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Polling Booth in Macherla Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Macherla

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Aamanijammlamadaka12M.P.U.P.School, Northen Room.,Ammanijammalmdaka
Adigoppula119S.P.M.P.Pschool, Harijan Colony,Adigoppula
120M.P.P.School Room No.1,Adigoppula
121M.P.P.School Room No.2,Adigoppala
122M.P.P.School Room No,3,Adigoppala
123Z.P.H.Schoolwest Side Frist Room No.1,Adigoppula
124Z.P.H.School East Side Room,Adigoppala
Alugurajupalli H/O. Koppunuru22M.P.P.School,Alugurajupalli H/O Koppurnuru
Amanijammalamadaka14M.P.U.P.School, Nothern Side Room,2Nd Block, Amanijammalamadaka
Amanijammlamadaka13M.P.U.P.School, New Building Southern Room,,Aamanijammlamadaka
Atchammakunta H/O. Koppunuru25M.P.P.School,Achchammakunta H/O Koppunuru
Atmakuru147Roman Kathalik Mission M.P.P School,Atmakuru
148Roman Kahalik Mission M.P.P School,Atmakuru
Battuvaripalle H/O. Sankarapuram202M.P.U.P.School,New Building,Bhattuwaripalle H/O Sankarapuram
Bellamkondavaripalem H/O. Nagulavaram27M.P.P.School, North Side Room,Bellamkondavaripalem
Bhairavunipadu H/O.Kothapalli15M.P.P..School, Dpep Northside Room,,Bhairvunipadu
Bodilaveedu H/O. Gundlapadu88M.P.P.School Eastern Side Room,Bodilvidu H/O Gundlapadu
Brahmanandapuram H/O. Pasuvemula6Anganwadi Kendram Building , Brahmanandapuram,Brahmanandapuram
Chinagarlapadu209M.P.U.P.South Side Room,Chinagarlapadu
210M.P.U.P.School Northside Room,Chingarlapadu
Chintalatanda H/O Nagulavaram29M.P.U P.School,Chintalatanda H/O Nagulavaram
30Mpup School , Cluster Building Vth Class Room,Chintalatanda
Chintapalli211M.P.U.P.School North Side Room,Chintapalli
212M.P.U.P.School North Side Room 2,Chintapalli
213M.P.U.P.School South Room,Chintapalli
214M.P.U.P.School South Side 2Nd Room,Chintapalli
Dharmavaram117M.P.U.P School North Side Room,Dharmavaram
118M.P.U.P School Southside Room,Dharmavaram
Durgi129Z.P.H.School New Building Room No.1,Durgi
130Z.P.H.School New Building Room No.3,Durgi
131Z.P.H.School New Building Room No.5,Durgi
132Z.P.H.School New Building Room No.9,Durgi
133M.P.P.School East Room,Durgi
134M.P.P.School South Side Room,Durgi
Dwarakapuri H/O Kothapalli19Mandal Parishad Primary School, Kothapalli,Dwarakapuri H/O Kothapalli
Econampet H/O Pasuvemula8M.P.P.School,Ekonampet H/O Pasuvemula
Gadevaripalle H/O. Sankarapuram205M.P.U.P.School,New Building,Southaren Side Room,Gadevaripalli H/O Sankarapuram
206M.Pu.P.School New Building Notharen Side Room,Gadevaripalli H/O Sankarapuram
Gangalakunta H/O Gottipalla99M.P U.P.School Easternsideroom,Gangalakumta H/O Gottipalla
100M.P.U.P.School North Side Room,Gangalakunta H/O Gottipalla
Gannavaram H/O Kambampadu37M.P.U.P.School,Gannavaram H/O Kambhampadu
Goli164Mandal Parishad Primary School, Estern Room,Goli
Gottipalla96M.P.P.School East Side Room,Gottipalla
97M.Pp.School Western Side Room,Gottipalla
Gundlapadu89Mandal Parishad U P School, Northerside Building,Gundlapadu
90Mandal Parishad U P School, Southernside Building,Gundlapadu
Inuparajupalle H/O. Sankarapuram203M.P.P.School North Side Room No 2,Inprajupalle H/O Sankarapuram
Jettipalem H/O Goli162Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Western Room,Jettipalem H/O Goli
163Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Eastern Room,Jettipalem H/O Goli
