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Karnataka Agriculture – current state and measures to improve production

April 16, 2018

Current State of Karnataka Agriculture

Karnataka, which lies in the south-western region of India, is one of those states which has the highest economic growth. Agriculture is a major occupation for many rural residents of the state and it is the largest sector which provides means of livelihood. Karnataka basically has black soil and agriculture is highly dependent on the southwest monsoon. The state is frequently prone to droughts though it has two main river systems namely Krishna and its tributaries and Kaveri and its tributaries.

According to the reports of the Karnataka State Department of Agriculture, every year the state produces about 138 lakh tonnes of food grains. The contribution of agriculture to the state GDP is 14.7% and average land holding size in the state is 1.55 hectares. Certain measures are needed to propel the growth of agriculture in the state as per the current scenario.

Given below are some steps to increase the agricultural productivity:

1. Focusing on better yield and obtaining accelerated growth

In order to obtain an accelerated growth, it is imperative to identify the problems of farmers and work on fixing them. Karnataka is a drought-prone state and there is limited scope for expanding the irrigation area. More emphasis needs to be provided to effectively increase the use of water through the micro-irrigation system. New technologies and methods like integrated farming, horticulture, wide row planting etc. should be introduced so that the farmers may get better yield and earn greater profits. Karnataka, which is increasingly tormented by the issue of water scarcity, desperately needs another green revolution.

2. Agricultural marketing for procuring the initial cost and profits

Lack of storage facilities after harvest, shortage of money, poor yield etc are certain problems that prevent farmers from getting the initial investment cost in the production of crops. The government can launch certain programs and initiate agricultural marketing which would help farmers get money for their produce. The Government of Karnataka under Siddaramaiah has launched a program named Rashtriya e-Market Services Limited (ReMS) along with an e-Marketing company in 2014 which focuses on agricultural marketing through specialized electronic trading platforms and auction processes.

3. Amendments in the land use policy

The Government of Karnataka formulated an Agri-Business Development Policy in 2011 which provides guidelines for integrated agri-business activities. More amendments can be done in existing land policies and steps like crop insurance, making land-lease legal, can be taken up so that farmers can peacefully cultivate crops and obtain profit out of it. Farmers can also be provided with relief assistance which would turn out to be a great help to them.

The above-mentioned steps can contribute to bringing profit to farmers.

Several flagship programs for agriculture have been launched by the Government of Karnataka. Some of them are listed below :

  • Comprehensive Horticultural Development
  • Suvarna Krishi Grama Yojana
  • Bhoochetana and Bhoo Samruddhi.
  • Krishi Bhagya
  • Interest Free Farm Credit
  • Krishi Yanthra Dhare
  • E-marketing
  • Ksheera Bhagya
  • Savayava Bhagya
  • Pashu Bhagya
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