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AAP’s Fight for North-East: An Uphill Battle in Mountains

January 24, 2018

North East A Challenge and Opportunity for AAP

AAP started out refreshingly as a new face of political force to fight elections as a completely transparent and virtuous body. Now 5 years later, the party has its flag hoisted in just Delhi. The party’s defeat was so evident that it started to retreat from elections at a number of times. But in a new turn of events, the party is all geared up to fight polls in the north eastern states, a region where even the most established parties of the country feel powerless. Read on to find what the party’s plans are for the poll-bound states in the northeast.

According to Habung Payeng, north-eastern affair head of the party, the party has planned to contest for all the seats in Meghalaya election and Nagaland election. The party will also fight for a considerable number of seats in Tripura election as well. And it might also go for Mizoram election, which is slated towards the end of the year. The party’s optimism could be conjectured from it gaining recognition in Punjab.

According to party officials, the north-eastern states are being considered fertile now and the party is positive that it will become a potent force in the region. The party, however, is not sure of forming the government with a majority but is ready to form an alliance with other parties.

How High Are the Odds of Winning?

The party’s main strength lies in the fact that it has always echoed the notion of corruption-free government, the very strategy it started off and won thumpingly in its maiden Delhi Assembly elections. This very fact could play in party’s favour, especially when the states struggle with the corruption issue a lot, especially Nagaland. Keeping in view its one of the most core values, it is planning to get candidates which have no corruption charges against them and have a completely crime-free record. The party is open for tying up too but clearly rules out the idea of getting associated with a corrupted party, which makes it stand out in the political scenario of the state permeated with corruption.

Despite having a weak presence in the country, there is still hope for the party as the masses are looking for a corruption-free government. And with the party’s history of playing fair and operating with integrity, it could surely expect to fetch some seats in those mountainous lands.

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