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Polling Booth in Aldona Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Aldona

Aldona Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Aldona Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Aldona Assembly Constituency falls under the Aldona Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Govt. Primary School KamarkhajanKamarkhazan Mapusa : Munjeshwar Temple, Peddem, Near Bhavas Chapel, Kamarkhajan, Near Peddem Ground, Peddem, Rukmini Plaza, Peddem
2 Govt. Primary School, Kamarkhazan Kamarkhazan Mapusa : Acoi Vaddo, Kamarkhajan
3 Sport Complex New Building, Peddem, Mapusa, Peddem, Mapusa. : Rastroli Satigan, Peddem, Rukhmini Plaza, Peddem, Shetyewado, Peddem
4 Sport Complex New Building, Peddem, Mapusa, Peddem, Mapusa. : Shetyewado, Peddem
5 Industrial training institute instructors room, Peddem, Mapusa, ( east wings)Peddem, Mapusa. : Near I.T.I, Shetyewado
6 Industrial training institute instructors room Peddem, Mapusa, ( West wings)Peddem, Mapusa. : Near I.T.I, Shetyewado, Near S.F.X. School, Shetye Wado, Peddem, Shetye Wado, Peddem, Ambre Colony, Shetye Vaddo, Peddem
7 Govt. Technical High school,MoiraMoira : Near Sateri Temple, Povocaowada, Calizorwada, Moira
8 Govt. Technical High school, MoiraMoira : Near Bank Of Baroda, Moira, Near Moira Bridge, Attafondem, Near Bhange General Stores, Attafondem, Near V.P. Moira, Attafndem, Sataporia, Moira, Near Govt. Primary School, Calizarawada
9 St. Xaviers High School, Moira Moira : Nova Portugal, Moira, Zaraf Cosmetic Factory, Povocawada, Near Goa State Co-Op Bank, Moira, Near Chari Flourmill, Povacaowada, Caturlim Wada, Moira, Near Sebastiao Chapel, Povocawada
10 St.Xavier High School,Moira Moira : Near Dominican Fathers, Pirazona Wado, Near Bous Chapel, Pirazone, Raint Wado, Moira, Near Ravalnath Temlple, Tambadi Mati ,Pirazona, Alto Pirazona, Pirazona Waddo, Near J.M.J Formation House,, Pirazona
11 Moira Club, MoiraMoira : Bambordem Wado, Moira, Alto Bambordem, Moira, Near Ram Temple, Bambordem Wado, Teen Manas, Bambordem Wado, Near Moira Club, Sataporia
12 Govt Primary School , Bharvanwado Bharwanwado,Nachinola. : Near Dhond Shop, Joidar Wadda, Near Hill Top Bar, Joidar Wadda, Near Tilve Shop, Joidar Wadda, Opp. Rawal Ghadi Temple, Joidar Wadda, Near Bus Stop, Joidar Wadda, Near Toyar Shop, Joidar Wadda, Khamprebhat, Joidar Wadda
13 Govt Primary School,Bharwanwado Bharwanwado,Nachinola. : Near Bom Jesus Church, Bharvani Wadda, Near Water Tank, Bharvani Wadda, Near D Costa House, Bharvani Wadda, Behind V.P. Nachinola, Bharvani Wadda, Near Lucky Star Bar, Bharvani Wadda, Near Flour Mill, Joidar Wadda
14 V.P. Office,NachinolaNachinola : Near Ganesh Temple, Joidar Wadda, Near Village Panchayat Nchinola, Nachinola, Vaiginwaddo, Nachinola, Near Gawas Shop, Vaiginwaddo, Opp. Bank Of India, Nachinola, Near Holy Cross Chapel, Vaiginwada
15 Govt. Primary School, Boa Vista Boa Vista : Near St. Cruz Chapel, Telia Vaddo, Near St. Cruz Chapel, St. Cruz Vaddo, Near Ice Factory, Boa Vista Vaddo, Near St. Anthony Chapel, St. Cruz Vaddo, Near St. Roque Chapel, Boa Vista Vaddo, Near Gadgado Vol, Boa Vista Vaddo
16 Govt. Primary School Boa Vista,Boa Vista : Near Football Ground, Boa Vista Vaddo, Near Water Tank, Chandan Vadi, Near 20 Point Programme, Boa Vista Vaddo
