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Software Companies in Bangalore

April 12, 2018

Rise of IT sector in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, the capital of the eighth largest state of India – Karnataka, is regarded as the IT hub of the country due to the presence of a large number of software companies. In today’s time, Bengaluru is home to various major software companies which have changed the face of Karnataka as well as India. The change was initiated in the 70s when the state government of Karnataka had demarcated a piece of land outside Bengaluru for the construction of the proposed electronic city. The state and central government launched many schemes and policies with a nominal share of the private sector in order to make Bengaluru an ideal place for the establishment of Software companies.

The journey towards becoming an IT hub

The city was hit by a severe plague in 1898 after several measures were taken by the Britishers to develop the city. They imposed regulations for building new houses and proper sanitation facilities came into effect at this time. The Britishers also established hydroelectric plants, provided electricity to the city, constructed institutes like Indian Institute of Science etc. to further improve the living standard in the city.

Later in 1927, Bengaluru was partially re-established and earned the title of “the Garden city of India”. After independence, the government of India focused on the development of the city and decided to make it an information technology hub. In today’s time IT firms in Bangalore employ about 35% of India’s pool of 2.5 million IT professionals and account for the highest IT-related exports in the country.

In 2014, Karnataka alone created 73,000 new jobs in IT, last fiscal year and employed 10 lakh people directly and 30 lakh indirectly. There is a possibility that there will be around 80 lakh direct and indirect jobs by 2020.

There are several factors which helped Bengaluru to become the hub of software companies. Some of them are :

The government reduced the heavy taxes and contributed in the establishment of various software companies in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru was already a partially planned city, further developments like reduction of taxes, basic amenities availability, etc. attracted various software companies to set up shop there.

In 1983, a domestic technology start-up named Infosys shifted its headquarters to Bengaluru which is now a tech giant. Many other companies including Wipro, TCS, IBM etc. also moved to Bengaluru.

Bengaluru was the capital of the state. It had favorable climatic conditions, colleges, and institutions (like BMS College of Engineering, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Christ University etc.), more computer literate manpower as compared to any other city.

Some software companies which were established during the IT revolution in India with the help of successive government have grown into major IT companies across Bengaluru resulting in the city becoming the IT hub of India. These companies have contributed to the growth of the state as they have been providing adequate job opportunities generating a large amount of revenue to propel the state’s economy.

