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Why BJP won the MCD Elections

By Gyaneshwar Dayal

April 26, 2017

The results of the Delhi MCD are finally out and as expected the BJP has swept the polls. The Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress has been decimated in the MCD elections and it is almost like a repeat of Maharashtra performance of the BJP where it swept most of the municipalities. It has been a clean sweep in Delhi as well and the BJP will be ruling the three wings of the MCD for yet another term.

The BJP was declared a clear winner and all three Mayors would be from the BJP. It has won 181 wards while AAP has 48 and the congress only 30. The BSP has won two wards in East Delhi and one in North Delhi. The INLD bagged one seat in south, SP one in south. Six wards went to Independent candidates in the north and south corporations.

In the North Delhi, the BJP won 64 seats, AAP 21 and Congress 15. While in the south MCD, the BJP won 70, AAP 16 and Congress bagged 12. In the east Delhi BJP won 47 AAP 11 and three seats went to the Congress. A total of 54% votes were polled for 270 wards. The election in two wards have been postponed due to the death of candidates.

This is as per the predictions made by the two exit polls and several opinion polls including the internal party surveys of the political parties. Indeed it has been a big blow to the Aam Aadmi Party which had swept the Delhi Assembly elections just a couple of years back. It is being seen as a referendum on the work of Arvind Kejriwal rather than the BJP governed MCD.

The political analysts are busy analyzing the results as they have to figure out how a party which had ten years of anti incumbency and plethora of corruption charges convinced the voters to vote for it yet again.

Modi’s charisma and weak opposition help BJP win

Interestingly people rejected the Arvind Kejriwal’s offer to do away with the property tax and negated his freebees. The credit for the win perhaps should go to the charisma of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the micro management of BJP president Amit Shah. The people were indeed fed up with the confrontation of centre and state and found that the development suffered if the two different parties were ruling the two wings of the government and so they decided to vote for the party that is at the centre and all powerful at the moment.

The opposition parties had a big opportunity as the BJP had not delivered on development in Delhi and the three MCDs are in a mess. All they had to do was to tell the voters about the mismanagement of MCD by the BJP councilors but they failed miserably to capitalize on the follies of the BJP. They not communicate with the electorate about the mismanagement and wrongdoings of the BJP in MCD and so people thought it right to vote for the BJP yet again.

Secondly Amit Shah’s decision to not give tickets to sitting councilor also worked for it as people had new faces to look forward to and vote for.

The third big reason for the BJP win can be attributed to a weak opposition. The Congress the largest opposition party in the outgoing house had almost given up even before the election process started while the BJP workers were upbeat and energized due to their historic win in the Uttar Pradesh.

Many of the BJP workers in Delhi are die hard RSS cadre who are enthused about implementing the Hindu agenda all over the country. The Aam Aadmi Party worker on the other hand was disappointed after two successive failures in Punjab and Goa and was also disheartened as AAP leaders were also not coordinating with it well. As the last straw the AAP candidate lost deposit in Rajouri Garden assembly by poll signaling the mood and the people and further demoralizing the AAP cadre. Politics is art of making impossible possible and that is perhaps what the BJP has done and taken revenge of its defeat in Assembly elections!

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