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Naga Issue rippling Effect: Influencing Government, Polls

February 3, 2018

Will 7 Decade Old Naga Issue Be Solved

What is Naga Issue?

It is a disturbing issue that has been affecting the harmony in Nagaland for years. It is an ethnic conflict going on for seven decades between the Indian government and the ethnic Nagas. The peace and tranquility in the state often gets compromised when a number of the warring groups in the state are not at ceasefire with the government. The insurgent groups in the state, like the National Socialist Council of Nagaland – Khaplang (NSCN-K) and Isak Muivah (NSCN-IM) have an unrelenting demand that Nagaland should be separated from India and made a free country, named Nagalim (or Greater Nagaland). This new territory is proposed to cover the present state of Nagaland along with some parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, also including roughly 4 districts of Manipur. These regions predominantly have Naga population.


Opposition to Elections

The issue is also causing hurdles in the upcoming Nagaland election to the Legislative Assembly. Earlier, the Election Commission decided the election date to be in February this year. But with protests from various Naga groups in the state and issuance of warning against those who file nominations, many political parties have seen to be retreating. All major parties in the state except for the BJP, like Congress, and NPF are now boycotting the elections.

Political Support for the Issue

The Naga issue has also got a strong political support as well. The Nagaland Chief Minister, T R Zeliang, has also lent his support for the issue. Highlighting the need for peace in the state, he stated that the seven decade old insurgency issue should be sorted out as soon as possible and also asserted that the solution had more priority than the polls. He has also invited all the rebel groups in the state to form a unison in order to participate in the final settlement of the issue. President Ram Nath Kovind too in December last year assured that the solution to the Naga issue would soon surface.

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