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Internal Feud in the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Reasons may be entirely different, but happenings on 27 March, just a day ahead of the turbulent Aam Aadmi Party’s national council meet, showed marked similarity between the sanitation staff of the BJP-ruled Delhi Municipal Corporation and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. While the sanitation staff littered the roads of Delhi with garbage in protest of delayed salary, Kejriwal’s gutter talks against his perceived detractors within the party – the triumvirate of Yogendra Yadav, Professor [...]

sting operation on aam aadmi party and its impact

The quagmire of Indian politics spares no one from getting pulled into the quicksand of dirty politics. Arvind Kejriwal, who came to power on the principles of righteousness and integrity, now finds himself fighting to defend his own self-created image. AAP came into existence on the back of popular anti-establishment protests which struck a chord amongst the people wanting change from traditional politics. AAP’s contrarian approach found a people connect and on both occasions the [...]

10 ways in which Kejriwal revived his image in Delhi

A friendly next door neighbour persona, middle class appearance and uncharismatic personality make Arvind Kejriwal one of those middle class office-going people who are perennially grappled with the vagaries of existence. Like millions of youth, his non-elitist demeanour makes him look like any other morsel in the crowd. At the most, the only things that could have made Arvind Kejriwal stand out in the crowd were his IIT degree and the tag of (former) Indian [...]

For many reasons, the upcoming polls are a stark departure from the usual political scenario known to the citizens. There is of course, the apparently irresistible hum of the NaMo mantra, increasingly being chanted across every nook and corner of India. Even more interesting is the gradual but distinct rise of a new man in the Indian political space, who is an outsider in every sense. Beginning his career in the Indian Civil Services before [...]