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Polling Booth in Sanguem Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Sanguem

Sanguem Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sanguem Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Sanguem Assembly Constituency falls under the Sanguem Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt.Primary School MugoliMugoli, Uguem : Near Nayaki Devi Temple, Mogoli, Near Damodar Temple, Makadkhairem, Near Shri Kalnath Devasthan Mava Purish Devasthan, Marangan, Near Purish Devasthan, Falnem
2 Govt.Primary School, PajimolPajimol,Uguem : Near Ganapati Temple, Uguem, Near Shri Hemad Dev Prassan, Deulamol, Near Timblo Farm, Chudiye, Idol Of Mahadevi Devasthan, Uddamoddi, Near Our Lady Of Piety Chappel, Pedamal, Overseas Electors, -
3 Govt.Primary school PajimolPajimol ,Uguem : Near Govt. Primary School, Saudimol, Near Salaulim Dam, Damal, Near S.I.P. Colony, Pajimol South
4 Village Panchayat Office Hall UguemUguem : Near Cross, Cormonem, Near Cross, Funttemoll, Near Panchayat Market Complex, Navovaddo, Meharfarm, -
5 Govt.Primary school UguemUguem : Near R. R. Paiguinkar Mines, Chireband, Near Timblo Mines, Chereband, Near Govt. Primary School, Pansamol, Near Ohosla Farm, Bombod, Near Cross, Bodemola, Near Bus Stop, Dessaiwada, Near Bus Stop, Valkini Col No.1
6 Govt. Primary School, CortaliCotarli, Uguem : Near Water Canal, Sadiyabag, Near Shri Paik Dev, Vishnubag, Near Shri Paik Dev Temple, Temchowada, Near Water Canal, Mattimol, Near Religious Dhala Mand, Addem, Near Shri Purish Devasthan Of Kanny Paik Dev, Velipwada, Near Shri Purish Devasthan Shri Sateri Devasthan, Madhalawada, Near Bus Stand, Dabamol-Cotarli, Near Cross, Kasamshel, Near Shri Ganesh Temple, Xelpem Colony
7 Govt. Primary School, CortaliCotarli, Uguem : Near Spring, Zariwada, Near Chapel, Chincha, Near Civil Court, Kharkataghati, Near Bus Stand, Pangal
8 Govt. Primary School DandoDando, Sanguem : Near Civil Supply Godown, Dando (North), Near Govt. Primary School, Tarimol-Chikalmolo, Near Govt. Primary School Tarimol, Tarimol-Chikalmala, Overseas Electors, -
9 Govt.Primary School, TaripantoTaripanto ,Sanguem : Near Saraswati Temple, Vakarwada, Near Govt. Primary School, Taripanto, Near Govt. Primary School, Nondurlem, Near Cashew Factory, Kuinamol, Near Jalmi Temple, Ambdoi
10 Govt. Hr. Secondary School, Khairekhatem Khairekhatem,Sanguem : Near Cross, Bamonsai
11 Govt. Hr. Secondary School, Khairekhatem Khairekhatem,Sanguem : Near Opp. S.I.P Colony, Pajimol (N), Near Cross, Pangulna, Opp To Tropical Fibre Ind., Borchimol, Near Govt. Higher Sec. School, Khairikattem, Overseas Electors, -
12 Govt. Primary School OrcottoOrcotto, Sanguem : Near Holy Cross Chapel, Vorcatto, Near Govt. Primary School, Kholaburatwado, Near Govt. Primary School, Piraraj, Near Masjid, Kelkarbag, Near Cross, Dando (South)
13 Govt.Taluka Library Hall Pattem, SanguemPattem,Sanguem : Near Govt. Primary School, Patem (South), Near St. Anthony Cross, Cotto, Near Holly Cross, Boilapar
14 Govt. Primary School Pattem Pattem, Sanguem : Near Datta Mandir, Dattawadi (East), Near Radha Temple, Bazarwada (South), Near Union High School, Oilowado, Near Our Lady Of Miracle Church, Tinto-Patem (North), Near Paikaman, Bazarwado (North), Near Saibaba Temple, Khutiwada, Near Vithal Mandir, Vithalwadi, Near Bridge, Zampar, Near Zeneo Temple, Cottapar, Near Saibaba Temple, Dattawadi
