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Polling Station List Mulana Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Mulana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mulana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Abdulgarh (247)Govt Primary School, Abdullagarh
Adhoi (233)Govt Primary School, Adhoi
Adhoya Hindwan (235)Govt Senior Secondary School, Adhoya Hindwan(East Wing)989
Govt Senior Secondary School, Adhoya Hindwan(West Wing)1127
Adhoya Musalmana (209)Govt. Primary School, Adhoya Musalman712
Govt. Girls Primary School, Adhoya Musalman1127
Alawalpur (239)Govt Middle School, Alawalpur
Aliaspur (7)Govt. Primary School, Aliyaspur
Alipur (82)Govt Senior Secondary School, Alipur(East Wing)703
Govt Senior Secondary School, Alipur(West Wing)598
Barara (203) (Ct)Govt. Girls High School, Brada(East Wing)1304
Community Center (Panchayat Ghar), Barara1339
Govt. Girls High School, Brada(West Wing)1058
Govt Primary School, Barara(Primary Wing)478
Modern Senior Secondary School Near Bus Stand, Barara(East Wing)1196
Modern Senior Secondary School Near Bus Stand, Barara(Middle Wing)1123
Modern Senior Secondary School Near Bus Stand, Barara(West Wing)1345
Govt Senior Secondary School, Barara(East Wing)1147
Govt Senior Secondary School, Barara(Middle Wing)1052
Govt Senior Secondary School, Barara(West Wing)1316
S.M.Janta Senior Secondary School, Barara(East Wing)1062
S.M.Janta Senior Secondary School, Barara(Middle Wing)806
S.M.Janta Senior Secondary School, Barara(West Wing)1307
Baraul (277)Govt Primary School, Barauli769
Govt Middle School, Baraula914
Behta (158)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bihta(East Wing)1232
Govt Primary School, Bihta(East Wing)1245
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bihta(West Wing)1011
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bihta(Middle Wing)924
Govt Primary School, Bihta(West Wing)664
Bhudian (151)Govt Middle School, Bhudian
Bichpari (270)Govt Primary School, Bichpari
Binjalpur (9)Govt High School, Binjalpur(East Wing)744
Govt High School, Binjalpur(West Wing)863
Chudiala (191)Govt High School, Chudiyala
Chudiali (160)Govt Primary School, Chudiyali
Denarpur (224)Govt High School, Dinarpur(East Wing)932
Govt High School, Dinarpur(West Wing)480
Dera Salaimpur (207)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Dera Salimpur(East Wing)762
Govt. Senior Secondary School, Dera Salimpur(West Wing)1007
Dhakola (135)Govt Middle School, Dhakaula
Dhanaura (80)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhanaura(East Wing)1283
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhanaura(West Wing)975
Dhanauri (81)Govt Primary School, Dhanauri
Dhanora (187)Govt High School, Dhanoura
Dhanori (186)Govt. Middle School, Dhanyodi
Dhin (143)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhin(East Wing)1084
Govt Parimary School, Dhin947
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhin(Middle Wing)1072
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhin(West Wing)438
Dhiya Majra (210)Govt Middle School, Dahiyamajra
Dhorali (169)Govt Primary School , Dhurali
Dhurala (159)Govt High School, Dhurala(East Wing)887
Govt High School, Dhurala(West Wing)729
Diodpur (214)Govt Middle School, Dadupur
Dorana (271)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Durana(East Wing)879
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Durana(West Wing)691
Dubli (222)Govt Middle School, Dubli
Dukheri (161)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Dukheri(East Wing)889
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Dukheri(Middle Wing)788
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Dukheri(West Wing)834
Duliana (87)Govt Senior Secondary School, Duliyana
