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Himachal Pradesh election, highest poll recorded, 74 % till 5 PM. | Poll result to be declared on Dec 18, 2017. | Election commission prohibits election exit polls related to Himachal and Gujarat till 6 PM on Dec 14, 2017.
Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 Infographic

Polling Booths in Himachal Pradesh (HP)

List of Polling Booths for Himachal Pradesh Assemblies

The Himachal Pradesh elections are to be held on November 9. Voting will be held for all the 68 constituencies of the legislative assembly. In 2012, there were 7252 polling stations/polling booths across Himachal Pradesh. In 2017, the number of polling stations has increased to 7479. This represents a 3.13 percent increase in the number of polling stations. Get information on the location of your polling station by referring to the link - http://himachal.nic.in/index2.php?lang=1&dpt_id=6&level=1&lid=264

Last Updated on November 8, 2017

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