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Gujarat results 2017 are out, and Congress has lost Gujarat to BJP yet again. But did it have a chance in the first place? Does the final result of Gujarat come as a surprise? That depends on which side of the political line you stand and also on what you perceive as a victory and defeat. The Indian National Congress is yet to recover from the drubbing they received in the 2014 general elections, and [...]

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The big day is here, and the much-awaited Gujarat election results are finally out. The BJP has won the Gujarat assembly elections for yet another term. No one is happier (and relieved) then the electoral duo of PM Narendra Modi and master strategist Amit Shah whose combined juggernaut continues to steamroll regional elections state by state. Just six months back, BJP’s chances of winning were never in doubt. However, the last three months saw Congress [...]


The answer is yes. The Gujarat India sees today is a direct and clear outcome of rapid overall development that began from the time Narendra Modi first took over as Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001. The GSDP rose from $45.39 billion in 2004-05 to $158.19 billion in 2015-16. This massive growth has triggered Gujarat’s rapid urbanization and stands as the third most urbanized state in the country. It was he who decided if Gujarat [...]


As per 2011 Census, Gujarat has a population of over 6.03 crore, representing 4.99% share of the national total. As one of the better-developed states in India, Gujarat is expected to have a healthy population and a modern medical infrastructure to serve the state. However, Gujarat still does invest heavily in developing its health services infrastructure that is needed to support a growing population. Gujarat has witnessed massive investments in manufacturing that have transformed the [...]

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Apart from seeking support from the Patel and minorities like Dalits, the Congress has not shied away from luring the Hindu votes as well. Congress, which has been labelled non-Hindu party on several occasions by the BJP, has made efforts to appease the majority for Gujarat polls. The soon to be Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, took out time to visit various temples in the poll-bound state, amidst fiercely campaigning and holding rallies. In the due [...]


According to Gujrat election survey 2017, the BJP is conjectured to continue to stay in power but might fail to achieve its 150 seat target mark. The Congress is expected to come second in the election race with 68 seats. But that does not seem to unnerve the party, which is fighting the elections in full swing. The Congress is out with its manifesto, promising big on some burning issues the poll-bound state is facing. [...]


Gujarat election 2017 – The stakes in the Gujarat polls are even higher after Congress released its manifesto for , which is high on big promises. On the other hand, BJP did not release the manifesto until quite late. This gave the opposition and masses a chance to mock the party. The word doing the round was that the party is trying to escape from the pressure of completion of promises, considering it had an [...]


A Congress win is not something that the business community anywhere in India is looking forward to, and Gujarat is no different. If the Congress wins in Gujarat, expect the stock market to go South in the next few days before recovering and reverting to existing levels. The business community does not want the Congress back but understands that India’s economic fundamentals are strong and so, the stock market should stabilize within a few days. [...]


As the Gujarat polling date comes closer, each day is met with more anxiousness than the last. Both the leading contesting parties, BJP and Congress are fighting in their top gear for the Gujarat polls. People in Gujarat too are waiting for the election dates: 9 & 14 December. But before deciding on your party, here are some issues you should not ignore… Poverty Woes The state was promised the famous ‘Gujarat model’ but has [...]


Before this question is addressed, another question needs to be answered; what’s AAP’s bigger play in politics? Arvind Kejriwal fought the Delhi Assembly elections in 2013 on an anti-corruption platform and managed to win 28 seats. With support from the Congress, which had won just 8 seats, AAP managed to form the government, thus keeping off the BJP, which won 32 seats. In the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections, AAP swept into power winning 67 out [...]