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Mega Food Parks

On 24th September this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a mega food park in Tumkur, Karnataka and said such facilities would spur farmers’ economic empowerment. “Better infrastructure and better facilities is the need of the hour,” Modi said and stressed on the need to sell Indian packed food in markets across the world. What are Mega Food Parks? Mega Food Parks scheme is considered to be an inclusive concept aimed at establishing “direct linkages from [...]

Can India become next economic powerhouse

It was in December 2012, at a time when Indian economy faced a declining curve that the US intelligence predicted India’s emergence as an economic superpower by the year 2030 by riding high on its large working-age population. Recently eminent journalist, Farid Zakaria, after interviewing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, too triggered a fresh debate on the lasting repercussions of Modi’s elevation as PM on India’s economy. Indian Economy: Strengths and Weaknesses Before we evaluate the probable [...]

What is the new poverty line in India

Do you spend Rs 47 in a city or Rs 32 in a village on a daily basis? If yes, congratulations! You are not poor anymore, even if you and your family members have to struggle to meet the basic needs of their life. What was the need to bring about a change in the poverty line ? According to the recommendations of the expert panel headed by top economist and former RBI Governor C Rangarajan, [...]

The 21st century Indian politics seems to be divided into two distinct epochs – Before UPA and After UPA. As a yardstick to measure the performance of Indian Congress, political analysts consider all the incidents that happened after the NDA government was dethroned in 2004. For Congress, 2014 is the 10th year of being at the helm of affairs. The country is still divided in its opinion about how the party fared.  Some see a [...]