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How Strongly the BJP Holds Ground in Nagaland Polls?

February 23, 2018

Will BJP Win Nagaland Polls

One of the most crucial elections in the country, the Nagaland election is scheduled on 27 February. The results will be declared on 3 March. All the major national and regional parties like BJP, Congress, and NPF (Naga People’s Front) are aggressively campaigning in the poll-bound state for the 60 seats in the House.

Current Political Scenario

The most dominant party in the state is NPF, which is ruling the state since 2003, except for a short interval of time when the Nagaland came under the President’s rule. Currently, the Assembly House consists of 46 members from the NPF party. The saffron party is in coalition with the NPF, holding a total of 4 seats. One candidate each from the NCP and JD(U) and 8 Independent candidates form the opposition in the house. Congress is completely absent from the House. The state is also currently dealing with Naga issue, which earlier also interfered with the election process in the state.

BJP’s Position in the State

The party has entered the state with aggressive campaigning along with the development agenda. The party assures a stable government and a number of development projects. The party also imbues the notion that the same government at the state and the centre would help the growth scale in the state. In its manifesto, the party has stated the solution to the Naga issue is a top priority. Plus, the BJP also has the title of the most dominant political force in the country as a large number of states are under the saffron rule.
Despite all the advantageous points, the BJP still has a number of odds to deal with. Nagaland is mostly Christian dominant state and BJP has always been known for its Hindutva ideology. On the top of that, the Church body in the state is too warning the people against the political forces and labeling them alien to the Naga culture. The NPF here has an edge over BJP since it is a regional party in the state, ruling for a colossal amount of time.

With all factors blended together, Nagaland Assembly election surely makes for an interesting poll contest, rendering the results far from predictable.

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