Kachavaram H/O Sankarapuram204M.P.U.P.School,Kasavaram H/O Sankarapuram
Kakirala H/O. Kolagutla135M.P.P.School,Kakirala H/O Kolagutla
Kambhampadu31Z.P.H.School South Side Room No.1,Kambampadu
32Z.P.H.School Room No.2,Kambampadu
33Z.P.H.School Room No.3,Kambhampadu
34Z.P.H.School Room No.4,Kambhampadu
Kancharagunta H/O. Mutukuru138M.P.U.P.School North Side Room 1,Kanchargunta H/O Mutukuru
139M.P.U.P School Room 2,Kancharkunta H/O Mutukuru
Kandlakunta91M.P..P.School Eastern Side Building,Kandlakunta
92Mpp School, Westeren Side Building,Kandlakunta
93M.P.P School, Room No.1,Southside,Kandlakunta
Karempudi215Brahmanaiduz.P.H.School South Side Building Room 2,Karampudi
216Brahmanaidu Z.P.H S. Westeran Side New Building .,Karampudi
217Brahmanaidu Z.P.H S. Westeran Side 3Rd Building,North Side, Karampudi
218Brahmanaidu Zphs, Southaren Side New Building,No 3,Karampudi
219Brahmanaidu Zphs,Eastaren Side Room No.3,Karampudi
220Brahmanaidu Z.P.H.S Westaren Side Room No.2,Karampudi
221M P P School, South Side Room,Karampudi
222M.P.P.School North Side Room,Karampudi
223M.P.Elementary School,New Building,South Side Room,Karampudi
Kolagutla136M.P.U.P.School West Room,Kolagutla
137M.P.U.P School Southern Side Room,Kolagutla
Koppunuru20Z.P.H.School, New Building East Side Room,Koppunooru
21Z.P.H.School New Building, West Side Room,Koppunooru
Kotha Paluvoy149Mandal Parishad Primary School,Northern Side Room,Kotha Paluvoy.
Kothagangarajupalli H/O Tumrukota157M.P.P.School, West Side Room,Kothagangarajupalli
Kothapalli16R.C.M.Primary School, South Side Room 2,Kothapalli
17R.C.M Primary School South Side Room 3,Kothapalli
18M.P.U.P.School, Easteran Block Southran Side Room,Kothapalli
Kothapullareddy Puram H/O. Kandlakunta94Special Mpps, Southern Side Room 1,Kothapullareddy Puram
Kothapullareddy Puram H/O.Kandlakunta95Spl Mpps, Southern Side Room 2,Kottapulla Reddy Puram H/O Kandlakunta
Kothuru H/O.Pasuvemula7M.P.U.P.School .East Side Room Old Bulding,Kotturu H/O Pasuvemula
Lakshmipuram H/O Miryala197M.P.Pschool,Lakshmipuram H/O Miriyala
Latchammabhavi H/O. Koppunuru23M.P.P. School,Latchammabhavi H/O. Koppunuru
Loyapalli H/O Sirigiripadu106Mpps, Western Side Building,Loyapalli
107M.P.P.School , Middle Room,Mittameedipalli H/O Sirigiripadu
Macherla42S.W.Sc.Boys Hostel South Wing East Room,Macherla
43S.W.S.C. Boys Hostal South Side Westren Room,Macherla
44S.W.Sc Boys Hostel Eastren Side Northran Room,Macherla
45S.W.Sc.Boys Hostal East Side Room,Macherla
46Zilla Library (Branch),Macherla
47Zilla Liabary Branch,Macherla
48R C M Aided Primary School Room No 1,Macharla
49M.P.U.P.School Parmenent Building North Side Room,Macherla
50M.P.U.P.School Parmenent Building Permanent Buildi,Macherla
51M.P.U.P.School Parmenent Building Middle Room,Macherla
52Z.P.Girls.H.School Room No 1,Macherla
53Z.P.G.H.School Room No,2,Macherla
54Z.P.G..H.School Room No,3,Macherla
55Zph Girls School, New Building, 2Nd Room,Macherla
56Z.P.G.H.School Room No 4,Macharla
57Deputy Executive Engineer (Rws) Office Bulding,Macherla
58Deputy Executive Engineer Office(Pr) Bulding,Macherla
59Municipal Guest House Sanitary Inspector Room,Macharla
60Municipal Office,Macharla
61Roman Kathalik Mission Aided Primary School Room 2,Macharla
62R.C.M.Aided Primary School Room 3,Macharla
63R.C.M.Primary School Aided Room 4,Macherla
64M.P P.School Pwd Colony East Room,Macherla
