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Arvind Kejriwal as the New ‘Game-Changer’

October 22, 2013

For many reasons, the upcoming polls are a stark departure from the usual political scenario known to the citizens. There is of course, the apparently irresistible hum of the NaMo mantra, increasingly being chanted across every nook and corner of India. Even more interesting is the gradual but distinct rise of a new man in the Indian political space, who is an outsider in every sense. Beginning his career in the Indian Civil Services before he went on to become a social activist and now a politician, Arvind Kejriwal has become a household name in no time.

Let us sit back and try to reflect on some questions. Who really is Arvind Kejriwal, and how is he different from any other politician? Kejriwal is possibly the first politician in the history of the country who has shown audacity in fearlessly taking on some of the big names. Not everyone can dare to expose the industrialist-politician nexus targeting the crony capitalism of Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited; or allege former BJP President Nitin Gadkari for furthering his business interests in Maharashtra at the cost of farmers. Not every day does one hear accusations of wrongful land deals between Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra and India’s biggest realty firm, DLF Limited. Kejriwal has headed his India against Corruption (IAC) campaign by taking on each of the above and many others, championing the cause of a transparent and corruption-free Indian political system. Breaking away from Team Anna, he geared towards forming a political party (the Aam Aadmi Party) to contest in the forthcoming Delhi Assembly polls.

Here’s where we must get our facts right. On the one hand, there is no doubt that Kejriwal’s nonconformist anti-corruption war-cry has become a trendsetter, changing the political dynamics in Delhi and posing serious electoral challenge to both the BJP and the Congress. On the other, questions of the efficacy of the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP loom large. For a political party to deliver on its promises, it must first attain power. The complete lack of AAP’s coalition strategy in indicating no alliance with other political parties, leads to questions of sustainability of Kejriwal’s political ambitions. Also, where is the strong organizational set-up of the AAP to fight the elections? Can the AAP vouch for having good candidates in the elections (many of the AAP candidates have already been expelled from the party for being involved in corruption), besides Arvind Kejriwal himself? Why does the AAP still not have clear election agendas of implementing structural changes in governance, such as better economic and institutional policies, which alone can be the answer to the the current problems in India? Can elections be fought solely on the issue of anti-corruption, without addressing some of the basic constructive change-agents? These are serious questions to ponder.

If this is yet another sign of Kejriwal’s arrogance to believe that AAP can form the government single-handedly, he is sure to witness, in Rudyard Kipling’s words, “a dreadful night”. He must soon realize that there is an unrealistic gap between creating a niche by being a star and attaining electoral dividends. History is witness, time and again, to the abrupt fall of one-man armies. India is a democracy which functions not due to the hue and cry of one man, but due to the serious efforts of dedicated administrators and planners. Isn’t it high time that Kejriwal discarded his abusive, high-pitched monotone and distinctly identified his political role — leader of a media-hyped mass frenzy or a promising politician who, for a refreshing change, believes in the democratic system? In this, is he really any different from any other Indian politician?

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