15 Govt. Primary School Pattem Pattem, Sanguem : Near Masjid, Muslimwada, Near Khandipursh Temple, Bendwada
16 Govt. Primary School, ValkiniValkini Col.No.3,Bhati : Near Govt. Primary School, Valkini Col. No.2, Near Church, Gawaliwada, Near Govt. Primary School, Valkini Col. No.3, Near Govt. Primary School, Valkinimalo, Near Govt. Primary School Cangore, Tudov-Matwada, Near Govt. Primary School, Dhargini
17 Govt. Primary School Congarem BhatiCongarem Bhati : Near Govt. Primary School, Congarem, Near Govt. Primary School Cangore, Barazan, Near Govt. Primary School Cangore, Talauli, Near Govt. Primary School, Potrem-Surayagal
18 Govt. Primary School BhatiBhati : Near Govt. Primary School, Bhati, Near Village Panchayat, Bhati-Tisk, Near Govt. Primary School, Dhapodem
19 Govt. Primary School VillienaVilliena, Bhati : Near Laxmi Temple, Shetod, Near Laxmi Temple, Navarwada, Near Govt. Primary School, Villiena, Near Govt. Primary School, Kumari, Near Govt. Primary School Naigunim Valsem, Dongor, Near Nagnath Temple, Naiguinim-Valshem, Near Church, Maid-Bombdimola-Shigonem
20 Govt. Primary School MolcoponaMolcopona, Molcornem : Near Temple, Undorna, Near Govt. Primary School, Molcopona
21 Govt. High School Molcornem Gaonkarwada, Molcornem : Near Govt. Primary School, Novowada, Near Chapel, Razambo
22 Govt.High School Molcornem Gaonkarwada, Molcornem : Near Football Ground, Gaonkarwada, Near Chapel, Adem
23 Govt. Primary School MolcornemGaonkarwada, Molcornem : Near Govt. Primary School, Nagvem, Near Temple, Zanodem, Near Govt. Primary School, Sirdon, Near Kerosene Dealer, Bhindem, Near Canal, Careamol
24 Govt. Primary School ZambaulimZambaulim, Rivona : Near Damodar Temple, Zambaulim, Near Fatima Church, Fatimawado, Near Damodar Devsthan, Devaswada
25 Govt. Primary School SudhirwadaSudhirwada, Rivona : Near Govt. Primary School, Gaygini, Near Bazar, Near Sudhirwada (Bazar), Near Kamleshvar Temple, Pataiwada, Near Rivona Bridge, Bagwada-Mattisodo, Near Pandwa Caves, Shiddem
26 Govt. Primary School, SudhirwadaSudhirwada, Rivona : Near Damodar Devasthan, Medem, Near Govt. Rural Health Centre, Sonarbhat, Near Govt. Primary School, Petepat, Near Taka Zar, Ghatiwada, Near Taka Zar, Chivanwada, Near Panchayat, Pattelewada, Near Mahalaxmi Temple, Deulwada, Near Maruti Temple, Mathwada, Near Pandwa Caves, Pandavsodo, Near Bridge, Addem, 1Near Bridge, Mirwal
27 Govt. Primary School KeriKeri ,Rivona : Near Satteri Temple, Kankemwado, Near Forest Gate, Gatav-Jitonem, Near Pravin Prabhudessai Farm, Cuncolai, Near Govt. Primary School, Keri, Near Govt. Primary School, Coupa, Near Ancha Farm, Mallemwada, Near Satteri Temple, Vishnugal
28 Govt. Primary School ShivsoremShivsorem, Rivona : Near Govt. Primary School, Shivsorem, Near Govt. Primary School, Cond, Near Vithoba Temple, Kaman
29 Govt Primary School, SancolpemSancolpem, Rivona : Near Forest Gate, Jitonem, Near Kali Zar, Kadarsai, Near Shantaadurga Temple, Deulsai, Near Kali Zar, Sacolpem, Near Kolambkar Farm, Chudem, Near Kolambkar Farm, Malwada, Near Mild Dairy, Kitamorod, Near Palanthikar Farm, Pedamal
