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Polling Station List Badli Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Badli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Badli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Ahri(246)Govt Senior Secondary School , Aheri(North Side)1096
Govt Senior Secondary School , Aheri(South Side)866
Amadalpur(252)Govt High School, Amadalpur
Asadpur Khera(241)Govt Primary School, Asadpur Khera
Aurangpur (273)Govt Primary School, Aurangpur
Babepur(224)Govt Middle School, Babepur
Babra(261)Govt Primary School, Babra
Badli(72)Govt Senior Secondary School , Badli(North Side)1100
Govt Senior Secondary School , Badli(South Side)895
Govt Senior Secondary School , Badli(Middle Side)919
Govt Primary School , Badli(North Side)896
Govt Primary School , Badli(South Side)1079
Chaupal Harijan, Badli916
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Badli(North Side)832
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Badli(South Side)931
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Badli(Middle Side)944
Badsa(77)Govt Senior Secondary School, Badhsa(North Side)910
Govt Senior Secondary School, Badhsa(South Side)880
Govt Senior Secondary School, Badhsa(East Side)869
Bahamnola(270)Govt Senior Secondary School , Bahmannaula1287
Chaupal Harijan, Bahamnaula360
Bakhtawarpur Alias Rayya(210)Govt Middle School, Bakhtawarpur Urf Raiya(East Side)854
Govt Middle School, Bakhtawarpur Urf Raiya(West Side)800
Batehra(254)Govt High School, Bhathera(East Side)838
Govt High School, Bhathera(West Side)822
Bazidpur Tappa Haveli(98)Govt Primary School, Bajidpur Tappa Haveli
Belochpura(216)Govt Primary School, Bilochpura
Bhindawas(214)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhindawas
Boria(97)Govt Primary School, Bodia
Bupania(59)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bupniya(East Side)1290
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bupniya(West Side)1240
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Bupniya(North Side)1155
Govt. Senior Sec. School, Bhupiya(East Wing)1064
Govt. Senior Sec. School, Bhupiya(West Wing)490
Chandol(222)Govt Primary School, Chandol
Chandpur(239)Govt Primary School, Chandpur
Chhapar(245)Govt Senior Secondary School, Chappar(North Side)1150
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chappar(South Side)868
Dadanpur (238)Govt Primary School, Dadanpur(East Side)815
Govt Primary School, Dadanpur(West Side)807
Dadri Toe(275)Govt Senior Secondary School , Dadritoy(North Side)1135
Govt Senior Secondary School , Dadritoy(South Side)930
Daryapur(73)Govt. High School, Dariyapur(East Side)817
Govt High School, Dariyapur(West Side)850
Dawala(209)Govt Senior Secondary School , Dawla(North Side)1012
Govt Senior Secondary School , Dawla(South Side)970
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Dawla461
Desalpur(48)Govt Primary School, Desalpur
Dever Khana(75)Govt High School, Dewarkhana
Dhakla(223)Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhakla(North Side)997
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhakla(South Side)995
Govt Senior Secondary School, Dhakla(Middle Side)942
Schedule Caste Chaupal Near Bus Stand, Dhakla234
Dharoli(191)Govt High School, Dharauli
Fatehpur(80)Govt Middle School, Fatehpur
Fatehpuri(232)Govt Primary School, Fatehpuri
Gangarwa(69)Govt Primary School, Gangdawa
Gijarod(260)Govt Primary School, Gijaraud
Girdharpur(225)Govt Primary School, Girdharpur
Goela Kalan(58)Govt Middle School, Goyala Kalan(North Side)1057
Govt Middle School, Goyala Kalan(South Side)1119
Gubhana (70)Govt Senior Secondary School , Gubhana(North Side)1140
Govt Senior Secondary School , Gubhana(South Side)1191
Govt Senior Secondary School , Gubhana(Primary Side)981
Hassanpur(211)Govt Senior Secondary School, Hasanpur
Jahangirpur(265)Govt. Sen.Sec. School , Jahangirpur(North Side)868
Govt. Sen.Sec. School , Jahangirpur(South Side)1142
Govt Girls High School, Jahangirpur1141
Chaupal Harijnan, Jahangirpur180
Jaitpur(187)Govt Senior Secondary School, Jaitpur
Jatwara(192)Govt Primary School, Jatwara
Kahari(253)Govt. Primary School, Kahari
Kaloi(268)Govt Middle School, Kiloi(West Side)971
Govt Middle School, Kiloi(East Side)714
Kasni(228)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kasni(North Side)1122
Schedule Caste Chaupal,In Front Of Mahender Putra Dariya, Kasni374
