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Polling Booth in Taleigao Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Taleigao

Taleigao Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Taleigao Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Taleigao Assembly Constituency falls under the Taleigao Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. Primary School, ,Chincholem,Tiswadi-GoaChincholem : Sakailo Waddo, Bhatulem, Near Masjid, Bhatulem, Voilo Waddo, Bhatulem, Near Satti Temple, Bhatulem, Modlo Waddo, Bhatulem, Near Ram Mandir, Bhatulem
2 Govt. Primary School, Chincholem,Tiswadi-GoaChincholem : Dhanlaxmi Nagar, Bhatulem, Near Govt. Primary School, Bhatulem, Near Amina Building, Chincholem, Near Madkaikar Nagar, Bhatulem, Near Datta Mandir, Chincholem, Near Satti Temple, Bhatulem, Near Chapel Fontehinas, Mala
3 Happy Kids Nursery and Primary School ,St. Inez, Panaji-GoaSt. Inez, Panaji : Near Datta Mandir, Chincholem, Opp. T. B. Hospital, Lourdes Wado, Opp. Lourdes Chapel, Lourdes Wado, Shankarwadi, Nandhanwan , Tambdimati, Vanrahi C, Lourdes Wado, Opp. Madhuban Complex, St. Inez, Tambdimati, -
4 Happy Kids Nursery and Primary School ,St. Inez, Panaji-GoaSt. Inez, Panaji : Madhuban A, Lourdes Wado, Madhuban B, Lourdes Wado, Madhuban C, Lourdes Wado, Madhuban D, Lourdes Wado, Madhuban E, Lourdes Wado, Madhuban F, Lourdes Wado, Madhuban G, Lourdes Wado, Madhuban H, Lourdes Wado, Vanrahi A, Lourdes Wado, Vanrahi B, Lourdes Wado, 1Near Lourdes Chapel, Lourdes Wado, 1 T. B. Hosp. Quarters, Lourdes Wado, 1 Near Apteshwar Temple, St. Inez, 1 Near Zarina Tower, St. Inez, 1 Opp. Caculo Ford,Bonyita , St.Inez
5 Office of the Asstistant Engineer-I, WD-III (PHE),PWD ,Staff Room,St. Inez,Panaji-GoaSt. Inez,Panaji : Opp. Kamat Plaza, St. Inez, Near Godinho Washing Centre, St. Inez, Govt. Quarters, St. Inez, Near Govt. Quarters, St. Inez, Kamat Arcade, St. Inez, Near Kamat Arcade, St. Inez, Models Exotica, St. Inez, Opp. Expert Pharmacy, St. Inez, Near Madhuvihar, St. Inez, Opp. Models Residency, St. Inez, 1Near Happy Kids, St. Inez, 1 Kamat Plaza, Behind Kamat Plaza, St. Inez
6 Assistant Engineer- II, WD-III (PHE), PWD, Tonca, Caranzalem - Goa.Tonca-Caranzalem : Near Sewage Plant & Kamat Estate, St. Inez & Tonca, Near Real Soda Factory, Tonca
7 Office of the Assistant Engineer-I, WD-III(PHE), PWD(J. E. Room) St. Inez,Panaji-GoaSt. Inez,Panaji : Opp Fire Brigade, St. Inez, Near Lydia Garden, St. Inez
8 Telephone Exchange Building,Miramar-GoaMiramar : Adarsh Colony, Tonca - Caranzalem, Numoxint, Caranzalem
9 Auxillium High School,Caranzalem-GoaCaranzalem : Kerant, Caranzalem
10 Auxillium High School, Caranzalem-GoaCaranzalem : Mullatin, Caranzalem, Behind Syndicate Bank, Caranzalem, Near Old Post Office, Caranzalem
11 Auxillium High School , Caranzalem-GoaCaranzalem : Near Berreto Appartment, Caranzalem, Near Football Ground, Caranzalem, Bhorchem Bhat, West Side, Caranzalem, Bhorchem Bhat, East Side, Caranzalem, Mitra Bazar, East Side, Caranzalem, Mitra Bazar, West Side, Caranzalem
12 Peace Heaven Home & School for the Mentally Challenged Children,Caranzalem-GoaCaranzalem : Poder Dando, Caranzalem, Landscape Martin Mansion, Caranzalem, Near Petrol Pump, Caranzalem, Models Millennium Vista, Caranzalem, Cauvel Waddo, Caranzalem, Mandovi Bayside, Caranzalem, San Antonio Apts., Caranzalem, Models Meridian, Caranzalem, Near Hotel Swimsea, Caranzalem
13 Clube Sao Miguel De TaleigaoTaleigao : Santismowado Taleigao, Santismowado, Taleigao
14 Office of the Communidade De Taleigao,Tiswadi GoaTaleigao : Morod , Kereant, Taleigao
15 Our Lady Of Rosary High School, Dona Paula-GoaDona Paula : Caranzalem(Part), Caranzalem, Aivao, -
16 Govt. Primary & High School ,Dona Paula-GoaDona Paula : Aivao, Bairo, Aivao
17 Govt. Primary & High School,Dona Paula-GoaDona Paula : La Marvel Colony, Dona Paula, Near Cbi & Jetty, Dona Paula, Near Govt. Primary School, Dona Paula, Near Sbi, Dona Paula, Marvel / La Marvel, Dona Paula, Near British Cementry / Marvel, Dona Paula, Near St. Cruz Chapel, Marvel, Dona Paula, Raj Bhavan, Dona Paula
