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Polling Booth in Pernem Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Pernem

Pernem Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pernem Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Pernem Assembly Constituency falls under the Pernem Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. Primary School, Manshiwada, CorgaoManshiwada Corgao : Near Bandeshwar Temple, Manshiwada, Near Chapel, Manshiwada, Near G.P.S., Mainwada, Near Rastroli Devasthan, Manshiwada, Near St. Xavier Chapel, Tumwada
2 Govt. Primary School , Konadi, CorgaoKonadi Corgao : Near Dadeshwar Temple, Konadi
3 Govt. Primary School, Deusu, CorgaoDeusu Corgao : Near Deusu Junction, Deusuwada, Near G.P.S. Deusu, Deusuwada, Virangali, Deusuwada, Near Gangale Devasthan, Deusu Wada, Murdiwada, Deusu
4 Govt. Primary School, Deulwada, CorgaoDeulwada Corgao : Near Gawde Vas Temple, Bhalkhajan, Near Bhumika Temple, Deulwada, Near Mahalaxmi Temple, Gawdewada, Near Kamaleshwar High School, Deulwada
5 Govt. Primary School, Deulwada, CorgaoDeulwada Corgao : Near Kamaleshwar Temple, Deulwada, Near Saibaba Temple, Deulwada, Near Kalbhairav Temple, Deulwada, Near Chapel, Khalachawada, Near Polewada, Corgao
6 Govt. Primary School, Bhatwadi, CorgaoBhatwadi Corgao : Near Gawde Vas Temple, Gawdewada, Near Brahman Devasthan, Bhatwadi, Near G.P.S. Bhatwadi, Bhatwadi, Near Rastroli Devasthan, Bhatwadi
7 Govt. Primary School, Bhaidwada, CorgaoBhaidwada Corgao : Near Govt.Primary School, Bhaidwada, Near Amalewada Chapel, Bhaidwada, Near Rastroli Devasthan, Gaonkarwada, Near Khapro Devasthan, Bhaidwada, Near Chapel, Kapelwada, Near Sacaleshwar Devasthan, Bhaidwada
8 Govt. Primary School, Pethechawada CorgaoPethechawada Corgao : Near Kamleshwar High School, Petechawada, Near Kashikalyani Devasthan, Petechawada, Near G.P.S., Petechawada, Near Rastroli Devasthan, Petechawada, Near Vanvsheshwar Devasthan, Petechawada
9 Govt. Primary School, Pethechawada CorgaoPethechawada Corgao : Near Shaleshwar Temple, Petechawada, Near Kulvansh Devasthan, Petechawada
10 Govt. Primary School, Parastem, PernemParastem Pernem : Near Kaloba Temple, Bedgewada, Near G.P.S, Paraste, Near Ganapati Temple, Bagayatwada
11 Govt. Primary School Bhironda, PernemBhironda Pernem : Near G.P.S, Bhironde, Near Datta Temple, Panshiwada, Near Mauli Temple, Sarmale, Near Rastroli Peda, New Colony, Near Gadevas Temple, Gadekar Bhatle, Near Rastroli Peda, Bhusnode
12 Hutatma Manohar Pednekar Govt. Primary School , Surbanwada, PernemSurbanwada Pernem : Near Nandi Theater, Surbanwada
13 Asst. District Education Inspector Conference Hall, PernemSurbanwada Pernem : Near Mahapurush Temple, Kotkarwada, Near Datta Mandir Math, Kotkarwada, Near Bazar Peth Bus Stand, Bhagwati Temple, Bazar Peth
14 Hutama Manohar Pednekar Govt.Primary School , Surbanwada, PernemSurbanwada Pernem : Near Mahadev Temple, Muslim Masjid, Mauswada, Near Sports Club, Mauswada, Near Ravalnath Temple Dewacha Mangar, Mauswada,, Near Civil Court Varpewada, Varpewada