Govt. Middle School, Kasni(South Side)1183
Khakhana(237)Govt Primary School, Khakhana
Kheri Jat(89)Govt Senior Secondary School , Kheri Jat(North Side)912
Govt Senior Secondary School , Kheri Jat(South Side)1038
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kheri Jat246
Kheri Taluka Patoda(251)Govt Girls High School, Kheri Talluka Patauda(North Side)1071
Govt Girls High School, Kheri Talluka Patauda(South Side)1093
Kherka Gujar(57)Govt Middle School , Kherka Gujar(North Side)1020
Govt Middle School , Kherka Gujar(South Side)816
Khudan(242)Govt Senior Secondary School, Khuddan911
Govt Primary School, Khuddan(North Side)850
Govt Senior Secondary School, Khuddan(South Side)954
Panchyat Bhawan, Khuddan400
Khungai(91)Govt High School , Khungai(North Side)1016
Govt High School , Khungai(South Side)741
Chaupal Harijan, Khugai191
Kilrod(235)Govt Middle School, Kildaud
Koka(247)Govt Primary School, Koka
Kulana(248)Govt Primary School, Kulana
Kunjia(212)Govt Middle School, Kunjia
Kutani(276)Govt Primary School, Kutani607
Chaupal Harijan, Kutani204
Ladpur(86)Govt High School, Ladpur(North Side)1173
Govt High School, Ladpur(South Side)1055
Lagarpur(74)Govt High School, Lagarpur
Lohat(76)Govt Primary School, Lahot
Luhari(250)Govt Senior Secondary School, Luhari(North Side)1315
Govt Senior Secondary School, Luhari(South Side)1317
Luksar(68)Govt Senior Secondary School, Luksar(North Side)800
Govt Senior Secondary School, Luksar(South Side)805
Machhrauli(240)Govt Senior Secondary School, Machhrauli(East Side)1035
Govt. Primary School, Machhrauli998
Govt Senior Secondary School, Machhrauli(West Side)947
Majri(71)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Majri(North Side)1278
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Majri(South Side)938
Mubarakpur(186)Govt Primary School, Mubarakpur
Munda Khera(78)Govt Senior Secondary School , Mundakhera991
Govt Girls Primary School, Mundakhera709
Nangla(274)Govt Primary School, Nangla
Neola(182)Govt Middle School, Naula
Nimana(84)Govt Primary School, Nimana1088
Govt Primary School New Building, Nimana179
Patasni(256)Govt Primary School, Patasni
Patoda(249)Govt Senior Secondary School , Patauda(North Side)1010
Govt Senior Secondary School , Patauda(South Side)996
Govt Primary School, Patauda(North Side)958
Govt Primary School, Patauda(South Side)1084
Govt Primary School, Patauda(Middle Side)990
Pelhpa(85)Govt Senior Secondary School, Pailpa(North Side)1058
Govt Senior Secondary School, Pailpa(South Side)748
Chaupal Harijan, Pailpa267
Raipur(236)Govt Primary School, Raipur
Sabili(258)Govt Primary School, Chhabili
Saloda(234)Govt Senior Secondary School, Soldha(North Side)1083
Govt Senior Secondary School, Soldha(South Side)1048
Samaspur Majra(227)Govt High School, Samaspur Majra(North Side)858
Govt High School, Samaspur Majra(South Side)782
Sarola(244)Govt High School, Saraula
Shahjahanpur(215)Govt Primary School, Shahjahanpur
Shahpur(60)Govt Primary School, Shahpur
Sikanderpur(99)Govt Primary School, Sikandarpur
Silana (259)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Silana(North Side)925
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Silana630
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Silana(South Side)1086
Silani Pana Keso (263)Govt Primary School, North Side,Silani Pana Kesho1283
Govt Primary School,South Side , Silani Pana Kesho1261
Silani Pana Zalim(262)Ggsss,East Side(Primary Wing)Silani Pana Zalim1091
Ggsss(West Side)Primary Wing, Silani Pana Zalim773
Panchyat Ghar, Opp. Schedule Caste Chaupal, Silani Pana Zalim332
Sondhi(83)Govt Primary School, Saundhi
Subana(226)Govt Senior Secondary School, Subana(North Side)1165
Govt Senior Secondary School, Subana(South Side)829
Schedule Caste Chaupal , Subana294
Surah(266)Govt Middle School, Suhara(North Side)676
Govt Middle School, Suhara(South Side)715
Surehti(233)Govt Senior Secondary School, Surhethi(North Side)1159
Govt Senior Secondary School, Surhethi(South Side)1007
Tumbaheri(188)Govt Senior Secondary School, Tumbaheri(North Side)1051
Govt Senior Secondary School, Tumbaheri(South Side)1280
Ukhal Chana(264)Govt Senior Secondary School , Ukhlachna(North Side)1334
Govt Senior Secondary School , Ukhlachna(South Side)1108
Untloda(257)Govt Girls High School, Utlaudha
Yaqubpur(82)Govt Middle School , Yakubpur1239
Govt Middle School, Yakubpur513

Last Updated on October 19, 2014