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The Major Election Issues in Delhi

November 28, 2013

“Ab Dilli Dur Nahin.” Although from a completely different context, this legendary Raj Kapoor movie immediately strikes a chord ahead of the Delhi Assembly polls barely a week away. The one common truth underlying the plot in both, the movie and the upcoming Delhi elections, is “the search for justice.” Yes, in the 15-year jinx that the Congress rule has bestowed on the Delhiites, making their lives even more miserable, the one principal concern in the upcoming polls is whether there will be any respite this time.

In this context, here is a look at the most important election issues.

Crisis of Drinking Water

Erratic water supply in different regions of the NCT has started giving nightmares to the Congress’s dream of striking back to power for a fourth consecutive term. According to a survey conducted by the Aam Aadmi Party, 28% of the respondents asserted that shortage of drinking water in their localities is the biggest issues concerning them, even greater than women’s safety concerns and corruption issues that have marred Sheila Dikshit’s image of a ‘world-class’ Delhi. From standing in never-ending queues to fetch a bucket of water, to getting up at 5 a.m. in the morning to fill buckets with water supplied only for half an hour a day, to being denied of water supply for months together, Delhi has been through all of this. What’s more, the constant inefficiency of the Delhi Jal Board to send water tankers to the different regions of Delhi has made the matter worse.

Parking Problems

Possibly much to the reader’s surprise, one of the key issues that matter in Delhi this time is parking problems in almost all constituencies, which in turn leads to convoluted traffic through Delhi at all hours of the day. In Karol Bagh, for instance, which houses one of Asia’s biggest markets, construction material for parking lots lying scattered at one corner of the street is a familiar sight. Both the Congress and the BJP have made a million promises to resolve the parking issue in the city, yet there is no visible improvement in this regard. In posh areas like Greater Kailash and Malviya Nagar, too, though there is an excess number of cars, no infrastructural development to accommodate them have been taken care of. As a result, the roads are jammed with four-lane parking of cars, with no space for either humans or moving cars to navigate through.

No safety for women on the streets of Delhi

It seems that the one incident that shook the entire nation was not good enough to wake up the Congress from its slumber. The December 16 rape case of a 22-year-old paramedical student on a moving bus has left the entire Delhi in deep shock, which continues to this day. Yet the Congress government has done nothing to ensure women’s safety in the city, especially at night. With no effective policing and surveillance improvements, women in Delhi, working or otherwise, do not remember the last time they went out of their homes alone anytime after 8 p.m., either for a little stroll or to buy stuff from the nearest grocery. With such simple pleasures being snatched for a Delhi girl’s life, it will be extremely difficult to woo women voters this time. No bantering from any political party will be good enough to genuinely address this silent yet pivotal concern.

Unauthorized Colonies

Thousands of unauthorized colonies, which are housing millions of dwellers, is another grave concern in Delhi. Before the elections, all key players have promised regularization of these slums in their manifestos. But the situation has become too critical to be remedied with words alone. No amount of false promises of the political parties will fool the electorate.

Prices shooting through the roof

And of course, there are the typical political narratives echoed at length by all political parties. When it comes to corruption, market inflation and other such grand concerns, Delhi tops the list. Even with something as trivial as the electricity rates (how painful can electricity bills be, after all, keeping in mind that it is a daily necessity?), the Delhiites have been assured that this issue does not remain trivial for them any longer. Increased electricity bills, by as much as 30%, have given sleepless nights to the residents. To add to this woe of sleeplessness is the most erratic power supply in different regions that go without electricity for hours together. In the morning again, when a resident goes to the market to fetch daily food items, the inflated prices of onions, potatoes and possibly everything else, adds to his or her woes further.

Issues Matter

Elections are fought on issues. In a democratic set-up like ours, referendum is guaranteed only when the poll promises are met, or at least attempted to be made. In the case of Delhi, sadly, ‘issues’ have relegated to a backseat and the concern for people prioritized least. What has only mattered is the rat race for power, and more power. In the upcoming polls, hopefully, the voters will pay back.

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