15 Government Higher Secondary School, PernemNanerwada Pernem : Near Somnath Temple Zarikade, Nanerwada, Near Mahapurush Sawasthan, Bandolwada
16 Govt. Primary School, NaibagNaibag : Near Bramhan Ped, Kondalwada, Near Panchayat Hall, Naibag, Near Zadge Devasthan, Naibag, Near Chapel, Naibag
17 Government Primary & Middle School, PoroscademPoroscadem : Near Mauli Temple, Poroscadem, Near G.P.S., Porascadem, Near Village Panchayat Office, Porascadem, Near Mahatma Jyotibha Phule Nagar, Porascadem, Near Mauli Temple, Porascadem
18 Govt. Primary School, BhatpauniBhatpauni : Analem, Near Satarda N.H. Bridge, Analem, Near G.P.S., Bhatpauni, Near Mauli Devasthan, Casanem
19 Govt. Primary School, UguemUguem : Near Mauli Temple, Deulwada, Ugavem, Harijanwada, Ugavem, Tariwada, Ugavem, Bhatlewada
20 Govt. Primary School, UguemUguem : Ugavem, Mankari Wada, Near Dev Tali, Temwada, Near Mahadev Mandir, Temwada, Ugavem, Madhalawada, Ugavem, Chafewada
21 Govt. Primary School, TamboxemTamboxem : Near G.P.S., Tambosem, Near Dandeshwar Devasthan, Tambosem, Catholic Wada, Tambosem, Tambosem, Gawandi Wada, Tambosem, Asolkar Wada, Harijan Wada, Siddharth Nagar, Tambosem
22 Govt. Primary School , Parabwada, TorxemParabwada Torxem : Near Dattamandir, Torxem, Rajwelwada, Torxem, Near G.P.S. Health Centre, Torxem
23 Govt. Primary School , Parabwada, TorxemParabwada Torxem : Near Mauli Temple & Ravalnath Temple, Shetyewada Torxem, Near Village Panchayat, Torxem
24 Shahid Karnal Singh Banipal Government Primary School Patradevi TorxemPatradevi Torxem : Dhangarwada, Torxem, Sakaralwada, Torxem, Near Amat Hole, Torxem, Fakirfata, Torxem, Near Kumyacho-Vhal, Torxem, Langarbag, Torxem, Patradevi, Torxem, Gimchepani, Torxem
25 Govt. Primary & Middle School, Gauthanwada, MopaGauthanwada Mopa : Kadshi Mopa, Tamboxem, Near G.P.S.& Mauli Mandir, Gauthanwada Tamboxem, Samatapark, Harijanwada Tamboxem, Karuliwada Mopa, Tamboxem, Gauthanwada, Tamboxem
26 Government Primary & Middle School VarkhandVarchawada Varkhand : Kaddasare, Varkhand, Near G.P.S., Vithaladevi, Harijanwada, Varkhand, Kolye, Varkhand, Near Mauli Temple, Khalchawada
27 Government Primary & Middle School VarkhandVarchawada Varkhand : Madhalawada, Varkhand, Varchavada, Varkhand, Near G.P.S., Nanachepani
28 Government Primary & Middle School, NagzarNagzar : Near G.P.M.S., Nagazar, Near Vasdev Mandir, Nagazar, Near G.P.S., Tulaskarwadi, Harijan Wada, Tulaskarwadi, Kumyakade, Sarmalkar Wada, Tulaskarwadi, Near G.P.S., Shemecheadvan
29 Govt. Primary School, MalpemMalpem : Community Hall, P.M.C., Savalwada, Galiwada, Near Maruti Temple, Malpe, Near G.P.S., Amaiwada
30 Govt. Primary School, MalpemMalpem : Near G.P.S., Bhutwadi, Near G.P.S., Chivaiwada, Near Vikas High School, Valpem, Near Mahadev Temple, Valpem, Near Govt. College Pernem, Valpem
31 Govt. Primary School, Oxelbag, DhargalOxelbag Dhargal : Tiwada, Dhargal, Near Oxelbag Rastroli Temple, Oxelbag Dhargal
32 Govt. Primary School, Arabo, Dhargal Arabo Dhargal : Near G.P.S., Arabo, Near Maruti Temple, Shirgal Dhargal
