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Polling Booth in Dibrugarh Assembly Constituency

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Dibrugarh Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Dibrugarh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dibrugarh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Polling Booth No.Polling Booth NameTotal ElectorsVillage/town
1Jamira Gohain Gaon Mv School926Jamira Gohain Gaon
2Patra Gaon L.P. School547Patra Gaon
3Nahazar Konwar Gaon L.P. School375Nahazar Konwar Gaon
4Burha Hazar L.P. School 600Burha Hazar
5Burha Hazar L.P. School 677Burha Hazar
6Dibrual Gaon L.P. School 642Dibrual Gaon
7Barbaruah Lp School937Barbaruah
8Barbaruah Te L.P. School 628Barbaruah.
9Barbaruah Te L.P. School547Barbaruah.
10Gyanodoi L.P. School425Gyanodoi
11Jamira Koiborta L.P. School617Jamira Koiborta
12Jamira Te Crash House403Jamira.
13Gandhiji Bidya Mandir596
14Chengamari L.P. School734Chengamari
15No. 1 Mohmari L.P. School525Mohmari
16Dighala Aithan L.P. School 399Dighala Aithan
17Puhari Khania L.P. School370Puhari Khania
18Dighala Aithan L.P. School 732Dighala Aithan
19Behiating Te L.P. School744Behiating.
20Rowamari Kachari Gaon L.P. School394Rowamari Kachari Gaon
21Handique Chuk M.E. School726Handique Chuk
22Borpathar Konwar Gaon L.P. School540Borpathar Konwar Gaon
23Barpathar Konwar Gaon L.P. School 580Barpathar Konwar Gaon
24Ratnapur L.P. School852Ratnapur
25Kamargaon L.P. School515Kamargaon
26Barpathar Girls High School463Barpathar
27Rajabheta L.P. School667Rajabheta
28Kamargaon L.P. School931Kamargaon
29Poharikhania L.P. School 445Poharikhania
30Rajabheta Panchayat Office Building494Rajabheta
31Dibrugarh Fishery Cooperative Sociecy 280Dibrugarh
32Dibrugarh Fishery Coop Society 503Dibrugarh
33Laluka Gaon L.P. School (Old Building)1107Laluka Gaon
34Lalukagaon L.P. School (New Bulding)428Lalukagaon
354 No. Muttak Gaon L.P. School454Muttak Gaon
36Kumarisiga L.P. School 546Kumarisiga
37Kumaranichiga L.P. School 871Kumaranichiga
38Kumaranichiga Balika L.P. School1107Kumaranichiga Balika
39Charkhelia Chapori L.P. School786Charkhelia Chapori
40Chakia Hindi L.P. School508Chakia
41Maijan Borsaikia L.P. School 754Maijan Borsaikia
42Atheood T.E. L.P. School539Atheood
43Maijan Borsaikia L.P. School 1003Maijan Borsaikia
44Hiloidhari Gaon L.P. School830Hiloidhari Gaon
45Hiloidhari Gaon L.P. School 298Hiloidhari Gaon
46Public High School 980
47Bangalgaon L.P. School 567Bangalgaon
48Bangalgaon L.P. School636Bangalgaon
49Bangal Gaon L.P. School 731Bangal Gaon
50Assam Medical College (Meeting Hall)604
51Assam Medical College 526
52Assam Medical College L.P. School804
53Jalan Nagar Refujee L.P. School 801Jalan Nagar.
54Jalan Nagar Refujee M.E. School607Jalan Nagar.
55Jalan Nagar Refujee L.P. School 1110Jalan Nagar.
56Jalan Nagar Refujee L.P. School 893Jalan Nagar.
57Jalan Nagar Te Office981Jalan Nagar.
