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Will Karnataka Elections be Influenced by the Gujarat Verdict?

January 16, 2018

Karnataka Election and Gujarat verdict

Political strategists have always equated Karnataka to a gateway to the southern politics. And if the state Assembly is any indication, BJP was never seen much on the political map of Karnataka. However, the party did rule the state during 2008-13, but that is all there regarding its rule in the state. On the other hand, Congress has been elected numerous times and has ruled the state for decades and is also the party in power presently.

Election Win Changed the Plot – Turned Out to be a Great Boost for Saffron Party

The saffron party could never make inroads into Karnataka and had not been even considered a prominent candidate for the polls. But that was until its steady rise to become the giant political party of the country.

The recent twin win registered by the saffron party in Gujarat election and Himachal Pradesh election has lifted up the party’s popularity and undoubtedly given it an edge, that it is now considered a great political force to be reckoned with. The success not only boosted BJP’s fame but also increased its state count to make it become the most powerful party in the country, having most of the states under its rule.

Having formed government in the majority of the country, it sure has given BJP a level of confidence that it has set out to campaign the election polls fiercely even in the state that has been ruled by Congress predominantly.

Case of ‘Victory in Disguise’ for Congress?

Although the Congress did not win election last year, it was definitely a moral win for the party. Leadership under Rahul Gandhi did not turn out to be so inadequate as it has always been made out to be. Under his presidency, the party came close second in the elections and made the BJP to drop down to the 99 seat mark in the home state of PM Narendra Modi, which is a triumph in itself.

Talking about the Karnataka state, Siddaramaiah’s popularity is at its peak. The CM has started early to prepare for Karnataka election and is already targeting the socially and economically backward classes to sway the vote in party’s favour. His populist schemes of donating laptops to SC and ST candidates, plus a promise of increase in the quota share, have already boosted his popularity as a Congress CM. He also stated in a press interview that the Gujarat election will not be able to impact the election in Karnataka, citing that the issues the two states deal with, lack similarity.

While both parties are showing confidence in winning the seats, the outcome will be decided at the time of results. One party has the advantage of being in the power for a long time and the other has the reputation of ruling the majority of states in India and being a giant political force.


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