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Delhi Assembly Elections 2013: Poll Code Violations from All Quarters

November 1, 2013

Learning to play by the rules is still a distant thought for Indian political parties. Take the case of Delhi. A total of 313 FIRs have been registered against the political outfits for violating poll conduct only a month before the state goes to assembly elections. Surprisingly, the maximum number of FIRs has been registered against a political entity which has built its popularity by fanning the collective angst against corruption. Yes, the Aam Aadmi Party has humbled national parties such as the BJP and the Congress when it comes to engaging in malpractices. If this is not shocking enough, there are other figures that paint a dismal picture.

Media reports are quoting some staggering statistics to reflect how violation of poll conduct is turning endemic in Delhi. Close to 8,000 people have already been booked under various sections of Criminal Procedure Code. 920 licensed arms are deposited while three arms were seized. Non-bailable warrants have been issued in some cases and the numbers continue to grow as the fated day approaches nearer. Even BSES has come under the scanner of the Delhi Election Commission. The power supplier might have to pay heavily for allegedly violating the Model Code of Conduct. It is accused of circulating bills carrying a photograph of a Congress Minister laying the foundation stone of a power grid station. According to the BJP, this is a calculated move to influence voters.

Defacement of public property is another obnoxious ploy that has caught the attention of Delhi election commission. It has reportedly received over 3,000 complaints. From Paharganj to ITO and Karol Bagh to Kashmere Gate, posters and graffiti seem to scramble for visibility. Defacing school walls, government offices, flyovers, and monuments is taken seriously by the authorities. As the supporters of political parties go overboard with their campaigning, the poll commission has decided to deploy flying squads to keep vigil. Even the locals are asked to take the ownership of tracing these aberrations in public areas and report to the district election office.

To chronicle a similar case of code violation, the poll officials are taking cognizance of the fact that certain political parties are fielding ‘dummy’ candidates – the ones who are roped in so that the party can share poll expenses with them. Dummy candidates are not serious about their candidature but merely act as mercenaries for the party. Like expert opportunists, the political parties exploit the resources of these candidates for pre-poll campaigning. To be precise, they are looked upon as the much-needed sponsors.

The flying squads have their task cut out. Besides patrolling the public places to trace cases of defacement, they also have to monitor the workings of these candidates. The onus is on this special vigilance team to curb the misuse of money power ahead of the assembly elections. The poll commission has empowered the team with the authority to take punitive action against such candidates and deter them from holding public rallies. From political parties to power distributors, everyone seems to be a party to these acts of violations.

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