33 Govt. Primary School, Dhareshwar, DhargalDhareshwar Dhargal : Manaswada, Dhargal, Chonwada, Dhargal, Gaonwada, Dhargal, Talewada, Dhargal
34 Govt. Primary School, Deulwada, DhargalDeulwada Dhargal : Near Ram Mandir, Mahakhajan Dhargal, Near Shantadurga Mandir, Deulwada Dhargal
35 Govt. Primary School Chinchulawada, DhargalChinchulawada Dhargal : Near G.P.S., Chinchula, Khalbhat, Dadachiwadi
36 Government Primary & Middle School, Dadachiwadi, DhargalDadachiwadi Dhargalim : Palyewada, Dadachiwadi, Kapaniwada, Dadachiwadi, Hanati Wada, Dadachiwadi, Padloskar Wada, Dadachiwadi, Junotawada, Dadachiwadi, Galiwada, Dadachiwadi
37 Govt. Primary School, Gothanwada OzariGothanwada Ozari : Kashimbhat, Ozorim, Gothanwado I, Ozarim, Gothanwada, Ozorim, Near Panchayat Office, Ozorim, Near Bandeshwar Devasthan, Sangaowada, Near Rashtroli Devasthan, Sangaowada
38 Government Primary School Madkaiwada OzorimMadkaiwada, Ozorim : Madkaiwada, Ozorim, Near Madkai Chapel, Ozorim, Near Mahadev Devasthan, Deulwada, Near Dadvas Devasthan, Deulwada, Bhendalwada, Ozorim
39 Govt. Primary And Middle School, CasarvarnemCasarvarnem : Purvawadi, Cansarvanem, Near P.H.C., Cansarvanem, Dhangarwada, Sada, Cansarvanem, Karmalwada, Cansarvanem, Bodgul, Cansarvanem
40 Govt. Primary And Middle School, CasarvarnemCasarvarnem : Near Sateri Mahadev Temple, Temwada, Bailpar, Cansarvanem, Deulwada, Cansarvanem, Near V.P.Health Centre, Parabwada
41 Govt. Primary School, Harijanwada ChandelHarijanwada Chandel : Near V. P. Chandel Hassapur, Chandel, Near Church, Chandel, Near Datye Stone Crusher, Chandel, Near Zarapkar Crusher, Chandel, Hali, Chandel, Near G.P.S., Chandel, Near Pump House, Kumbharwada, Near Rashtroli Devasthan, Kumbharwada, Tembwada, Chandel
42 Govt. Primary & Middle School, HassapurHassapur : Near G.P.S., Hassapur, Harijanwada, Hassapur, Temwada, Hassapur, Near Taluka Farmesrs Co-Op. Society, Hassapur, Near Sateri Temple, Hassapur, Christianwada, Hassapur, Pimplewada, Hassapur, Dhangarwada, Hassapur
43 Govt. Primary & Middle School, AlornaAlorna : Near Bhumika Temple, Alorna, Boralwada, Alorna, Near Fort, Alorna, Sawantwada, Alorna
44 Govt. Primary & Middle School, TalarnaTalarna : Near Tormas Church, Tormas, Near Ravalnath Temple, Talarna, Near Rashtroli Devasthan, Madhalawada, Pahilawada, Talarna
45 Govt. Primary & Middle School, TalarnaTalarna : Harijanwada, Talarna, Kasartale, Talarna, Near Brahmani Temple, Khutwal
46 Govt. Primary School, HankhaneHankhane : Near Govt. Primary School, Hankhane, Near Bharadi Devi Temple, Hankhane, Temwada, Hankhane, Dhangarwada, Hankhane, Dhangarwada-, Hankhane, New Wada, Hankhane, Harijanwada, Hankhane
47 Govt. Primary School, IbrampurIbrampur : Gawaswada, Ibrampur, Deulwada, Ibrampur, Opp. Health Centre, Ibrampur, Baltem, Ibrampur
48 Govt. Primary School, IbrampurIbrampur : Near G. P. School, Ibrampur, Tembwada, Tamalwada Ibrampur, Harijanwada, Ibrampur, Heduswada, Ibrampur, Angodwada, Ibrampur

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