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Polling Station List Jaganathpur Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Jaganathpur

Polling Station No.Polling Booth Address
1Samudayik Bhawan Sadpotka
2P/S Kolpotka
5P/S Abhaypur
6M/S Rengalbeda
7P/S dhanapali
8P/S Urkiya
9M/S Baranga (East Part)
10M/S Baranga (West Part)
12P/S Makranda
13Panchayat Bhawan Samtha
14P/S Sagjodi
15P/S Digha
16P/S Tirilposi
17P/S Vitikalsai
18Residential School Tholkobad
19P/S Kumdih
20Forest Rest House Marangponga
21P/S Sonapi
22M/S Tetlighat
23M/S Chotanagra
24P/S Jamkundiya
25P/S Jojogutu
26P/S Dodari
27P/S Duiya
28Grampanchaya Bhawan Ghakudi
29P/S Kasiyapecha
30Central School Meghahatuburu ( East Part)
31Central School Meghahatuburu ( Middle Part)
32Central School Meghahatuburu ( South Part)
33Central School Meghahatuburu ( North Part)
34Project Central School Kiriburu (North Part)
35Project Central School Kiriburu (South Part)
36Project Central School Kiriburu (Middle Part)
37Project Central School Kiriburu (East Part)
38Community Centre Kiriburu ( North Part)
39Community Centre Kiriburu ( East Part)
40Community Centre Kiriburu ( South Part)
41Community Centre Kiriburu ( Middle Part)
42P/S School Braiburu
43P/S School Tatiba
44M/S Gua ( East Part )
45M/S Gua ( West Part )
46M/S Isko Gua ( East Part )
47M/S Isko Gua (South Part)
48M/S Isko Gua (Middle Part)
49M/S Nuyan
50Works Main Club Gua (Eat Part)
51Works Main Club Gua (Middle Part)
52Works Main Club Gua (North Part)
53Gandhi Memorial Building Gua
54M/S Bara Jamda (North Part)
55M/S Bara Jamda East Part)
56M/S Bara Jamda (South Part)
57P/S Bokna
58H/S Bara Jamda
59P/S Diriburu (North Part)
60P/S Diriburu (South Part)
61P/S Bara Baljodi
62P/S Bambasai
63P/S Burubodta
64P/S Kitang Tondang
65Jansevak Bhawan Bara Paseya
66P/S Udajo
67P/S Peteta (East Part)
68P/S Peteta (West Part)
69P/S Sarwai
70P/S Latar Kundrijhor
71P/S Bara Kundrijhor
72P/S Peteta Tadeya
73P/S Dudhbila
74P/S Betarkiya
75P/S Mahudi (East Part)
76P/S Mahudi (West Part)
77P/S Mahudi Noamundi Bazar (East Part)
78P/S Mahudi Noamundi Bazar (North Part)
79P/S Mahudi Noamundi Bazar (West Part)
79P/S Mahudi Noamundi Bazar (West Part)
80P/S Mahudi Noamundi Bazar (South Part)
81Pnchayat Bhawan Mahudi (East Part)
82Pnchayat Bhawan Mahudi (West Part)
83Abdul Bari Memorial High School Noamundi
84M/S Top Camp Noamundi (East Part)
85M/S Top Camp Noamundi (West Part)
86M/S Top Camp Noamundi (South Part)
87M/S Karampada
88M/S Top Champ Nowamundi (North Part)
89P/S Noamundi Basti
90P/S Merelgada
91M/S Kotgarha, (North Part)
92M/S Kotgarha, (South Part)
93M/S Kotgarha, (East Part)
94P/S Kutingta
95P/S Tontoposi
96M/S Rengalbeda
96M/S Rengalbeda
97Panchayat Bhawan Pokharpi
98P/S Sildaouri (East Part)
99P/S Sildaouri (West Part)
100M/S Jeteya
101Panchayat Bhawan Jeteya (East Part)
102Panchayat Bhawan Jeteya (West Part)
103P/S Jampani
104P/S Sarbil
105P/S Kadajamda
106P/S Padapahar
107Govt. Primary School Kakuita
108P/S Mongra
109P/S Baliyadih
110Govt. Primary School Kanslapos
111P/S Todanghatu
112P/S Kundrijhor
113Govt. Primary School Kudahatu
114Club Bhawan Kudahatu
115P/S Sannanda
116P/S Barananda
117P/S Sarbil
118Govt. Rasel H/S Jagnnathpur
119Govt. Primary School Bock Clony Jagnnathpur
120Panchayat Bhawan Jagnnathpur
121M/S Jagnnathpur
122Govt. Primary School Patahatu
123Panchayat Bhawan Maluka
124P/S Kolaysai
125M/S Nishchintpur
126Govt. Primary School Chotamahuldiha
127P/S Jaldiha
128P/S Katepada
129Basic School Bindsai
130Basic M.School Karanjiya
131Basic M.School Purniya
132Panchayat Bhawan Amjoda
133Govt. Primary School Narsinghpur
134Govt. Primary School Goriyaduba
135Govt. Primary School Basira
136M/S Kasira
137Govt. Primary School Gitilpri
138Govt. Primary School Juginanda
139Govt. Primary School Jhirpai
140Govt. Primary School Bhangaon] (South Part)
141Govt. Primary School Dudirta
142Govt. School Kalaya
143P/S Murgadighiya
144P/S Gaourhdighiya
145Samudayik Bhawan Danguaposi
146Railway Institute, Danguaposi
147M/S Danguaposi
148P/S Deogaon
149Govt. Primary School Padampur
150P/S Siyaljoda (South Part)
150P/S Siyaljoda (South Part)
151Govt. School Manikpur
152P/S Pokam
153Govt. School Bankati
154Govt. Primary School Patajaint
155P/S Chanpada
156M/S Gobargaon
157P/S Kadokoda
158Basic School Jaintgarh (South Part)
159Basic School Jaintgarh (East Part)
159Basic School Jaintgarh (East Part)
160P/S Dalposi
161P/S Hadibhanga
162P/S Barla
163Panchayat Bhawan Khutiyapada
164Govt. Primary School Mundui
165P/S Kondarkoda
166Govt. Primary School Masvila
167M/S Gumuriya
168P/S Lakhipai
169P/S Bundu
170P/S Banki
170P/S Banki
171P/S Rengarhatu
172P/S Tensera
173P/S Arahasa
174P/S Lajora
175M/S Borai
176P/S Baihatu
177P/S Rairuwan