65M.P.P.School West Side Room Pwd Colony,Macharla
66Z.P.Boys High School Pwd Colony,Macharla
67Z.P.Boys .High School Pwd Colony,Macharla
68M.P.P School East Room Nahru Nagar,Macharla
69M..P.P.School East Side Center Room 2,Macharla
70Z.P..Boys High School New Building Room No,1,Macharla
71Z.P.B.H.School New Building Room 2,Macharla
72Mandal Parishat Office South Side Room,Macharla
73Mandal Parishat, Office Middle Room,Macharla
74St.Anns.Girls High School Room 1,Macherla
75St. Francis Xaviers Boys High School,Room 1,Macherla
76St.Francis Xaviers Boys High School, Roomm No .2,Macherla
77St. Francis Xaviers Boys High School Room No.3,Macherla
78St.Francis Xavier Boys High School,Staff Room,Macherla
79St.Anns Girls High School Room No.2,Macherla
80St Anns Girls High Scool, Room No 4,Macherla
81St.Anns.Girls High School Room No.3,Macherla
Mallavaram160M.P.U P.School,Mallavaram
161Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Western Side,Room, Mallavaram
Manchikallu181M.P.U.P.School, Sothaweateren Side Room No.1,Manchikallu
182M.P.U.P.School,Southwesteren Side Room No.2,Manchikallu
183M.P.U.P.School, New Building,Manchikallu
Mandadi85M.P..P.School Easteren Side Room,Mandadi
86M.P..P.School Western Side Room,Mandadi
87M.P..P.School Middle Room,Mandadi
Marasapenta H/O Gottipalla98Mandal Parishad Primary School, Marasapenta,Marasapenta H/O Gottipalla
Matukumalli H/O Kambampadu36M.P.P.School,Matukumalli H/O Kambhampadu
Miryala194M.P.P School, Eastern Side Room,Miriyala
195Mandal.Parishad.Primary.School, Middle Room,,Miriyala
196M.P.P.School, Northren Side Room,,Miriyala
Mittagudipadu165Mandal Parishad Primary School, New Building, Ist Room , Mittagudipadu
Mutukuru140Spl.M.Pp.School East Room,Mutukuru
141Spl.M.P.P.School New Building,Mutukuru
142M.P.Pschool Southern Side ,East Room,Mutukuru
143M.P.P Schoolnorthsideeastrenroom,Mutukuru
Naramalapadu184M.P.U.P School,Naramalapadu
Obulesunipalle125M.P.P.School North Room,Obulesunipalle
126M.P.P.School South Side Room,Obulesunipalli
127M.P.P.School South Side Room,Near Stair Case,Obulesupalli
128Spl M.P.P.School,D.P.E.P. Building,Obulesupalli
Oppicherla187M.P.P.School South Side Room 1,Oppicharla
188M.P.P.School North Side Room 1,Oppicharla
189M.P.P.School South Side Room 2,Oppicharla
190M.P.P.School North Side Room 2,Oppicharla
191M.P.P.School Westeren Side Patti Srirammulu Colony,Oppicharla
192M.P.P.School Pottisrirammulu Colony,Oppicharla
Paluvoy150S.Peri Reddy Z..P High School East Side Room,Paluvayi
151S.P Reddy Z.P.H.S Westran Room,Paluvayi
Paluvoy Rly Gate152M.P.U.P .School 1St Class Room,Paluvayi Railgate
Pasarlapadu158Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,(New Building,Eastern Room, Pasarlapadu
159Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Western Roo,Pasarlapadu
Pasuvemula5M.P.P.S East Side Room,Pasuvemula
Patlaveedu114M.Pup.School North Side Room,Patlavidu
Pedakodamagundla198Z.P.H.School,Northern Side Room No.2,Pedakodamagundla
199Z.P.H.School South Side Room,Pedakodamagundla
200M P P School,Pedakodamagundla
201Mandal Parishad Primary School, Brahmanaidu Colon,Pedakodamagundla
Petasannegandla225Mandal Parishad Primary School B.C Colony,Petasannegandla
228M.P.P.School (Urdu),Petsannigandla
Polepalli145Roman Kathalik Mission M.P.P School Eastroom,Polepalle
146Roman Kathalik Mission M.P.P School West Ro,Polepalle
