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Karnataka Elections – The impact of Youth on the elections

May 10, 2018

Karnataka Elections 2018 First Time Voters

Veteran political leaders are trying to captivate the sizeable youth population of Karnataka, they are looking to familiarise themselves with Social-media frenzied generation. They have spent several years in the political realm and have become wise with experience; however, when it comes to sharing a bond with the youth of the state, they somehow remain disconnected with the younger generation. It is a mouth-watering prospect as the first-time voters form roughly 3.1% of the state’s total voting population. In an election where the victory margin is likely to remain less, the first-time voters can certainly have some ramifications on the result of the elections.

The first-time voters are eagerly awaiting for the opportunity to cast their vote for the first time, as they become eligible to play an active part in the functioning of democracy. There are more than 15.42 lakh first-time voters in Karnataka this time around, as the number has doubled compared to the 7.18 lakh listed on the electoral rolls during the Karnataka State Assembly elections in 2013.

The exuberant youngsters are looking to cast their votes with conscience to a just candidate with a clean record and development of the constituency as the agenda. They are conscious of the ‘vote-bank appeasement’ and the phoney propaganda being spread by the parties and their leaders on social media platforms. They remain resolute of being influenced by the political tactics of the politicians on display.

BJP-Congress-JD(S) are all trying their best to beguile the first-time voters, as the parties have given opportunity to some of the younger breed of politicians, while they are promising several schemes and freebies for the youth of the state. Congress, on the hand, is promoting the work done by the Siddaramaiah government for the youth of the state in the last five years. Some of the youngsters who have reaped the benefits of schemes such as free laptops, free education till post-graduation for the girls, and also made travel in bus free for the students across the state, are set to become the first-time voters. They are paying less heed to the divisive politics that some parties are resorting to in a bid to polarise the soon to held elections.

The youngsters are a role-model for the whole state, as to be an active part of the democracy it is really necessary to judge the performances of the respective politicians and carefully study their political background or any controversial baggage that these leaders might be carrying before casting a vote for the candidates.

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