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Top 10 richest candidates of the Congress in the 2018 Karnataka Elections

May 9, 2018

Top 10 richest candidates of congress in Karnataka elections

The anticipated Karnataka Assembly Elections are going to be held on May 12 and results will be declared on May 15. The contesting candidates have submitted their affidavits and filed the nominations. As per surveys, there are a total of 2,654 candidates contesting in the Karnataka polls, out of which nearly 883 candidates are crorepatis and 645 have criminal cases levelled against them. The riches of the sitting MLAs and contesting candidates have always been a point of discussion during the elections. After researching, it was found that out of the top ten richest candidates in the fray, five are from the ruling Congress. The party has been influential in the state in past five years.

Below are listed some of the richest candidates contesting in the Karnataka polls-

S.No Name Constituency Total Assets Liabilities
1 Priyakrishna GOVINDARAJANAGAR Rs 10,20,53,87,250
(1020 Crore+)
Rs 8,02,74,82,214
(802 Crore+)
2 N Nagaraju (M.T.B) HOSAKOTE Rs 10,15,80,29,352
(1015 Crore+)
Rs 27,95,31,565
(27 Crore+)
3 D K Shivakumar KANAKAPURA Rs 8,40,01,67,045
(840 Crore+)
Rs 2,28,27,02,677
(228 Crore+)
4 R.V.Devraj CHICKPET Rs 6,81,43,61,407
(681 Crore+)
Rs 23,01,82,866
(23 Crore+)
5 Suresh B S HEBBAL Rs 4,16,79,70,876
(416 Crore+)
Rs 41,69,25,397
(41 Crore+)
6 M. Krishnappa VIJAYANAGARA Rs 2,36,17,92,635
(236 Crore+)
Rs 66,45,59,508
(66 Crore+)
7 Deshpande Raghunath Vishwanath HALIYAL Rs 2,15,15,93,731
(215 Crore+)
Rs 15,77,53,393
(15 Crore+)
8 Ashok Kheny BIDAR SOUTH Rs 1,90,28,73,438
(190 Crore+)
Rs 54,19,05,552
(54 Crore+)
9 N A Haris SHANTINAGAR Rs 1,90,24,86,142
(190 Crore+)
Rs 9,20,89,951
(9 Crore+)
10 Santosh Shivaji Lad KALAGHATGI Rs 1,88,84,76,200
(188 Crore+)
Rs 18,00,15,003
(18 Crore+)


Priya Krishna, the richest legislator, is also the youngest sitting MLA in Karnataka who is re-contesting in the upcoming polls. This Congressman is a realtor and possess assets worth 1020 crore rupees. He is the son of MLA and Housing Minister M Krishappa, who is himself one of the richest contesting candidates in the 2018 assembly elections. Other richest candidates of the Congress also possess assets worth hundred crores and above. Some candidates have family businesses and some are realtors.

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