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Polling Booth in Mangaldoi Assembly Constituency

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Mangaldoi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mangaldoi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mangaldoi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Baatra L.P. School1026Bar Satra
1Baatra L.P. School1026Barangabari
2Baatra L.P. School 838Bar Satra
3Niz Dahi L.P. School 644Niz Dahi
4Dahi Club 660Niz Dahi
5Niz Dahi L.P. School 440Niz Dahi, Ganak Para
6Dahi Mv School633Dahi, Kabikara
7Dahi Mv School 586Dahi, Choto Athiabari
8Barathiabari Saru Jaljali L.P. School 1074Barathiabari
9226 Nagaon L.P. School 590Pataingpara
10Harinkhoja L.P. School 731Na Hawli, Harinkhuja, Harinkhuja, Gakhir Khowa Para
13Kaalabari L.P. School 570Kaalabari
14Nagaon L.P. School 694Kameipara, Nagaon
15Nagaon L.P. School 653Mollapara, Nagaon
16Dhowapara L.P. School 887Tamulipara, Sareng Chuburi, Dhuapara
17Dhowapara L.P. School 761Dhuapara, Jhargaon
18Chapara L.P. School 625Alagjhari, Sopora
19Gariapara L.P. School 1132Gariapara
20Naharbari L.P. School 567Naharbari, Niz Chapai
21Naharbari L.P. School 1013Naharbari, Jogipara
22Outala Hs School1060Ahaka Chuburi, Outola
22Outala Hs School1060Motongachuburi
23Outala Hs School779Outola, Bangabara Chuburi
24Bechimari L.P. School 788Bechimari
25Bechimari L.P. School 636Bechimari
26Adhikari Gir M.E.School 791Adhikari, Maz Chuburi
27Adhikari Gir M.E. School 815Adhikari
28Barampur L.P. School 917Barampur
29Barampur L.P. School 552Barampur
30Dekargaon L.P. School 1001Dekargaon
31Dekargaon L.P. School 651Dekargaon
32Barangabari L.P. School 854Barangabari
33Barangabari L.P. School 946Barangabari
34Chamuapara L.P. School 742Chamuapara
35Chamuapara L.P. School 893Chamuapara
36Saloipara L.P. School731Saloipara
37Saloipara L.P. School800Saloipara
38Ramhari L.P. School 873Ramhari
39Ramhari L.P. School 328Ramhari
40Binowa L.P. School 716Binowa
41Binowa L.P. School 1200Binowa
42Pub Mangaldai M.E.School 889Pub Mangaldai
43Pub Mangaldai M.E.School 842Pub Mangaldai
44Chapai Barjhar L.P. School 1151Chapai Barjhar
45Kehotali L.P. School 872Kehotali
46Kehotali L.P. School 655Kehotali
47Hetou Arimari L.P. School755Hetou Arimari
48Kacharibari Lp School 659Kacharibari
49Hetou Arimari L.P. School1112Hetou Arimari
50Kanmuji L.P. School 666Kanmuji
51Chalanikuchi L.P. School 769Chalanikuchi
52Kanmuji L.P. School 597Kanmuji
53Tengabari L.P. School 1026Tengabari
54Tengabari L.P. School 1067Tengabari
55Mangaldai Bidyapith Hs School 887Mangaldai
56Mangaldai Bidyapith Hs School528Mangaldai
57Uttar Mangaldai L.P.School 974Uttar Mangaldai
58Uttar Mangaldai L.P.School 930Uttar Mangaldai
59Santipur Gir M.E. School 711Santipur Gir
60Santipur Gir M.E. School 676Santipur Gir
61Santipur Gir M.E.S956Santipur Gir
62Santipur Gir M.E. School 708Santipur Gir
63Mangaldai Gaon L.P.S (Santipur) 681Mangaldai Gaon
64Mangaldai Gaon L.P.S (Santipur) 872Mangaldai Gaon
65Mangaldai Town Hs School 1045Mangaldai Town
66Mangaldai Town Hs School 1176Mangaldai Town
67Mangaldai Town High School 669Mangaldai Town
68Mangaldai B. Ed. College 663Mangaldai
69Mangaldai Gir Hs School 681Mangaldai Gir
70Mangaldai Gir Hs School632Mangaldai Gir
71Lengeripara L.P. School 975Lengeripara