Here is the list of some major software companies in Bengaluru-

S.No Company Name Website
1 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd www.247customer.com/
2 247 Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd www.24x7learning.com/
3 Accenture Services Pvt Ltd www.accenture.com/
4 Accord Software & Systems Pvt Ltd www.accord-soft.com/
5 Acme Insurance Services Pvt Ltd www.acmeresource.com/
6 Adaptec (India) Pvt Ltd www.adaptec.com/
7 Adea International Pvt Ltd www.adea.com/
8 Aditi Technologies Pvt Ltd www.aditi.com/
9 Affiliated Computer Services of India (P) Ltd (ACS) www.acs-inc.com/
10 Ajax.com Pvt Ltd www.ajax.in/
11 Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd www.akamai.com/
12 Altair Engineering India Pvt Ltd www.altair.com/Default.aspx/
13 Antares Systems Ltd www.antaressystems.com/
14 ANZ Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. www.anz-it.com/
15 Arowana Consulting Ltd www.arowanaconsulting.com/
16 Artech Infosystems Pvt Ltd www.artechinfo.in/
17 Ascendas Property Management Services (India) Pvt Ltd www.ascendas.com/
18 ASM Technologies Ltd www.asmltd.com/
19 Aspect Technology Center (India) Pvt Ltd www.aspect.com/
20 Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd www.avayaglobalconnect.com/
21 Axes Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd www.axestech.com/
22 Aztecsoft Ltd www.aztecsoft.com/
23 BAeHAL Software Limited www.baehal.com/
24 Bahwan CyberTek Pvt Ltd www.bahwancybertek.com/
25 Bangalore Softsell Ltd www.bangaloresoftsell.com/
26 Bells Softech Limited www.bellsoftech.com/
27 BEML Technology Division (A div of Bharat Earth Movers Ltd) www.bemltech.com/
28 Bharti Telesoft Ltd. www.bhartitelesoft.com/
29 Blue Chip Computer Consultants Pvt Ltd www.bluechipsw.com/
30 Blue Star Infotech Ltd www.bsil.com/
31 Borland India Pvt Ltd www.borland.com/
32 Business Process Outsourcing (India) Pvt Ltd www.opiglobal.com/
33 C1 India Pvt Ltd www.c1india.com/
34 Cable and Wireless (India) Ltd
35 Cadence Design Systems India Pvt. Ltd www.cadence.com/
36 CADES Digitech Pvt Ltd www.cadestech.com/
37 Canarys Automation Pvt Ltd www.ecanarys.com/
38 Canbank Computer Services Ltd. www.ccslindya.com/
39 Capco IT Services India Pvt Ltd www.capco.com/
40 Capital One Services (India) Pvt Ltd www.capitalone.com/
41 CB Richard Ellis South Asia Pvt Ltd www.cbre.com/EN/
42 CCG (India) Pvt Ltd www.archents.com/
42 CCG (India) Pvt Ltd
43 Celstream Technologies Pvt Ltd www.celstream.com/
44 Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C – DAC) www.cdac.in/
45 CG-Smith Software Pvt Ltd www.cg-smith.com/
46 CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Pvt Ltd www.cgi.com/
47 CITEC Information India Pvt Ltd www.citec.fi/
48 Citigroup Information Technology Operations and Solutions Ltd www.citigroup.com/
49 Citrix Systems India Pvt Ltd www.citrix.com/
50 City Info Services Pvt Ltd www.cityinfoservices.com/base/
51 CLI3L e-Services Limited www.sitel.com/
52 Comat Technologies (P) Ltd. www.comat.com/
53 CoreObjects India Pvt. Ltd. www.coreobjects.com/
54 Corpus Software Pvt Ltd www.corpus.com/
54 Corpus Software Pvt Ltd
55 Cranes Software International Ltd www.cranessoftware.com/
56 CrimsonLogic India Pvt Ltd www.crimsonlogic.com/
57 Crossdomain Solutions Pvt Ltd www.cross-domain.com/
58 Cyrca Data Security Solutions (P) Ltd
59 Datacons Pvt. Ltd. www.datacons.com/
60 Datamatics Financial Software & Services Ltd www.datamaticsoutsourcing.com/
61 Datavision Software Solutions Pvt Ltd www.datavsn.com/
62 Dawn Consulting www.consultdawn.com/
63 Dell Computer India Pvt Ltd www.dell.com/
64 Deutsche Network Services (P) Ltd www.db.com/index_e.htm/
65 Dharma Systems Pvt. Ltd. www.dharma.com/
66 Digite Infotech Pvt Ltd www.digite.com/
67 e-Infochips Ltd. www.einfochips.com/
68 e4e Labs Pvt Ltd www.e4e.com/
68 e4e Labs Pvt Ltd
69 Easiprocess Pvt Ltd www.easiprocess.com/
70 Eduquity Career Technologies Pvt Ltd www.eduquity.com/
71 Edurite Technologies Pvt Ltd www.edurite.com/
72 Electronics For Imaging India Pvt Ltd www.efi.com/
73 Elitecore Technologies Ltd www.elitecore.com/
74 EMC Data Storage Systems (India) Private Limited india.emc.com/index.jsp/