Duliani (141)Govt High School, Duliyani
Fazalpur (251)Govt Primary School, Phajailpur
Gangan Heri (12)Govt Middle School, Gaganheri
Ganganpur (149)Govt High School, Gaganpur(East Wing)361
Govt High School, Gaganpur(West Wing)567
Ghalri (199)Govt Middle School, Ghelri
Ghaseetpur (195)Govt Primary School, Ghasitpur
Gokalgarh (76)Govt Senior Secondary School, Gokalgarh
Gola (16)Govt High School, Gola(East Wing)1007
Govt High School, Gola(West Wing)744
Haldari (194)Govt High School, Haldari(East Wing)835
Govt High School, Haldari(West Wing)751
Hamidpur (137)Govt Primary School, Hamidpur
Harra (198)Govt Middle School, Harara
Haryoli (197)Govt Middle School, Haryoli
Hema Majra (153)Govt Middle School, Hemamajra
Holi (150)Govt Senior Secondary School, Holi(East Wing)886
Govt Senior Secondary School, Holi(West Wing)771
Jalubi (248)Govt Middle School, Jalubi
Jawahargarh (134)Govt Primary School, Jawahargarh
Jharu Majra (77)Govt Middle School, Jhadumajra
Kakar Kunda (10)Govt. Middle School, Kakarkunda
Kaleran (307)Govt High School, Kaleran(East Wing)1041
Govt High School, Kaleran(Middle Wing)556
Govt High School, Kaleran(West Wing)269
Kalpi (136)Govt High School, Kalpi(East Wing)861
Govt High School, Kalpi(West Wing)872
Kambas (242)Govt Middle School, Kambas
Kambasi (243)Govt High School, Kambasi(East Wing)710
Govt High School, Kambasi(West Wing)955
Kasairla Khurd (245)Govt High School, Kaserlakhurd(East Wing)833
Govt High School, Kaserlakhurd(West Wing)634
Kesri (221)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kesri(East Wing)1060
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kesri(Middle Wing)1132
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kesri(West Wing)979
Khan Ahmadpur (144)Govt Primary School, Khan Ahmadpur
Khanpur (190)Govt High School, Khanpur
Khanpura (228)Govt Primary School, Khanpura
Kharu Khera (95)Govt. Primary School, Kharukhera
Khera (89)Govt Middle School, Kheda
Kot Kachhwa Khurd (163)Govt Middle School, Kot Kachhuwa Kalan745
Govt Primary School, Kot Kachhuwa Khurd609
Laliana (269)Govt Primary School, Lalyana
Landha (223)Govt High School, Landa(East Wing)827
Govt High School, Landa(West Wing)691
Langar (193)Govt Middle School, Langar Chhani
Majri (184)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Majri
Malakpur (238)Govt Primary School, Malikpur
Malwa (274)Govt Primary School, Malwa
Manka Manki (148)Govt Senior Secondary School, Manka Manki(East Wing)759
Govt Senior Secondary School, Manka Manki(West Wing)617
Manu Majra (237)Govt High School, Manumajra
Maujgarh (212)Govt. Primary School, Maujgarh
Mehmudpur (303)Govt High School,Mahmudpur(East Wing)1015
Govt High School,Mahmudpur(West Wing)301
Milak Shekhan (205)Govt Primary School, Milk Shekhan
Milk Dhankotan (147)Govt Primary School, ,Milk Dhankota
Mirzapur (167)Govt Primary School, Mirjapur
Mithapur (96)Govt Middle School, Mithapur
Mohra (188)Govt High School, Mohra(East Wing)1341
Govt High School, Mohra(West Wing)1399
Mohri (253)Govt Primary School, Mohri(East Wing)927
Govt Primary School, Mohri(West Wing)868
Mullana (139)Govt Girls High School, Mulana(East Wing)814
Govt Girls High School, Mulana(West Wing)861
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mulana(Middle Wing)1233
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mulana(East Wing)978
Govt Senior Secondary School, Mulana(West Wing)910
Nagla (196)Govt High School, Nagla Jattan
Nahawani (92)Govt Senior Secondary School, Nauhni(East Wing)1011
Govt Senior Secondary School, Nauhni(West Wing)984
Nahra (206)Govt Primary School, Nahra
Nurhad (3)Govt Middle School, Nurhad
Nurpur (272)Govt High School, Nurpur(East Wing)635
Govt High School, Nurpur(West Wing)874
Panjhail (226)Govt Middle School, Panjail