18 Our Lady Of Rosary High School, Dona Paula-GoaDona Paula : Bella Vista, Dona Paula, La Citadel Colony, Dona Paula, N.I.O Colony, Dona Paula
19 Our Lady Of Rosary High School,Dona Paula-GoaDona Paula : Oceanic Colony, Dona Paula, Sagar Society, Dona Paula, Vaigaunim Valley, Dona Paula, Hawai Beach, Dona Paula, Bay View Colony, Dona Paula
20 Govt. Primary School,Odxel,Tiswadi-GoaOdxel : Near Odxel Sports Club, Odxel, Near Spring, Odxel, Odxel, University, Oitiem, Oitiem
21 Goa University Telephone Exchange,BSNL,Dona Paula-GoaDona Paula : Oitiem, Taleigao, -
22 Casa Do Povo De Taleigao, Old Village Panchayat Office,Taleigao-GoaTaleigao : Oitiem, Taleigao
23 Office of the Assistant Engineer,Electricity Department,SD-IV, Queunem-Taleigao-GoaQueunem-Taleigao : Queunem, Taleigao, -
24 Office of the Assistant Engineer,Electricity Department,SD-IV, Queunem-Taleigao -GoaQueunem-Taleigao : Queunem, Taleigao, Eugino Waddo, Caranzalem
25 Office of the Assistant Engineer, Electricity Department, SD-IV, Queunem-TaleigaoQueunem-Taleigao : Martins Morod, Caranzalem, Nairalem Morod, Caranzalem, Eugianio Wado, Caranzalem, Padri Bhat, Caranzalem, Sapana Citadel, Dona Paula
26 Govt. Primary School, Nagali-Taliegao-GoaNagali-Taliegao : Ward No. 3, Nagali
27 Govt. Primary School, Nagali,Taleigao-GoaNagali,Taleigao : Ward No. 3, Nagali
28 Govt. Primary School, St.Paul -Taleigao -GoaSt.Paul -Taleigao : Bondiem, Taleigao, Galli, Taleigao, Dondrem, Taleigao
29 Govt. Primary School ,St.Paul-Taleigao-GoaSt.Paul-Taleigao : Cardoz Waddo, Taleigao
30 Little Lambs Pre -Primary & Primary & Royale Secondary School, Sailem,Taleigao-GoaSailem,Taleigao : Amaral Wado, Taleigao
31 Little Lambs Pre-Primary & Primary & Royale Secondary School , Sailem ,Taleigao-GoaSailem ,Taleigao : Amaral Wado, Taleigao, Essar, Taleigao, Near S.N.Naik, General Stores, Amaral Waddo
32 Ideal High School, Taleigao-GoaTaleigao : Near Vitoba Temple, Durga Wadi, Esi Colony, Durga Wadi, Durga Wadi Hsg. Society A, B, C, Durga Wadi, Kamat Retreat Residency, Durga Wadi, Near Gautam Bakery, Durga Wadi
33 Ideal High School ,Taleigao-GoaTaleigao : Posrem Bhat, -
34 Ideal High School, Taleigao-GoaTaleigao : Near Shell Top, Vodlem Bhat, Near Esmeralda Tower, Vodlem Bhat, Near Ideal School, Vodlem Bhat, Opp. Bank Of India, Vodlem Bhat, Bank Of India Lane, Vodlem Bhat, Opp. Shell Top, Vodlem Bhat
35 Hamara School,(Managed by Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust) Goa Branch,St.InezTaleigao : Near Shankar Temple, Shankar Wadi, Opp. Chowgule Service Centre, Shankar Wadi, Near Zuwarkar Building, Shankar Wadi
36 Office Of the Assistant Engineer-I,WD-III (PHE),PWD (Revenue Section),St.Inez,Panaji GoaTaleigao : Near Shankar Temple, Shankarwadi, Near Madkaikar Steel Yard, Chincholem, Near Maruti Temple, Borbhat Taleigao, Near Caf? Surya, Borbhat Taleigao, Near Lemon Tree School, Borbhat Taleigao, Martins Enclave, Borbhat Taleigao, Near Prawns Factory, Borbhat Taleigao
37 Govt. Primary School ,Vodlem Bhat,Taleigao-GoaVodlem Bhat,Taleigao : Cuncoliecar Lane, Vodlem Bhat, Behind Hello Kids School Lane, Vodlem Bhat, Behind Govt. Primary School, Vodlem Bhat, Adaranjali Building & Lane, Vodlem Bhat, Mandovi Mystic Lane, Vodlem Bhat, Dr. Kaisare Lane, Vodlem Bhat
38 Govt. Primary School ,Vodlem Bhat,Taleigao-GoaVodlem Bhat,Taleigao : Opp. Hello Kids School, Vodlem Bhat, Near Govt. Primary School, Vodlem Bhat, Opp. Siddhi Vinayak Society, Vodlem Bhat, Siddhi Vinayak Society, Vodlem Bhat, Opp. Chaudary Grills Lane, Vodlem Bhat, Near Kamleshwar Temple, Vodlem Bhat
39 Govt. Primary School ,Kamrabhat, St.Inez,Tonca- GoaKamrabhat, St.Inez,Tonca : Near Dukle Heaven, Tamdi Mati, Near Vintage Hospital, St.Inez
40 Govt.Primary School ,Kamrabhat, St.Inez,Tonca-GoaKamrabhat, St.Inez,Tonca : Kamara Bhat, Near Dulapkar Store, Peter Bhat
41 O/o the Assistant Engineer-III, WD-III (PHE), PWD, Tonca, Caranzalem - Goa.Tonca-Caranzalem : Camra Bhat, Khazan Bhat, Tonca - Caranzalem

Last Updated on February 17, 2014