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States Going to Polls in 2018

January 2, 2018

States going to the polls in 2018


2017 ended with tough election contesting in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. 2018 will echo the same vibes as the year is throughout dominated by elections in some major states. The result of the assembly elections in 2018 will also serve as a prelude to the biggest electoral event of Lok Sabha elections in 2019. The elections are high-staked as BJP intends to expand the number of states under its rule and for the newly elected Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, these elections are a sure stage to prove his caliber as a leader. Here is the list of the States Going to Polls in 2018.

1. Nagaland

The state will be the first in 2018 to go to polls. The currently ruling party is NPF(Nagaland People’s Front) and both BJP and Congress struggle in the state as they won 2 and 8 seats respectively out of 60 constituencies in the last elections. The term ends on March 13, 2018, and the assembly Nagaland election  is likely to be held in Feb-March.

2. Meghalaya

The Meghalaya assembly elections will kick off in Meghalaya from February to March as it has its term expiring on March 6. The contest for the 60 seats is expected to be high-staked between the currently ruling Congress and BJP. The state also has a huge sway from the independent candidates.

3. Tripura

Tripura election is slated to go for assembly elections in Feb-March 2018. The term ends on March 13, 2018. The CPI(M) is the ruling party, which won the 2013 election with 49 out of 60 seats. Other parties like BJP and Congress might have a better performance this year as there are some issues related to party’s dispute with the central government.

4. Karnataka

Karnataka election is likely to be aggressive as this is one state where Congress rules with 123 seats in the 225 seat assembly. The saffron party with a number of states under its rule is likely to give a good fight to the ruling party. The term ends towards the end of May and the elections are expected to be held between April and May.

5. Mizoram

The state is currently under the rule of the Congress but BJP is likely to push for dominance in the northeastern state as it has already collaborated with MDF(Maraland Democratic Front). The term will be completed in mid-December 2018 and the state will go to polls in Nov-Dec for the 40 assembly seats.

6. Chhattisgarh

The tenure ends in January 2019 and the elections are slated for Dec 2018-Jan 2019. BJP is ruling the state for over a decade. The state might see a tough fight from Congress for the 90 seats. The BJP won 50 seats while Congress won 39 out of the total 90 seats in the state in last elections.

7. Rajasthan

The terms of the present state government will end in January 2019 and the elections will be conducted towards late December 2018, which will carry into 2019 as well. The BJP won the elections with a huge majority, winning 163 out of 200 seats, while Congress could manage only 21 seats. However, there is hope for the comeback of Congress as increasing cases of lynching and violence are being reported in the BJP-ruled state.

8.Madhya Pradesh

The tenure of the state’s current Assembly ends on January 7, 2019. The elections are most likely to be held in November 2018. Currently, BJP is in power in the state. In 2013 polls, BJP won 165 seats while Congress could only bag 58 seats out of the total 230 seats. This year too, a stiff competition is predicted between the two.

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