58Paltan Bazar L.P. School 1028Paltan Bazar
59Paltan Bazar L.P. School 622Paltan Bazar
60Paltan Bazar L.P. School 623Paltan Bazar
61Paltan Bazar Hindi L.P. School636Paltan Bazar
62Paltan Bazar Hindi L.P. School 801Paltan Bazar
63Don Bosco School 580
64Don Bosco School 617
65Don Bosco School 700
66Don Bosco School 630
67Raiay High School 959
68Raiay High School 820
69Raiay High School 839
70Raiay High School771
71Sankardev Parthamik Vidyalaya 669
72Sankardev Parthamik Vidyalaya 586
73Kanoi College 734
74Kanoi College 1040
75Kanoi College 719
76Kanoi College 1085
77Kanoi Commerce College786Kanoi
78Gangapara L.P. School 622Gangapara
79Sagarsmriti Vidya Mandir M.E. School 686
80Gangapara L.P. School 767Gangapara
81Sagarsmriti Vidya Mandir M.E. School 643
82Raiay Borbari Asomia M.E. School 1083Raiay Borbari Asomia
83Raiay Borbari Asomia M.E. School 734Raiay Borbari Asomia
84Naliapool Bengali High School 711Naliapool
85Naliapool Bengali L.P. School 493Naliapool
86Naliapool Bengali High School 1115Naliapool
87Naliapool Bengali High School 801Naliapool
88Naliapool Bengali High School718Naliapool
89Marowari Hindi L.P. School 1221Marowari
90Marowari Hindi L.P. School 685Marowari
91Naliapool Bengali L.P. School598Naliapool
92Swarupananda Vidyapith 519
93Swarupananda Vidyapith 404
94Borbari Raiay M.E. School 964Borbari Raiay
95Grahembazar Girls High School 915Grahembazar
96Grahembazar Girls High School 794Grahembazar
97Grahem Bazar Girls High School 770Grahem Bazar
98Graham Bazar Boys L.P. School597Graham Bazar
99Grahambazar Girls High School 1040Grahambazar
100Grahambazar Boys High School 1239Grahambazar
101Grahambazar Boys High School 768Grahambazar
102Grahambazar Boys High School 545Grahambazar
103Dibrugarh Bengali High School 842Dibrugarh
104Dibrugarh Bengali High School917Dibrugarh
105Dibrugarh Bengali High School 1277Dibrugarh
106Marowari Hindi School 1172Marowari
107Marowari Hindi School 624Marowari
108Marowari Hindi School 389Marowari
109Surajmal Jalan Balika Vidyalaya 475
110Surajmal Jalan Balika Vidyalaya 451
111Surajmal Jalan Balika Vidyalaya 908
112Marowari Aukhadhalay1045Marowari
113Dighali Bazar L.P. SchoolN.ADighali Bazar
114Dibrugarh Sangeet Vidyalaya N.A
115Dibrugarh Sangeet Vidyalaya 760
116New Amolapatty L.P. School694New Amolapatty
117Bnp Hs School 594
118Bnp Hs School 729
119Bnp Hs School 987
120Bnp He School 959
121Bnp Hs School 860
122Bnp Hs School 298
123Natya Mandir 786
124Natya Mandir 779
125Amolapatty Chariali Jr. Basic School 810Amolapatty Chariali
126Amolapatty Chariali Jr. Basic School 521Amolapatty Chariali
127Govt. Girls Hs & Mp School 1095
128Sister Nivedita Kg School 889
129Sister Nivedita Kg School 1175
130Sister Nivedita Kg School 1161
131Govt. Girls Hs & Mp School638
132Jeuti Moral M.E. School675Jeuti Moral
133Jeoti Moral L.P. School 818Jeoti Moral
134Santipara Bengali High School 496Santipara
135Santipara Bengali High School 994Santipara
136Santipara Bengali High School 1134Santipara
137Santipara Bengali High School 889Santipara
138Santipara Bengali High School646Santipara
139Bani Sadan Vidyapith1077
140Nandeswar Chakrabarty High School 905
141Nandeswar Chakrabarty High School 803
142Gyanadayni L.P. School 886
143Nandeswar Chakrabarty High School 403
144Gyanadayni L.P. School 743
145Nandeswar Chakrabarty High School 582
146Banisadan Bidyapith Lp School South,642
147Gyandaini L.P. School 651
148Banisadan Bidyapith Lp School North,1002
149Chaharia Hall 698
150Chaharia Hall402
151Saharia Hall740
152Sahityarathi Lakhiminath Bezbaruah Sahitya Sabha Bhawan699
153Saharia Hall936
154Sahityarathi Lakhiminath Bezbaruah Sahitya Sabha Bhawan766
155Indor Stadium 938
156Indor Stadium 1148
157Indor Stadium 874
158Manik Dutta L.P. School 1348
159Manik Dutta L.P. School 1266
160Manik Dutta L.P. School 971
161Raiay Colony L.P. School962Raiay Colony

Last Updated on October 11, 2014