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Gujarat election 2017 – 10 Broken Promises by BJP

December 12, 2017


Gujarat election 2017 – The stakes in the Gujarat polls are even higher after Congress released its manifesto for , which is high on big promises. On the other hand, BJP did not release the manifesto until quite late. This gave the opposition and masses a chance to mock the party. The word doing the round was that the party is trying to escape from the pressure of completion of promises, considering it had an infamous track record of non-fulfillment of the same. This made us look back at the promises broken by the saffron party during its 2-decade rule in the state.

Completion of Sardar Sarovar project by 2010

The height of Narmada dam was promised to be raised to 138.64 metres by BJP in 2007. The delay is, however, mainly due to the lack of enough momentum in rehabilitation work in neighboring states. As a result of this, work on various minor canals and sub-minor canals is incomplete. However, estimates suggest completion by the end of 2017.

Increase in power Supply hours, Clearance of all  pending power supply applications

The government is yet to increase the power supply from 8 to 14 hours. The Modi government also promised to provide 1 lakh power connections to agriculture zones. As it stands, a total of 3 lakh power connection applications are pending.

Completion of Narmada-based Drinking Water Project

The Narmada-based water supply was promised to over 9500 villages, but only 7071 villages have the water supply. In addition, a target of 4500 water supply cooperative societies was claimed but only 1600 have been formed so far. Also, the villages in Kutch and Saurashtra have an utterly erratic water supply.

Eradication of poverty

Th government promised it will work towards the upliftment of all the BPL families in the rural area. But it turned out that the number of families below the poverty line saw an increase of 7 lakh from the year 2000 to 2012. In urban areas, over 9 lakh families are reported to be below the poverty line.

Construction of 2 lakh/year homes for homeless

The government could only build 10,000 homes per year against the promise of 2 lakh. The  Rural Housing Development Corporation of Gujarat is essentially non-operational. Plus, the records prove that the government has shown progress only in centrally-aided housing schemes such as JNNURM Indira and Awas.

Improvement in sex ratio

Gujarat is one of the states with high female foeticide and in some areas the situation is highly alarming, such as North Gujarat. In 2011 census report, there were only 918 women per 1000 men.

Reduction in Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)

The state reports of an MMR of 148, which makes it rank number six in the country. The MMR is even higher in tribal areas due to compromised basic health facilities.

Increase in house affordability in Ahmedabad

There was not much progress on this front. The government restarted the Gujarat Housing Board, but only after Congress announced the popular ‘Ghar nu Ghar’ plan. The BJP government also declared a slum redevelopment policy but the scheme sank due to no takers.

Development of SEZ in all districts

A new SEZ development department was promised but in reality, no such department has come into existence. Only 13 SEZ are operational.

Power supply to all rural and urban houses

The 2011 reports show that 11 lakh houses do not have electricity. 9 lakh of these houses are from rural areas.

With manifesto of BJP released just on the eve of the polls, it remains to be seen if the public would give them another chance or BJP’s past reports would work in favour of Congress. And rest of things will depend after the declartion of Gujarat result 2017, is really Gujarat developed under BJP government or struggling to be developed.

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