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Real issues that people should not ignore before casting vote this Gujarat Election

December 7, 2017

As the Gujarat polling date comes closer, each day is met with more anxiousness than the last. Both the leading contesting parties, BJP and Congress are fighting in their top gear for the Gujarat polls. People in Gujarat too are waiting for the election dates: 9 & 14 December. But before deciding on your party, here are some issues you should not ignore…

Poverty Woes

The state was promised the famous ‘Gujarat model’ but has it really worked? Let’s take a look at the statistics. In 1993-94, Gujarat was hovering around the poverty line but in the following years, the state saw a further decline. RBI data confirmed that the 18 states and union territories fared better than Gujarat in term of people above poverty line.  During the same time period, other states ruled by the Congress like Karnataka showed a massive growth. However, the state which is being ruled by BJP since 1995, started showing signs of progress. In 2012, the World Bank reported that only one-sixth of Gujarat population is poor. Gujarat is essentially counted among the fastest growing states. But despite that, poverty has continued to stay a major issue and still various parts of the state have sizable population facing poverty.

Unemployment and Inflation

The unemployment rate is high and is considered to be one of the prominent issues for the poll-bound state. Lakhs of youth in the state are jobless and the state government is clearly failing to provide income opportunities to the people. Second most troubling issue has been of inflation. The price rise has been a constant worry for the Gujaratis.

Big promises by the Congress

The Congress has not formed a government in the state for the last two decades but if surveys are to be believed, the party is making inroads into the vote bank. The party leader Rahul has shed light on numerous opportunities regarding several issues. The waiving off the farmer loan, ‘Indira canteen’ to provide nutritious food to labourers at a minimum wage of just Rs 10 and a reported agreement with Hardik Patel which can end up in a reservation for the Patel community. He also set an allowance for the unemployed youth. All these things can change the cultural and political map for the poll-bound state.

The Gujarat assembly elections have never seen BJP and Congress competing neck-to-neck. Therefore, issues Gujarat is currently dealing with and what have the parties accomplished for the states should not be ignored before you cast your precious vote.

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