17 Village Panchayat Office, BastoraBastora : St. Cajetan Church, Balbot, Bhirmottem Vaddo, Bastora, Near St. Xavier Chapel, Bhirmottem Vaddo, Near Milagres Colony, Bhirmottem Vaddo, Boa Vista Vaddo, Boa Vista
18 Office of the Talathi of Bastora Village Panchayat, BastoraBastora : Near Govt. Primary School, Xell Wado, Near Siddeshwar Temple, Xell Waddo, Menezes Waddo, Satpurush Devasthan, Nr.Tar Bridge, Bastora, Sakhal Vaddo Near Antonio Lobo House, Bastora
19 Comunidade , UcassaimUcassaim : Near Ucassaim Church, Ucassaim, Tollemwado, Ucassaim, Bella Floor & Bhorvon Waddo, Ucassaim, Near Play Ground, Punola,Ucassaim, Near V.P. Punola, Punola Ucassaim, Near Union Bank, Punola
20 Govt. Primary School, KuttawadaKuttawada,Uccassaim : Near G.P.S., Ucassaim, 20 Point Programme, Ucassaim, Near St. Anthony Chapel, Ucassaim, Pello Waddo, Ucassaim, Overseas Electors, -
21 Govt. Primary School, PaliemPaliem Uccassaim : Gandhyar, Paliem, Near G.P.S. Saibaba Saw Mill, Paliem, Near Trick Soda Factory, Paliem, Near Sateri Temple, Paliem, S.F.X. Institute, Paliem
22 Village Panchayat , UcassaiemUcassaiem : Near Panch Pandav Temple, Paliem, 20 Point Programme, Paliem, Mendonca Waddo, Paliem
23 Vidhya Prabhoddhini School, PomburpaPomburpa : Olaulim, Pomburpa, Olaulim 20 Point Programe, Pomburpa
24 St Elizabeth High School, PomburpaPomburpa : Palmar, Pomburpa
25 Vidhya Prabhoddhini School, PomburpaPomburpa : Arao, Pomburpa, Vollwado, Pomburpa, Silva Wado, Pomburpa, Ubrachi Aradi, Pomburpa, St. Sebastian Wado, Pomburpa
26 St Elizabeth High School, PomburpaPomburpa : Near Ram Mandir, Pomburpa, Golna Waddo, Pomburpa
27 Govt. Primary School, EcoximEcoxim : Velothim Waddo, Ecoxim, Halan Waddo, Ecoxim, Chodan Waddo, Ecoxim
28 Govt. Primary School, EcoximEcoxim : Bhatan Waddo, Ecoxim, Hanumant Waddo, Ecoxim, Tarbandar Waddo, Ecoxim
29 Auxillium School, AldonaAldona : Grand Carona, Aldona, Khursa Waddo, Aldona, Kamati Waddo, Aldona, Deverem, Aldona, Lima Waddo, Aldona, Carvalho Waddo, Aldona
30 Auxillium School,Aldona Aldona : Pequen Carona, Aldona, Muddo Waddo, Aldona, Carona Panth, Aldona, Carona Lankdem, Aldona
31 V.P. Office AldonaAldona : Coima Vaddo, Aldona, Udoim Near Convent, Aldona, Bazar Area, Aldona
32 Govt. Primary School, CotarbhatCotarbhat ,Aldona : Sainagar, Aldona, Satarshet, Aldona, Khoirut, Aldona
33 Govt. Primary School, CotarbhatCotarbhat ,Aldona : Naika Waddo, Aldona, Castle Waddo, Aldona, Soddo, Near Residence Of Francis Pinto, Aldona, Soddo, Near Residence Of Francis Faria, Aldona
34 St.Thomas Boys SchoolAldona : Cottar Bhat, Aldona, Maina Waddo, Aldona, Panarim, Aldona
35 Govt. Primary School, QuitlaQuitla,Aldona : Lozar, Aldona, Pereira Waddo, Aldona, Near Chapel Ranoi, Aldona, D Sa Waddo, Aldona, Near Tulas, Aldona, Dauza Vaddo, Aldona, Quitala, Aldona
36 Govt. Primary School, QuitlaQuitla,Aldona : Ranoi, Aldona, Gonkoi, Aldona, Udoim, Aldona, Coima Waddo, Aldona
37 Govt. Primary School, PodwalPodwal Aldona : Attalwada, Corjuvem
38 Govt. Primary School, PodwalPodwal Aldona : Podwal, Corjuvem, Collomb, Corjuvem
39 Govt. Primary School , CorjuemCorjuem : Segundo Vaddo, Aldona, Baga, Aldona, Premeiro Vaddo, Aldona, Naikhazan, Aldona, Goljuem, Aldona
40 Govt. Primary School , CorjuemCorjuem : Cuxem, Aldona, Padwal, Aldona, Khursachi Muddi, Aldona, Barazan, Aldona
41 St.Domnic Savio Sports Club, CalvimCalvim,Aldona : Calvim, Ponolem, Punolem, Ponolem

Last Updated on February 17, 2014