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Can Rahul’s Manufactured Hindu Image Pour in Votes for Congress?

December 14, 2017

Can-Rahuls-Manufactured-Hindu-Image-Pour-in-Votes-for-Congress (3)

Apart from seeking support from the Patel and minorities like Dalits, the Congress has not shied away from luring the Hindu votes as well. Congress, which has been labelled non-Hindu party on several occasions by the BJP, has made efforts to appease the majority for Gujarat polls.

The soon to be Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, took out time to visit various temples in the poll-bound state, amidst fiercely campaigning and holding rallies. In the due time, he has already visited a number of temples, notably the Jagannath temple. He made his point by visiting the Hindu worship places every second or third day.
The party’s attempt at appeasing the Hindus has drawn all kinds of reactions from BJP who mocked, criticised and even pitied the party. Some saffron party leaders call it an act of desperation. The party dignitaries pointed out that the Congress, which has always leaned towards equality and never had a soft Hindutva image up till now, is doing this only for mobilizing votes. They also said Rahul has never been such a consistent temple visitor in the past.

But playing the strength of BJP, which is predominantly a Hindu party, would help the Gandhi scion garner votes? BJP leaders have a pro- Hindu image from the beginning and Rahul’s sudden interest in the culture does not paint the party with pro-Hindutva colours.

But only the Gujarat results on December 18 can decide if the new strategy has worked out in the party’s favour.

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