72Lengeripara L.P. School 856Lengeripara
73Bandia Chapori L.P. School 733Bandia Chapori
74Bandia Chapori L.P. School 732Bandia Chapori
75Bandia Gir L.P. School 805Bandia Gir
76Bandia Gir L.P. School782Bandia Gir
77K Bandia L.P. School 585K Bandia
78M.E.Dhipara L.P. School678Dhipara
79Medhipara Lp School583Dhipara
80Saikiapara L.P. School 1144Saikiapara
81Bhakatpara L.P. School 602Bhakatpara
82Bhakatpara L.P. School 728Bhakatpara
83Cherpur L.P. School (Bogdia) 664Cherpur
84Pachim Cherpur Lp School 730Pachim Cherpur
85Cherpur L.P.S(Bogdia) 1038Cherpur
86Kalitapara L.P. School 886Kalitapara
87Bardowaneza L.P.School 992Bardowaneza
87Bardowaneza L.P.School 992Bardowaneza
88Bardowaneza L.P. School 714Bardowaneza
89Punia L.P. School 715Puniagaon
90Latakhat L.P. School 1021Latakhat
91Latakhat L.P. School 898Latakhat
92Chilabandha L.P. School 882Chilabandha
93Shyamabari Majgaon L.P.School 1005Shyamabari Majgaon
94Chenial.P.Ara L.P. School 888Chenialpara
98Karmipara L.P. School 349Karmipara
99Dalgaon Block L.P.S (Niz Kharupetia) 1103Niz Kharupetia
100Dalgaon Block L.P. School (Niz Kharupetia) 647Niz Kharupetia
101Balogara L.P. School 887Bologara
102Jogipara L.P. School 1005Jogipara
103Jogipara L.P. School 907Jogipara
104Baigarmari L.P. School 876Baigurmari
106Baigarmari L.P. School 713Baigurmari
107Baigarmari Community Hall 708Baigurmari
108Kharupetia L.P. School 1217Ozagaon
109Dalgaon Sialmari Bdos Office861Ozagaon
110Dalgaon Sialmari Bdos Office419Ozagaon
111Kharupetia L.P. School 1188Kharupetia
112No. 2 Thekerabari L.P. School 1049Thekerabari
113No. 2 Thekerabari L.P. School 589Thekerabari
114Balabari High Madrassa 1126Balabari
115Balabari High Madrassa 956Balabari
116Hirapara L.P. School763Hirapara
117Hirapara L.P. School741Hirapara
118Hirapara Mv School821Hirapara
119Hirapara Mv School677Hirapara
120No. 1 Majgaon L.P. School 1031Mazgaon
121Gelaidingi L.P. School 666Gelaidingi
122Gelaidingi Lp School660Gelaidingi
123Ondolajhar L.P. School1115Ondolajar
124Ondolajhar L.P. School 988Ondolajar
125Paniakhat L.P. School 856Paniakhat
126Paniakhat L.P. School 987Paniakhat
127Tangnijhar L.P. School 794Tangni Jhar
128Tangnijhar L.P. School 871Tangni Jhar, Atakata Chapori
129No. 1 Magurmari Lp School882Sitalkati, 1 No. Magurmari
130No. 1 Non Ke Magurmari Lp School619Sitalkati, 1No. Magurmari
131Chitalkati L.P. School827Chitalkati
132Chitalkati Lp School560Chitalkati
133Magurmari L.P. School 1289Magurmari
134Athakata L.P. School 871Athakata
135Dhula Darul Ulum Ibrahimia Asadia Madrassa 790Khataniapara
136Dhula Darul Ulum Ibrahimia Asadia Madrassa 721Khataniapara
137Khataniapara L.P. School 771Khataniapara
138Khataniapara L.P. School 578Khataniapara
139Dhansirikash Kathani L.P.School 887Dhansiri Kash
140Dhansirikash Kathani L.P.School 721Dhansiri Kash
141Gadhowa Chapari Basumiya L.P. School 558Gadhowa Chapori
142Gadhowa Chapari L.P. School 899Gadhowa Chapori
143Gadhowa Chapari L.P. School965Gadhowa Chapori
144Nonkgarapari Chapari L.P.School 852Garapari Chapori
145Nonkgarapari Chapari L.P.School903Garapari Chapori
146Garapari Chapari Dakhin Chuba Lp School 914Garapari Chapori
147Baghpari Adaha M.E. School796Baghpori
148Baghpari Adaha M.E.School 806Baghpori
149Baghpari Samaj Kalyan L.P. School936Baghpori
150Baghpari Samaj Kalyan Lp School531Baghpori