75 FCG Software Services (India) Pvt Ltd www.fcg.co.in/
76 Fiorano Software Technologies Pvt Ltd www.fiorano.com/
77 First Indian Corporation Pvt Ltd www.firstindiancorp.com/
77 First Indian Corporation Pvt Ltd
78 Focus Infosys (India) Pvt. Ltd. www.focusmt.com/
79 Fortune Infotech Ltd www.fortunebpo.com/
80 Franklin Templeton International Services (India) Pvt Ltd www.franklintempletonindia.com/
81 GCI Solutions Pvt Ltd www.g-c-i.com/
82 GE Consumer & Industrial – India Innovation Center (A Div. of GE India Exports) www.geconsumerandindustrial.com/
83 Genisys Integrating Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. www.genuk.com/
84 Global Edge Software Ltd www.globaledgesoft.com/
85 GXS India Technology Centre Pvt. Ltd. www.gxs.com/
86 Harbinger Techaxes Pvt Ltd www.techaxes.com/
87 Harita Infoserve Ltd www.harita.com/
88 Harris Jayanti Technologies www.irely.com/
89 HCL Technologies BPO Services Ltd www.hclbpo.com/
90 Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft Ltd
91 Hewlett-Packard India Sales Pvt Ltd www.hpindia.com/
92 Hinduja TMT Ltd www.hindujatmt.com/
93 Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd www.honeywell.com/sites/htsl/
94 Human Base India Inc. www.humanbaseindia.com/
95 i2 Technologies India Pvt Ltd www.i2.com/
96 i2i Enterprise Ltd www.i2ienterprise.com/
97 IBM India Pvt Ltd www.ibm.com/in/
98 IDEB Construction Projects (P) Ltd www.idebinc.com/
99 iGATE Global Solutions Ltd www.igate.com/
100 Impact Solutions (P) Ltd www.impact-india.com/
101 India Insure Risk Management Services Pvt Ltd www.indiainsure.com/
102 India Prepaid Services Pvt Ltd www.myoxigen.com/
103 India Satcom Ltd. www.indiasatcom.com/
104 Infineon Technologies India Pvt Ltd www.infineon.com/cms/en/
105 Infineon Technologies R&D Centre www.infineon.com/
106 Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd www.infics.com/
107 Infopac Software Pvt. Ltd.
108 Information Technology Park Ltd www.intltechpark.com/
109 Infosys Technologies Ltd www.infosys.com/
110 InKnowTech Private Limited www.inknowtek.com/
111 Integra Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. www.itechsoft.com/
112 Integrated Property Management & Services Ltd www.ipmslindia.com/
113 Intel Asia Electronics, Inc www.intel.com/
114 Intercope (India) Pvt. Ltd www.icope.com/
115 IntersoftKK (India) Pvt Ltd www.intersoftkk.com/
116 Interwoven Software Services India Pvt Ltd www.interwoven.com/
117 Intuit Technology Services Pvt Ltd www.intuit.com/
118 Ionic Microsystems Pvt. Ltd www.ionicmicro.com/
119 IonIdea Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd www.ionidea.com/
120 Ishoni Networks
121 ITC Infotech India Ltd www.itcinfotech.com/
122 Iteamic Pvt Ltd www.iteamic.com/
123 ITTI Limited www.itti.co.in/
124 ITTI Pvt. Ltd www.tttp.com/
125 IVL India Pvt Ltd www.ivlind.com/
126 J. Sagar Associates www.jsalaw.com/
127 J235 Software India Pvt Ltd www.j235.com/
128 Kinfotech Private Limited www.kinfotech.com/
129 KLG Systel Ltd www.klgsystel.com/
130 KMG Infotech Pvt Ltd www.kmgin.com/
131 KPMG Advisory Services Private Limited www.in.kpmg.com/
132 Krone Communications Ltd.
133 Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited www.lntinfotech.com/
134 LEC India Software Centre Pvt. Ltd
135 LG Soft India www.lg-soft.com/
136 LG Soft India Pvt. Ltd. www.lgsoftindia.com/
137 Linc Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
138 Liqwid Krystal India Pvt Ltd www.liqwidkrystal.com/
139 Logica
140 Login Infotech Private Limited www.login2it.com/
141 Logix Microsystems Ltd
142 Mindtree Consulting Pvt. Ltd. www.mindtreeconsulting.com/
143 Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd. www.mistralsolutions.com/
144 Navayuga Infotech Pvt. Ltd. www.navayuga.com/
145 Nelito Systems Limited www.nelito.com/
146 neoIT.Com Pvt Ltd www.neoit.com/
147 Neosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd www.neosoft-tec.com/
148 Netgalactic
149 Network Appliance Systems (India) Pvt Ltd www.netapp.com/
150 Newgen Software Technologies Ltd www.newgensoft.com/
151 Next Link (P) Ltd www.nextindia.net/
152 Nich – In Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
