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Who will Win Delhi Elections 2013 – Congress, BJP or AAP?

December 6, 2013

Leave all ironies on one side and this one on another. High voter turnout in Delhi assembly elections has turned out to be a cause of concern for the ruling Congress and opposition BJP. They are spooked by the fact this sudden upsurge in young voters is triggered by the idealism-heavy campaigning of the Aam Admi Party. It won’t be wise to speculate on the poll results and claim victory for a single party because the prima facie study indicates that the Delhiites had a tough time choosing from the three political entities.

It wasn’t an easy task for the people of Delhi to take a definitive decision. They are awed by the openness and unconventional approach of the AAP. BJP’s aggressive campaigning, led by Narendra Modi, seemed quite convincing to them. The ruling Congress has scored quite a lot of brownie points in terms of development. The drawbacks of the three parties are equally true.

Apprehension is the common string that binds both Congress and BJP together. BJP is worried about the fact that the lion’s share of the ‘anti-incumbency’ vote might go to AAP. Now that could be the end of the road for state BJP. The party itself must share the blame if it doesn’t emerge as the favorite. Leadership deficit, infighting in the party and half-hearted poll campaign are collectively going against BJP’s prospects of toppling the other two contenders – Congress and AAP.

The party, however, is not convinced that the unusually high voter turnout was only to boost support or AAP. On the contrary, BJP leaders prefer to view this as a “vote for change.” According to a senior leader of the party, “Voters are no longer casting uncertain votes.”This is perhaps a subtle way of saying that the party is very much in the race. Few days prior to the elections, a state BJP leader had admitted that the rise of AAP has created a difficult hurdle in its way to victory. AAP has foiled the party’s plan to be the only beneficiary of the anti-incumbency wave across Delhi.

While BJP is keen on putting their faith on the discretion of Delhiites, the same is not true for Congress. Even after winning consecutive three terms, the party doesn’t look confident this time. With Kejriwal’s party coming into the picture and capturing the imagination of the youth with their anti-corruption chorus, the ruling party is genuinely apprehensive. For the first time in more than a decade that the party feels challenged. The uncertainty was clearly evident in Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s comment when she retorted to a question saying she could not predict the outcome.

Congress now pin hopes on Muslim votes, support from slum dwellers, and the residents of unauthorized colonies.

Panic has already made its presence felt in the BJP camp and that was visible in the U-turn it took on its earlier decision.  Not even a week after Mr. Advani rejected any possibility of forming coalition in Delhi, the state BJP chief said that the party is always open to forming alliance with ‘like-minded party’. However, AAP remains firm in its ‘no alliance’ policy – be it Congress or BJP. The game is interestingly poised.

Delhiites are eagerly waiting for December 8 as the day has the potential to bring in the change that they are rooting for.

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