobitek Maning Leikai22/28 - Paobitek Maning Angalwadi Centre
29Wangoi Top Pangal Siphai22/29 - Nungtheleima Government Primary School
30Wangoi Top Pangal Siphai (B)22/30 - Top Siphai Primary School
31Laku Huidrom Awang Leikai22/31 - Yumnam Huidrom Khunyai Leikai Anganwadi Centre
32Laku Huidrom Awang Leikai (B)22/32 - L.U. Club of Laku Huidrom
33Iram Siphai (A)22/33 - Iram Siphai Primary School (L/W)
34Iram Siphai (B)22/34 - Iram Siphai Primary School (R/W)
35Laku Huidrom (A)22/35 - Yumnam Huidrom Primary School
36Laku Huidrom (B)22/36 - Yumnam Huidrom High School (W/W)
37Laku Huidrom (C)22/37 - Yumnam Huidrom High School (E/W)
38Mutum Phibou22/38 - Mutum Phibou Primary School
39Chongtham Kona22/39 - Chongtham Kona Lower Primary School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016

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