30 Govt. Primary School KevonaKevona, Rivona : Near Govt. Primary School, Kevona, Near Fomento Office, Kandemol, Near Dakshina Temple, Dandole, Near Govt. Primary School, Maskavrem, Near Govt. Primary School, Muryem
31 Govt. Primary School VaddemVaddem Col.No.1 ,Curdi : Near Govt. Primary School, Vaddem Colony No.1 (Part)
32 Govt. Primary School VaddemVaddem Col.No.1, Curdi : Near Govt. Primary School, Vaddem Colony No.1 (Part), Vaddem Col. No.1, 20 Pt. Programme, Near Govt. Primary School, Dhapodem, Near Panchpurush Devasthan, Talsai
33 Govt. Primary School VaddemVaddem Col.No.2, Curdi : Near Govt. Primary School, Vaddem Colony No.2, Near Govt. Primary School, Old Vaddem, Near Bus Stand, Gavliwada, Near Mahalaxmi Temple, Vadem Colony No.3
34 Govt. Primary School SatarkarwadaSatarkarwada, Curdi : Near Govt. Primary School, Chimutwada, Near Madhavnath Temple, Devabhag, Near Madhavnath Temple, Metamola, Near Kurpeshwar Temple, Rajadhyaxwada, Near Immaculate Church, Pornowado, Near Church, Maddi, Near Govt. Primary School, Devnamol, Near Govt. Primary School, Sattarkarwada, Near Kurpeshwar Temple, Ponsulwado, Near Kurpeshwar Temple, Savrimol, 1Near Gafar Mine, Navelim
35 Govt. Primary School Cavorem Cavorem : Near Govt. High School, Kirlagal, Near Govt High School, Velipwada, Near Govt. High School, Deulwada, Near Govt. High School, Gaonkarwada
36 Govt. Primary School Cavorem Cavorem : Near Govt. High School, Dessaiwada, Near Govt. High School, Upatwada, Near Govt Primary School, Maina
37 Govt. Primary School PirlaCavorem, Pirla : Near V P Cavarem, Pirla, Near Don Bosco Rehabilitation Centre, Sulcorna, Cazugotav, -
38 Govt. Primary School, CazurCavorem, Cazur : Near Govt. Primary School, Mangal, Near Govt. Primary School, Cazur, Near Govt. Primary School, Corla-Corlamaddi
39 Govt. Primary School VichundremVichundrem, Netorlim : Near Korde Farm, Gaurupem, Near Pre Primary School, Velipwada, Near Govt. Primary School Vichudrem, Kavathem, Near Chandreshwar Temple, Maddyawada, Near Police Station, Polan Wada, Near Chandreshwar Temple, Bholwada, Near Chandreshwar Temple, Kaspat, Near Govt. Primary School, Devrem, Near Korde Farm, Patolem, Near Korde Farm, Vagremol
40 Govt.Primary School NundemNundem, Netrolim : Near Govt. Primary School, Nundem, Near Jalmi Temple, Vailowada, Near Mahamaya Temple, Jaquem, Near Dudh Society, Manem, Near Ganapati Temple, Rumadem, Near Govt . Primary School, Patwada, Near Old Forest Colony, Maddi, Near Church, Gawaliwada
41 Govt.Primary School MargawadaMargawada, Netorlim : Near Forest Check Post, Dabal, Near Bandanpurush Temple, Zambukhadap, Near Small Temple, Ontewada, Near Govt . Primary School, Sanvor, Near Village Panchayat, Netravali, Margawada, Near Bus Stand, Chaudi, Near Bus Stand, Kasabwada, Near Durga Temple, Varganwada, Near Betal Temple, Bandwada, Near Nadkarni Farm, Kankemwada, 1Near Prabhudessai Farm, Bombdiwada, 1 Near Dessai Farm, Jamgal
42 Govt.Primary School VerlemVerlem, Netorlim : Near Govt. Primary School, Verlem, Near Govt Primary School, Pedalwada, Near Govt. Primary School, Tudav
43 Govt.Primary School SalginiSalgini, Netorlim : Near Govt. Primary School, Salgini

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