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Who will be the next Chief Minister of Delhi?

November 16, 2013

Who will be the Next Chief Minister of Delhi?

The Delhi battleground is set for the big political drama that the whole country is to witness on December 4—the political parties have announced their lists of candidates along with who their respective Chief Ministerial candidates will be, extensive meetings are being held within party high commands to finalize the last leg of the election manifestos and elaborate arrangements are underway to decide on campaigns and rallies to be addressed by party star campaigners. The echoing thought in and through all of this is: who will be the next Chief Minister of Delhi?

Why the upcoming Delhi polls are historic

Clearly as the political space has shaped up, the upcoming Delhi elections have presented a number of firsts, which are historic in very many ways. Firstly, the Delhi political scene which for so many decades experienced a status quo in so far as the key political players in the state are concerned, has a prominent new entrant in the battle for power. Besides the Congress and the BJP, which for so long were the main contenders, there is the spiraling rise of the Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party, which has found instant connect with the people. Therefore, along with the Congress’s Sheila Dikshit and BJP’s Harshvardhan, a distinct buzz of AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal is being heard in each corner of the state. Secondly, another first in the state is the appalling condition that the Congress governance has brought to the lives of Delhiites. The fifteen-year jinx of the Sheila Dikshit government in the state has made the lives of the common man in Delhi miserable, to say the least. In the catalogue that comprises blatant corruption of the Congress ministry, increased power tariffs, almost nil security for women in the state’s public space, crisis in water supply in the state along with heightened water tax, the climax has been reached with the rocketing market prices that have been burning the pockets of consumers for quite some time ago. After all, thanks to the Congress government, onions to be purchased at rupees 70 per kg and potato supply being sparse in the markets, are in themselves, nightmare sagas to most of us, isn’t it?

What the numbers are revealing

The number games of the opinion polls have not been very optimistic indicators either. In the recent Delhi pre-poll survey conducted by CNN-IBN and CSDS Delhi, in collaboration with The Week, the predictions indicate that the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections will result in a hung house, as no party will win a clear majority. The AAP will prove to be a major threat for both the Congress and the BJP as it is projected to bag between 19-25 seats, getting 28 % votes. The Congress, on the other hand will win between 19-25 seats, getting 27% votes. The BJP will win more seats than the Congress, getting 22-28 seats equivalent to 29% of votes. But no party can form a clear majority, say the numbers. Though Sheila Dikshit has continued as Chief Minister of Delhi for three full terms, she is favored as CM only by 16% of the respondents. The most favored is Arvind Kejriwal, the AAP President and CM candidate, with 25% people supporting him. BJP CM candidate Harsh Vardhan performed dismally, with only 2% support. 28% of the respondents did not favor any of these candidates as Chief Minister of Delhi.

The crises of the political parties

Not surprisingly, a strong anti-incumbency wave has hit the Sheila Dikshit rule. On the other hand, the whole Chief Ministerial candidature episode has brought out in the open, the dirty internal strife of the Delhi unit of the BJP, between the unit President Vijay Goel and the finalized candidate for the post of CM, Harshvardhan. In another power dynamics, Arvind Kejriwal and his party are facing the brunt of repeated court notices and orders for receiving possible funds for campaigning from sources outside the country, a habit not legal within the Election Commission of India’s scheme of codes and conduct.

The way out?

In the midst of such stagnant political circumstances, what is the way out? If people’s reactions and affections are to vouch for, then Arvind Kejriwal has well drawn the attention of the citizens of Delhi. Much as the BJP and the Congress would like to believe, and keep asserting that Kejriwal is an insignificant factor so far as the war for power is concerned, this social activist and politician has proved his mettle in a number of ways already. From rickshaw pullers to college students contributing funds towards the party’s campaigns, brand Kejriwal is being looked up upon for bringing in a refreshing corruption-free change in the political scenario in the state. Along with this of course, is the whole political drama of the Kejriwal league to reach each doorstep of Delhi and talk to the residents about the problems they are facing, which will then be included in the party manifesto. Although whether this is at all viable as a solution is debated, it has proved a massive boost to the new entrants, who can seriously prove fatal to the Congress and BJP prospects. The BJP’s position in the state is dicey, to begin with. Though the NaMo buzz has kept the nation spellbound, the Delhi BJP does not possibly have much to look forward to. Its internal conflicts have ripped apart the Delhi unit, and in spite of series of rallies addressed by star campaigners, people have learnt by heart that the prospects of a good administration from the BJP are bleak. And much as Sheila Dikshit tries to portray her self-sacrificing image to the Delhiites, the Congress across the country and Delhi in specific, have a lot to answer for, in so far as excelling in making the poor strive to death.

With these few considerations in mind, it suffices to say that the upcoming Delhi polls will be historic, in so far as the electorate intelligently chooses its Chief Minister who will possibly bring some relief to the everyday lives of the voters. Delhi has been in a crisis so far as the common man’s life is concerned, and only a fitting Chief Minister can end the status quo.

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