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Naga’s Hope for Stability

March 4, 2018

Nagalands hope for stability

Can NDA alliance bring Peace in Nagaland?

The newly formed Bharatiya Janta Party(BJP)-National Democratic Progressive Party(NDPP) alliance led by former CM Neiphiu Rio, have won the state elections in Nagaland with a clear majority. The BJP-NDPP coalition overthrew a 15 year-old incumbent government, headed by TR Zeliang of Nagaland People’s Front(NPF). BJP were part of Democratic Alliance of Nagaland that was in power under TR Zeliang’s leadership, the last five year term of the 15 year-old incumbent government was a total disaster as NPF faced problems, with CM Rio resigning from party while Zeliang was elevated to the post of CM. The credit for the victory of newly formed alliance should be bestowed to the Chief Ministerial candidate of the alliance Neiphiu Rio and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as BJP was pretty adamant for elections to take place without being delayed. At one point, all the political parties together signed a memorandum stating that parties will not field any contestant, as parties were adamant for a peaceful “solution” of the ‘Naga issue’ as “solution before election” became their slogan. BJP backtracked and claimed that “elections for solution” is the only way forward, as any decision without a stable government won’t be fruitful, thus, emphasizing that they along with their alliance partner will bring stability in Nagaland and will cooperate with every stakeholders of the ‘Naga issue’ for a peaceful solution, that will benefit not just the government but the benefits would be for all to take.


Development is the agenda before 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Religion played a crucial role in the election once again, as has been the case with other states where BJP has contested election, BJP tried to woo the majority Christian voters by promising to send senior citizens for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. On the other the hand Nagaland Baptist Church Council declared in a statement before elections calling out the 90% Christian population of the state to vote wisely, as bringing BJP in the power can damage the religious harmony of the state, while BJP claimed stability and development of the state is the main agenda for which the party contested elections.

BJP focused on bringing the development that India in undergoing to Nagaland, as PM envision Northeast as gateway for India to the East and integrate the markets in Northeast with country’s rapidly moving market, by improving the connectivity and accessibility of the region to the rest of India.

Factors that led to BJP-NDPP victory in Nagaland:

  • With BJP government in the Centre since 2014 and in coalition with NPF in Nagaland, the state has seen rapid work being done for the construction of NH-2 and NH-702(A) that will connect Akuluto with Mokokchung and Wokha.
  • Former Naga CM Neiphiu Rio as the Chief Ministerial candidate for the alliance, supporters of former CM were disappointed with the way NPF treated one its founding members, as party leaders favored Zeliang as the face of the party for the recent elections.
  • Narendra Modi’s image as the leader of India, as people of Nagaland are hopeful that the PM will definitely bring stability in the state, usher in development to Nagaland, and create jobs for the educated employed youth of the state.
  • BJP as the ruling party at Centre, regional parties understand BJP’s importance as an ally, as state’s development depends on having a better relation with the Centre.
  • The recent “peace talks” on the ‘Naga issue’ with all the stakeholders was initiated in 2015, with due cooperation between Nagaland State government and the BJP led Central government.


BJP flag keeps flying high

BJP will surely be elated with such a superb performance in the recently concluded Nagaland assembly elections, as the national party consolidates its vote share in the region before the all important 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The NDA alliance led by BJP will look to have a better performance in the region during the elections in 2019, the party wants to establish their dominance even further and hope to wipe out Congress from India’s map, as they look to fulfill their vision of a “Congress-mukt Bharat”. All eyes will be on the alliance whether or not the parties can together bring in the much needed stability in the state government and work collectively with all the stakeholders towards helping Nagaland reach its full potential, ushering peace and stability to the state.

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