Rachamallipadu82Mpups, Eastern Side Block, North Side Room Dpep,Ratchamallipadu
83Mpups, Eastern Side Block, Sourthern Side Roomdpep,Ratchamallipadu
Rayavaram38M.P.P.School Northern Side Room,Rayavaram
39M.P.P.School, Southside Room,Rayavaram
40Panchayati Grandhalyam,Rayavaram
41Panchayati Karyalyam,Rayavaram
Regulavaram Tanda H/O Koppunuru24Mandal Parishad Primary School, Regulavaram Tanda,Regulavaram Tanda H/O Koppunuru
Rentachintala166Y.R.S.High School,Main Building,10Th Class Room,Rentachinthala
167Y.R.S.High School,Main Buiding, East Room,8Thclass,Rentachinthala
168Y.R.S.High School,Mainbuilding Eastside 5Throom,Rentachinthala
169L.L.R.Pri.S.Main Building West Side North Room,Rentachinthala
170St Josephs High School,10Th Class Room,Rentachintala
171St.Joseph High School, East Side, 1St Room,Room No.1 Rentachintala
172St.Joseph High School East Side,1St Room,Section Roomno.2 Rentachintala
173St.Joseph High School,Eastside,3Rd Class,Rentachintala
174Mandal Parishad Primary School, Western Side Room,,B.C Colony, Rentachintala
175Mandal Parishad Primary School, Eastern Side Room,B.C Colony, Rentachintala
176St.Joseph'S High School, Main Building, 8Th Class,Rentachintala
Rentala177M.P.U.P.School, Southern Part Room1,Rentala
178M.P.U.P.S.Middle Part In Room No-2,Rentala
179M.P.U.P.S. Notheren Side,Rentala
180M.P.Primary School,Harijanawada,Rentala
Singarutla Thanda227Mandal Parishad Primary School ,,Singarutla Thanda
Sirigiripadu101M.P..P.School Eastern Side Room,Sirigiripadu
102Teachers Center Class Bhavanam,Shirigiripadu
103M.P..P.School Eastern Side Room2,Shirigiripadu
104Mpps, Western Side Room No.2,Sirigiripadu
105Mpp School, Easteran Side Building,Shirigiripadu
Srirampuramtanda H/O Ratchamallipadu84Mpp School, Western Side Block, Eastern Side Room,Srirampuram Tanda H/O Ratchamallipadu
Subbareddipalem H/O Nagulavaram28M.P.P.School Dpep- 2 New Building,Subbareddypalem H/O Nagulavaram
Syamarajupuram H/O. Darivemula116Roman Catholic Mission Primaryi School,Shayamrajapuram H/O Darivemula
Tallapalli10Z.P.H.School Middle Room .,Thallapalli
11Z.P.H.School, Second Room From Southran Side,Thallapalli
Tallpalli9Z.P.H.School Second Room From Northern Side,Thallapalli
Terala H/O Polepalli144M.P.U.P.School,Terala H/O Polepalli
Thumrukota156Z.P.H.School West Room No.1,Tumrukota
Tumrukota153M.P.P.School West Room 1,Tumrukota
154Z.P.H.School Earthen Side Room,Tumrukota
155M P P School, East Side Room,Thumrukota
Uppalapadu111Mpups, Northern Side Building,Uppalapadu
112M.P.U.P.School, Middle Building,Uppalapadu
113M.P.P School Harijanawada,Upplapadu
Veldurthy108Z.P.Highschoolsouthside Room, In The Middlebuild,Veldurthy
109Z.P.H.Schoolwestter N Wing, Southern Building,Veldurdhy
110M.P.P.School Center Room,Veldurthi
Vepakampalli H/O. Chinakodamagundla207M.P.U.P School,New Building,Vepkampalli H/O Chinakodamagundla
Vijayapuri South1Govt High School, North East Building Middle Room,Vijayapuri South
2Government High School South West Building Western,Room, Vujayapuri South
3A.P.R.D.College,West Side Room,Vijayapuri South
4A.P.R.D.C Eastern Side Room,,Vijayapuri South
Vykuntapuram Naramalapadu186Mandal Parishad Primary School,Vykuntapuram, Naramalapadu
Yarrabalem H/O Oppicherla193M.P.P.School,Yerrabalem H/O Oppicherla
Yerrabalem H/O Patlaveedu115M.P.P.School,Yerrabalem H/O Patlaveedu

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