Who Will Form the Next Govenment in Telangana?
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List of Polling Stations in Thanlon Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Phaikholum (J)56/1 - Phaikholum (J) Govt. J.B.School
2Phaijang56/2 - Phaijang Govt. High School
3Savaipaih56/3 - Bualmual J.B. School
4Songsang56/4 - Songsang Mission School
5Dailon56/5 - Dailon Govt. J.B.School
6Milongmun56/6 - Milongmun Govt. J.B.School
7Leijangphai56/7 - Leijangphai Govt. Jr. High School
8Maite56/8 - Maite Mission M.E School
9Phaipheng56/9 - Phaipheng Mission M.E School
10Muakui56/10 - Mualkui Govt. J.B. School
11Phailianbung56/11 - Phailianbung Mission School
12Kaihlam56/12 - Kaihlam Govt. Aided Jr. High School
13Pamjal56/13 - Pamjal J.B. School
14Sainoujang56/14 - Sainoujang Community Hall
15Suangpehmun56/15 - Suangpehmun Govt. J.B. School
16Tinsuong56/16 - Tinsuong Mission M.E School
17Damdie56/17 - Damdiei J.B. School
18Pherzawl56/18 - Pherzawl Govt. High School (N/W)
19Tallan56/19 - Tallan Govt. J.B. School
20Loibual56/20 - Loibual J.B. School
21Thanlon (A)56/21 - St. Javiers School
22Thanlon (B)56/22 - Convertion English High School
23Joutung56/23 - Joutung Govt. J.B. School
24Dialkhai56/24 - Dailkhai Govt. Jr. High School
25Mualnuam56/25 - Tualkhonao Govt. High School
26Songtal56/26 - Songtal Govt. High School
27Sumtuk56/27 - Sumtak Govt. J.B. School
28Palkhuang56/28 - Palkhuang Govt. Aided J.B. School
29Bukpi (1)56/29 - Bukpi Govt. High School
30Bukpi (2)56/30 - Bukpi Community Hall
31Hanship56/31 - Hanship Govt. High School
32Leisen56/32 - Leisen Mission M.E School
33Bungpilon56/33 - Bungpilon Govt. High School
34Aibulon56/34 - Aibulon Govt. Jr. High School
35Khajang56/35 - Khajang J.B. School
36Phaitong56/36 - Phaitong JB School
37Sinjol56/37 - Sinjol Govt. Jr. High School
38Khuanggin56/38 - Khuanggin Govt. J.B. School

Last Updated on June 11, 2016

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