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7 Important Facts About Gujarat Election 2017

December 8, 2017

Gujarat election 2017 is one of the most high stake elections in the state, with many believing the results will be a turning point. Besides the Gujarat origin PM and the waves created by Hardik Patel, these much anticipated assembly elections are reportedly  adopting a complete transparent approach to polling process. Here are 7 important facts about Gujarat Election 2017.

1.The When’s and Where’s of Elections

The Gujarat election 2017  will be conducted in 2 phases: 9 December and 14 December. The voting will begin at 9 AM at Gujarat assembly building and will continue till 4 PM. The results will be out on 18 December.

2.BJP Stands High Chance of Winning

Reportedly, BJP has an edge over other political parties in terms of winning. Ruling Gujarat for the last 22 years, BJP is likely to continue to stay in power. In addition, the delight and pride associated with Modi as PM is another supporting factor in BJP’s victory.

3.Improved Polling Management

To diffuse any last minute confusions, voters will be intimated about their enrolled polling station at least 7 days prior to the the day of polling. To facilitate the polling process further, Gujarat election 2017 mandates the contesting candidates photograph to be displayed on all the EVMs and ballots. Additionally, the VVPAT machines will help the voters verify if they have voted for the intended candidate.

4.Completely Monitored Elections

Ensuring high authenticity and rig free polling,  this round of assembly elections will be fully covered by CCTV cameras. All the critical events such as filing of nomination papers, first level checking,  dispatching of postal ballot papers, the polling process itself and storage of EVMS and VVPATS before and after the polling, will be monitored with high scrutiny to keep the whole polling procedure perfectly transparent.

5.Environment Friendly Elections

While the  Gujarat election 2017 aims to be complete just about its whole procedure, it is also taking care of the environment this time. The Commission has dictated against using polythene, plastic and other harmful materials, by competing candidates for the election purposes.

6.Ease of Money Monitoring

To ensure ease of monitoring and transparency, all the candidates are required to open a new bank account and manage all election expenditures from that account only. The maximum limit is set to 28 lakhs per candidate. The Investigation Directorate of Income Tax Department will gather intelligence and take action if required.

7.All Women managed Poll Stations

This would be a first for the assembly elections. All the polling stations will have polling staff, police and security personnel, in an all women strength. Around 182 women managed  polling stations will be in operation for the elections 2017.

Gujarat election 2017 aims to bring complete transparency in the polling process. From gender empowerment to remarkably transparent procedures to taking environment conscious steps, these legislative elections also bring to you many firsts in the history of Gujarat elections.

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