151Baghpari Gandhismriti Vidyalya 844Baghpori, Hatipori
152Kharpori L.P. School 670Baghpori, Kharpori
153Bheberghat L.P. School 610Mangaldoi
154Bheberghat L.P. School 917Mangaldoi
155Upahupara L.P. School777Upahupara
156Upahupara L.P. School 678Upahupara
157Bamunpara Gir L.P.School 818Bamunpara
158Bamunpara Gir L.P.School 839Bamunpara
159No.1 Bezpara Bharati L.P.School717Bezpara
160No.1 Bezpara Bharati L.P.School 735Bezpara
161Bamunpara L.P. School511Bamunpara
162Bamunpara L.P. School982Bamunpara, Bhebarghat No.1
163Areng Gir L.P. School 934Areng Gir
164Areng Gir L.P. School 797Areng Gir
165No.40 Mowamari L.P.School 1016Mowamari
166No.40 Mowamari L.P.School 802Mowamari
167No.235 Mowamari L.P. School 1251Mowamari
168Natun Town L.P. School 971Natun Town
169Natun Town L.P. School 894Natun Town
170Mangaldai Law College 906Mangaldai
171Mangaldai Law College 935Mangaldai
172Mangaldai Collegiate Hs School 953Mangaldai Collegiate
173Mangaldai Collegiate Hs School 1072Mangaldai Collegiate
174Chereng Chapari L.P. School 854Chereng Chapori
174Chereng Chapari L.P. School 854No.2 Hetow Chapori
175Bangalgarh Mv School 663Bangalgarh
176Bangalgarh Mv School 764Bangalgarh
177Kamarpara L.P. School 1086Kamarpara
178Nagarbahi L.P. School556Naharbari
179Nagarbahi L.P. School897Naharbari
180Mollapara L.P. School729Mollapara
181Mollapara L.P. School747Mollapara
182Punia L.P. School 758Barkumar Para
183Punia L.P. School 576Barkumar Para
184Pakbangipara L.P. School 939Pakabangipara
185Kuiyapani L.P.School (Aulachowka) 1063Kuyapani
186Pachim Rangmati H.S.Schoolv 633Bainaojha Para
187Pachim Rangmati H.S.School 757Bainaojha Para
188Choto Nagaon L.P. School 749Choto Nagaon
189Choto Nagaon L.P. School 731Choto Nagaon
190Barthekerabari L.P.School 774Barthekera Bari
191Barthekerabari L.P. School 841Barthekera Bari
192Saruthekerabari L.P.School 584Saruthekerabari
193Saruthekerabari L.P.School 1108Saruthekerabari
194No 233 Katahguri Lp School 536Katahguri
196Niz Rangamati L.P. School 890Katahguri
197Bhalukkhowapara L.P. School 938Bhalukkhowapara
198Dariapara L.P. School 853Daria Para
199Manitari L.P. School 487Manitari
200Borachuba L.P. School 931Bora Chuba
201No.2 Ghatarag L.P. School 895Ghatoraag Chapori
202Baralakhaity L.P. School 853Baralakhaiti
203Baralakhaity L.P. School 1039Baralakaiti
204Bhokelikanda L.P. School 910Bhokeli Kanda
205Dhariaikhaity L.P. School 762Dhariaikaiti
206Dhariaikhaity L.P. School 975Dhariaikhaiti
207Bangal.P.Ota L.P. School 552Bangalputa
208No.1 Chaulkhowa L.P.School 1044Chaulkhowa
209No. 1 Chaulkhowa L.P.School 653Chaulkhowa
210No.2 Chaulkhowa L.P. School 504Chaulkhowa
211Aparia L.P. School 803Aparia
212Aparia L.P. School886Aparia
213No.1 Aparia L.P. School685Aparia
214No.1 Aparia L.P. School759Aparia
215Puthimari Chapari L.P. School 779Puthimari
216Gashbari L.P. School1019Gashbari
217Gashbari L.P. School 828Gashbari
218Puthimari High School 882Puthimari
219No.5 Nangli L.P. School 626Nangli
220Arikati L.P. School 106Arikati
221Chatihara L.P. School 759Chatihara
221Chatihara L.P. School 759Algachar
222No.1 Nangli L.P. School 539Nanglichar
223No.4 Nangli L.P. School 1116Nanglichar
224No.2 Nangli L.P. School 1129Nangli
224No.2 Nangli L.P. School 1129Nangli Kayamari Nonke

Last Updated on October 11, 2014