153 Nirvana Business Solutions Pvt Ltd www.nirvanabpo.com/
154 Nous Infosystems Pvt Ltd www.nousinfosystems.com/
155 Novell Software Development (I) Ltd www.novell.com/
156 Novell Software Development (India) Ltd
157 NuMark Software Pvt. Ltd. www.numarksoftware.com/
158 NVIDIA Graphics Pvt Ltd www.nvidia.com/
159 ObjectWin Technology India Pvt Ltd www.objectwin.com/
160 Omnesys Technologies Pvt Ltd www.omnesysindia.com/
161 Optimus Outsourcing Company Ltd www.optimus.co.in/
162 Oracle India Pvt Ltd www.oracle.com/
163 Perot Systems TSI (India) Ltd www.perotsystems.com/
164 Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd. www.persistent.co.in/
165 PharmARC Analytic Solutions Pvt Ltd www.pharmarc.com/
166 Phoenix Global Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
167 Picopeta Simputers Pvt Ltd www.picopeta.com/
168 Pramati Technologies (P) Limited www.pramati.com/
169 PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt Ltd www.pwc.com/
170 Progress Software Development Pvt Ltd www.progress.com/
171 Proteans Software Solutions Pvt Ltd www.proteans.com/
172 Prudente Solution Pvt Ltd www.prudente.co.in/
173 PSI Data Systems Ltd. www.psidata.com/
174 PTC Software (India) Pvt Ltd www.ptc.com/
175 Pyramid IT Consulting Pvt Ltd www.pyramidci.com/
176 Quality Engineering and Software Technologies Pvt Ltd www.quest-global.com/
177 Quantum-Link Communications Pvt Ltd www.qlc.in/
178 Quintegra Solutions Ltd. www.quintegrasolutions.com/
179 Radiant Infosystems (P) Ltd www.radiantinfo.com/
180 Ram Informatics Ltd. www.raminfo.com/
181 Rapidigm (India) Limited www.rapidigm.com/
182 Rational Software Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd. www-306.ibm.com/software/
183 Reach Sewn Technologies & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. www.reach-tech.com/
184 Real Soft (Intl) Pvt Ltd www.realsoftinc.com/RSI/
185 Realtime Techsolutions Pvt Ltd www.rttsindia.com/
186 Red Hat India Pvt Ltd www.redhat.in/
187 Regus Business Centre (Bangalore) Pvt Ltd
188 RelQ Software Pvt Ltd
189 Repcol (India) Pvt Ltd
190 Robert Bosch India Ltd
191 Rolta India Ltd. www.rolta.com/
192 S R Nova Pvt Ltd www.srnova.com/
193 Saastha Infotech Pvt Ltd www.sasthatech.com/
194 Sage Design Systems (India) Pvt Ltd www.gnss.com/
195 Sampoorna Matchjobs.com Pvt Ltd www.sampoorna.com/
196 Samsung Electronics India Software Operations (SISO) www.samsungindiasoft.com/
197 Samsung SDS Co Ltd. www.sds.samsung.com/
198 Sanyo LSI Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
199 SAP India Pvt. Ltd www.sap.com/india/
200 Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd www.sapient.com/Home.htm
201 Sarnoff Innovative Technologies Pvt Ltd www.sitpl.com/
202 Sasken Communication Technologies Limited www.sasken.com/
203 Satellite Infotech Services Pvt Ltd www.goelganga.com/
204 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) – India Branch Office www.saic.com/
205 SCT Software Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd www.sungard.com/sungard/
206 Seaton India IT Pvt Ltd www.seatonindia.com/
207 Sequoia Capital India Advisors Pvt Ltd www.sequoiacap.com/india/
208 Silver Software Pvt Ltd www.silver-software.com/
209 Simplex Solutions
210 Siri Technologies Pvt Ltd www.siritech.com/
211 Skelta Software Pvt Ltd www.skelta.com/
212 SLK Software Services Pvt Ltd www.slk-soft.com/
213 Sobha Renaissance Information Technology Pvt Ltd www.renaissance-it.com/
214 Societe Generale Global Solution Centre Pvt Ltd www.socgensolutions.com/
215 SoftPro Systems Ltd www.softprosys.com/
216 Software Data (India) Ltd www.dataincindia.com/
217 Software Quality Center Pvt Ltd www.sqcglobal.com/
218 SolutionNET India Pvt Ltd www.solutionnet.net/
219 Sonata Software Limited www.sonata-software.com/
220 Sonata Software Ltd.
221 Speck Systems Limited www.specksystems.com/
222 Spike Technologies India Pvt. Ltd
223 Srishti Software Private Limited www.srishtisoft.com/
224 STAG Software Pvt Ltd www.stagsoftware.com/
225 Subex Systems Ltd www.subexgroup.com/
226 Subex Systems Ltd www.subexsystems.com/
227 Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd. sg.sun.com/
