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Gujarat results 2017 are out, and Congress has lost Gujarat to BJP yet again. But did it have a chance in the first place? Does the final result of Gujarat come as a surprise? That depends on which side of the political line you stand and also on what you perceive as a victory and defeat. The Indian National Congress is yet to recover from the drubbing they received in the 2014 general elections, and [...]


The answer is yes. The Gujarat India sees today is a direct and clear outcome of rapid overall development that began from the time Narendra Modi first took over as Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001. The GSDP rose from $45.39 billion in 2004-05 to $158.19 billion in 2015-16. This massive growth has triggered Gujarat’s rapid urbanization and stands as the third most urbanized state in the country. It was he who decided if Gujarat [...]

In Advani's Parable, a cautionary tale for Modi

If exit polls are to be believed, Narendra Modi stands on the cusp of a famous victory. It would mark the culmination of a remarkable story—a journey of a chaiwala to the highest chair in the country. For a man who has reigned supreme in Gujarat for 15 years, it is likely that Mr Modi is already aware that reaching the top is easier than staying at the top. But if Modi is in need [...]

Class Propaganda The Middle vs the Poor

Indira Gandhi rode to power in 1971 with her famous ‘Garibi Hatao’ slogan. The NDA lost in 2004 with their now infamous ‘India Shining’ campaign. If aspirations have always ruled election propaganda – this time it is no different. And this time – it is the clash of the masses. As Modi appeals to the aspiring middle & rich class, Rahul Gandhi, like his grandmother & father, is sticking to the poorer sections of the [...]