Paplotha (91)Govt. Primary School, Paplotha
Patti Bagheru (90)Arya Senior Secondary School, Primary Wing Mulana(East Wing)
Patti Chanarthal (138)Arya Senior Secondary School, Primary Wing Mulana(West Wing)
Phalail Majra (132)Govt Middle School, Phalel Majra
Pharoli (189)Govt Primary School, Phadauli
Phoksa (240)Govt Middle School, Phoksa
Phusiala (218)Govt Senior Secondary School, Pasiyala
Ponti (84)Govt Middle School, Paunti
Rajauli (200)Govt High School, Rajauli(East Wing)915
Govt High School, Rajauli(West Wing)692
Raju Kheri (211)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Rajo Kheri
Ramgarh (78)Govt High School, Ramgarh
Rampur (155)Govt High School , Rampur(East Wing)798
Govt High School , Rampur(West Wing)717
Rao Majra (230)Govt Middle School, Raumajra
Rukhri (142)Govt Primary School, Rukari
Saha (93) (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School, Saha(East Wing)1328
Govt Senior Secondary School, Saha(Middle Wing)1508
Govt Senior Secondary School, Saha(West Wing)1411
Govt Girls High School, Saha942
Sahla (1)Govt Middle School, Saihla
Sajjan Majri (213)Govt. Primary School, Sajjanmajri
Salakhani (4)Govt Primary School, Sulkhani
Salhapur (85)Govt Primary School, Salehpur
Samalheri (94)Govt Senior Secondary School, Samlehri(East Wing)952
Govt Senior Secondary School, Samlehri(Middle Wing)829
Govt Senior Secondary School, Samlehri(West Wing)1309
Sambhalkha (130)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sambhalakha(East Wing)1205
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sambhalakha(Middle Wing)1042
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sambhalakha(West Wing)1106
Sarda Heri (6)Govt Senior Secondary School, Sardaheri(East Wing)1090
Govt Senior Secondary School, Sardaheri(West Wing)908
Semla (202)Govt Middle School, Simla
Shahabpura (250)Govt Primary School, Shahabpura
Sharaqpur (201)Govt High School, Sarakpur
Sherpur (5)Govt High School, Sherpur Sulakhni
Sirsgarh (140)Govt Middle School, Sirasgarh(East Wing)841
Govt Middle School, Sirasgarh(West Wing)780
Siwan Majra (204)Govt High School, Sivanmajra
Sohana (152)Govt High School, Sohana(East Wing)771
Govt High School, Sohana(West Wing)1092
Subga (217)Govt Middle School, Sabga
Subhri (232)Govt. High School, Subhari(East Wing)1092
Govt. High School, Subhari(West Wing)934
Suhatta (229)Govt High School, Suhata
Talheri Gujran (13)Govt High School, Talheri Gujran
Talheri Rangran (236)Govt Primary School, Talheri Rangran914
Govt Primary School, Akalgarh292
Tamnauli (75)Govt Primary School, Tamnauli
Tandwal (216)Govt Senior Secondary School, Tandwal(East Wing)1156
Govt Senior Secondary School, Tandwal(West Wing)942
Tandwali (231)Govt Middle School, Tandwali
Tangel (88)Govt Middle School, Tangail
Taprian (11)Govt Primary School, Tapriyan
Tepla (133)Govt High School, Tepla(East Wing)925
Govt High School, Tepla(West Wing)855
Thakar Pura (15)Govt High School, Takurpura
Thamber (208)Govt Senior Secondary School,Thamber(East Wing)1092
Govt Senior Secondary School,Thamber(West Wing)1117
Govt Senior Secondary School,Thamber(Middle Wing)1165
Govt Senior Secondary School,Thamber(Primary Wing)639
Tharwa (166)Govt High School, Tharwa(East Wing)1029
Govt High School, Tharwa(West Wing)1030
Tharwa (2)Govt Middle School, Thahrva
Ugala (244)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ugala(East Wing)959
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ugala(Middle Wing)739
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ugala(West Wing)1128
Govt Primary School, Ugala(East Wing)1122
Govt Primary School, Ugala(West Wing)937
Uplana (14)Govt Middle School, Uplana(East Wing)728
Govt Middle School, Uplana(West Wing)669

Last Updated on October 19, 2014