228 SupportSoft India Pvt Ltd www.supportsoft.com/
229 SVB India Advisors Pvt Ltd www.svbank.com/
230 Swiss Re Shared Services (India) Pvt Ltd www.swissre.com/
231 Sybase Software (India) Pvt Ltd www.sybase.com/
232 Sykes Enterprises (India) Private Limited www.sykes.com/
233 Symbol Technologies India Pvt Ltd www.motorola.com/business/
234 Symphony Services Corp. (I) Pvt Ltd www.symphonysv.com/
235 Synergia Consultants Pvt Ltd www.synergiaindia.com/
236 Synopsys (India) Private Limited www.synopsys.com/
237 Syntax Soft-Tech India Pvt Ltd www.syntaxsoft.com/
238 Syntel India Ltd www.syntelinc.com/
239 Syntel Ltd
240 Systime Computer Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. www.systime.net/
241 Talisma Corporation Pvt Ltd www.talisma.com/
242 Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd www.tallysolutions.com/
243 Tandon Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. www.tandoninfo.com/
244 Tarang Software Technologies Pvt Ltd www.tarangtech.com/
245 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd www.tcs.com/
246 Tata Elxsi Limited www.tataelxsi.com/
247 Tata Elxsi Ltd.
248 Tata Technologies Limited www.tatatechnologies.com/
249 Tavant Technologies India Pvt Ltd www.tavant.com/
250 TCGIvega Information Technologies Pvt Ltd www.ivega.com/
251 TCS Business Transformation Solutions Ltd (TCS-BTS)
252 TeamLease Services Pvt Ltd www.teamlease.com/
253 Tech Mahindra Ltd www.mahindrabt.com/
254 Techspan www.techspan.com/
255 TechSpan India Ltd. www.headstrong.com/
256 TekEdge 809, www.tekedge.com/
257 TeleDNA Communications Pvt Ltd www.teledna.com/
258 Telelogic India Pvt Ltd www.telelogic.com/
259 Texas Instruments India Ltd. www.ti.com/in/
260 Texas Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. www.ti.com/
261 Think Ahead Advisory Services Pvt Ltd www.thinkahead.net/
262 Thinksoft Global Services (P) Ltd www.thinksoftglobal.com/
263 Thirdware Solution Ltd. www.tspl.com/
264 Tholons Knowledge Management Pvt Ltd www.tholons.com/
265 Thomson Corporation (International) Pvt Ltd www.thomson.com/
266 ThoughtWorks Technologies India Pvt Ltd www.thoughtworks.com/
267 TIBCO Software India Pvt Ltd www.tibco.com/
268 Timken Engineering and Research India Pvt Ltd www.timken.com/
269 TPI Advisory Services India Pvt Ltd www.tpi.net/
270 TQM International Pvt Ltd www.tqmi.com/
271 Transfleet Global Services Pvt Ltd (TESCO India)
272 Trianz Consulting Pvt Ltd www.trianz.com/
273 Tricon Infotech Pvt. Ltd www.triconinfotech.com/
274 Trigent Software Ltd. www.trigent.com/
275 Trilogy E-business Software India Ltd www.trilogy.com/
276 Trimentus Technologies Pvt Ltd www.trimentus.com/
277 TriVium iCOPE Technologies Pvt Ltd www.icope.com/
278 TRRS Imaging Ltd www.indecommglobal.com/
278 TRRS Imaging Ltd
279 TTK Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd www.ttkhealthcareservices.com/
280 U&I Scotty Computers Ltd www.uiscpl.com/
281 UBICS Technologies Pvt Ltd www.ubics.com/
282 UL India Pvt Ltd www.ul-asia.com/
283 Unisys Global Services – India (STP Division of Unisys India Pvt Ltd) www.unisys.com/index.htm/
284 Universal Legal www.chugh.com/
285 USi Internetworking Services Pvt Ltd www.usi.com/
286 UTL Technologies Ltd. www.utlindia.com/
287 Utopia India Pvt Ltd www.utopiainc.com/
288 Valtech India Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd www.valtech.com/com/index.html/
289 Vee Technologies Pvt Ltd www.veetechnologies.com/
290 Vinciti Networks Pvt Ltd
291 Vinpack India pvt. Ltd
292 Viteos Capital Market Services Ltd www.viteos.com/
293 vMoksha Technologies Pvt Ltd www.vmoksha.com/
294 VXL eTech Ltd www.vxletech.com/
295 Wind River Systems, Inc www.windriver.com/
296 Winfoware Technologies Pvt Ltd www.winfoware.com/
297 Wipro Global R&D Solutions www.wipro.com/
298 Wipro Group of Companies
299 Wipro Infotech
300 Wipro Technologies (Wipro Ltd)
301 Wisdomleaf IT Technologies Pvt Ltd www.wisdomleaf.com/
302 WYSE Technology Sales & Marketing India Pvt Ltd www.wyse.com/
303 XSYSYS Technologies Pvt Ltd www.xsysys.com/
304 Xyka Software Pvt Ltd www.xyka.com/
305 Zenith Software Limited www.zenithsoft.com/
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