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BJP Has Lot to Learn From Bihar Debacle

The BJP got a loud wake-up call after Bihar scripted a clear rout for the party in the assembly elections. Already termed as the most definitive electoral defeat, this clear mandate against the BJP-led NDA might create jolt in the confidence of the alliance. Instead of speculating on possible ramifications of this loss, let’s try to pinpoint the reasons that have worked against the BJP, because the party has lot to learn from this defeat. [...]


Besides the BJP’s crushing defeat and Nitish Kumar’s triumph, the 2015 Bihar election results will be remembered for the remarkable comeback by Lalu Prasad Yadav. The RJD chief’s political obituary has been written several times. Even his rustic jokes had gone stale, some critics sneered. But in the course of the long election campaign, one noticed a spring in Lalu’s step. Some of the old acerbic humour was back. The theatrics, which are part of [...]

Will the victory of Mahagathbandhan further strengthen anti-BJP alliance

The significance of the grand alliance’s dramatic victory goes far beyond Bihar. It and has once again propelled chief minister Nitish Kumar to the centre stage of national politics. This is not an unfamiliar terrain for the JD(U) leader, and there was a time when he was being spoken about as a possible prime minister candidate. But the circumstances could not have been more different from today. Those were the days when Nitish was in [...]

Possible Impact of Bihar Debacle on Modi

Despite inevitable attempts by BJP leaders to isolate Narendra Modi from the outcome of the Bihar assembly elections, there is little doubt that the results represent a personal setback for the Prime Minister. Not only was Modi the face of the BJP campaign, he addressed dozens of rallies, deep in the Bihar heartland, going further than perhaps any other Prime Minister has ever gone in canvassing votes in the state. It is possible to argue [...]


Now that the results of Bihar assembly elections are out, it’s time for introspection. Where did the BJP-led NDA go wrong? The party had made this election a referendum on the Modi government and it is are now realising the fact that high-octane campaigning of the Modi-Shah gargantuan couldn’t save the alliance from being drubbed. This dramatic turnaround for the Grand Alliance is suggestive of the fact that the Bihar voters were not swayed by [...]

Bihar Election Exit Poll 2015

Bihar Election Exit Polls Pollsters BJP+ JDU+ Others 118-125 120-128 5-7 NDTV 120-130 105-115 5-10 ABP-Neilsen 108 130 5 India Today – Cicero 120 117 6 News Nation 117 122 10 CNX- News-X 93 132 18 News24- Today’s Chanakya 155 83 5 India TV-C Voter 111 122 10 AAJ Tak – Cicero 120 117 6   With the final phase of polling for the Bihar elections ending on Thursday evening, the action has shifted [...]

Bihar Elections Pre-poll survey

The RJD, Janata Dal-U and Congress alliance in Bihar is expected to win 116 to 132 seats out of the total 243 seats in the assembly elections slated to be held in five phases between October 12 and November 5, a pre-poll said on Wednesday. The BJP-led combine, including Lok Janshakti Party and Rashtriya Lok Samata Party, is projected to capture 94 to 110 seats, India TV-CVoter poll showed. The projections are based on a [...]

AAP clean sweeps Delhi, BJP tastes the worst defeat

Politics in India sometimes resembles the popular strategic game of Chess. In this political game ​P​rime M​inister Narendra Modi got an unexpected ‘check’ from the Aam Adami Party (AAP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP) has got an unprecedented defeat​. ​One-sided and landslide victory of the APP has surprised everyone including the political parties, which were engaged ​in fierce electoral battle. ​ Mini India, that is Delhi, is known for its very vibrant and [...]

Ajay Maken loses from Sadar Bazar constituency

Ajay Maken was somewhat prepared for the final verdict. Even before the exit poll surveys hinted a clean sweep for the AAP, there were indications that the Congress candidate was not even in the list of strong contenders. Going by the response of the locals, it was not difficult to affirm that Maken was relegated to the third position in the race for the Sadar Bazar constituency. Ajay Maken’s defeat by a resounding margin was [...]

Why BJP lost Delhi Elections 2015

AAP emerges clear winner of the Delhi Elections 2015 beating BJP in a spectacular turnaround in political fortune. AAP won 67 seats while BJP to win only 3 and the Congress ended up with 0 seats. Delhi Elections 2015 will be remembered for BJP losing the election rather than AAP winning it, for it was in Delhi that a confident, and perhaps arrogant, BJP met its nemesis in a resurgent AAP. Once again, it was [...]